How To Organize Earrings

I have a variety of earrings with me, some with stones, studs, junk jewellery and each one of them requires different type of storage and care. More often than not, I have stored them safely.  Today, I thought I would share with you some tips and tricks of how I store my earrings.

The junk ones or the pieces that I use most often go into this cute earring stand that I completely adore. I spent a whole lot of $32 for this, but I just don’t regret buying it.  I can just glance at all my earrings quickly and grab them in a hurry.  Not to forget, this adds a lot to my dressing table. The only disadvantage is that this has to be cleaned very often as it accumulates dust.

how to organize earrings

How To Organize Earrings

There are horizontal bars with holes in it, thus any type of earrings, long or short, big or small can be easily hung over.  Moreover, the plate beneath can also be used to store small rings. The curves on the sides are used to store my neck pieces. So, after a tiring day, I can just hang my neck pieces over them and later push them back to their respective storages.

Jewellery Box

Earrings Box

Ear Studs

I prefer keeping small studs in this closed storage. It costed me some Rs. 250. Most of them are with stones and will stay away from dust when stored this way. Again, a quick glance at this and I am done.

Long Earrings

The long hanging ones with different beads and stones go in these small individual boxes. Most of these earrings are costly and I prefer to keep them this way for a longer life.

Gold Earrings

Of course, the quick “goldies” got into the jewellery box shown above.

I hope you would have enjoyed my storage ideas. Please feel free to share yours too.

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31 thoughts on “How To Organize Earrings

  1. You have a very good earring collections :))
    Nice suggestions too, i am not good in storing earrings, have stored everything in a single box :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

    1. Thanks Shami.. I feel by organizing such stuff life becomes easier as most of the times i am in a hurry.. Also i get to see wat i have..else iits like out of sight out of mind 😉

  2. those are such pretty earrings. awesome collection. I like the first pic. is it meant for earrings or have you used some other piece for the earrings..mine are also in boxes, only good thing is that all of them are in one place..:)

    1. Thanks Vish, i would recomend even if you are keeping them in a single box keep them in the box which has partitions..

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