Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

I’m back with another post! Today, we would be talking about liquid diet for weight loss. Be it, men or women, weight loss has been one among the common issues we all suffer from. If you are having a hard time maintaining your body weight, then you can opt for a liquid diet for weight loss. A liquid diet is basically when you start losing weight by drinking liquids under the proper guidance of a dietician. So, here we mention liquid diet for weight loss.

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Who can follow the liquid diet?

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Not anyone and everyone can follow a liquid diet. It is generally recommended for detoxification in healthy individuals. It is also recommended for those who are suffering from gum related problems, teeth problems or cancer of the mouth. It is also ideal for people have throat problems and gas issues. Yes, weight loss is one among the different reasons to follow a liquid diet.

What to have for breakfast?

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Liquid diet should be done strictly under the expert advice so that it helps to lose weight easily without any complications. You can start your day with one glass of fresh fruit juice and one bowl of cooked oats. You should be changing your everyday routine by altering the type of juice you have in the morning. You can have apple juice, mango juice, kiwi fruit juice, mix fruit juice, orange juice and many other options.

What to have for lunch?

Having soup is one among the best ways to keep your stomach filled and also it helps in weight loss. You can have puree soup as it is a great choice to have in your lunch. If you are having a glass of juice for your lunch along with soup, you can consider adding some protein powder to the liquids so that it helps to provide instant energy to your body. Another option is having one glass of milk to aid weight loss.

What to have for evening snacks?

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You cannot have so much liquid at one time and hence, you can consider having some ice creams, bars, sherbet or fruits for the evening snacks. One best way to kill your evening hunger pang is to have some fruits like apple, watermelon, mango, kiwi, etc. Consuming whole fruits can help keep your stomach filled.

What to have for dinner?

If you think you cannot take so much of liquid at one time, you can consider eating one bowl of oats along with pudding ice cream. You can consider having tea with some lemon juice or having one glass of milk with crunchy almonds in it can be another way to aid weight loss issues. You can also consider consuming tofu, yogurt or one whole avocado in your diet.


A liquid diet is not for everyone! As liquid diets are high in protein, they can lead to electrolyte imbalance and irregular heartbeat in a person. According to the studies, it has been said that following liquid diet can generally lead to the development of gallstone problem in a person. You should not follow liquid diet by your own, but instead, you should consult a good dietician who can help in weight loss issues.

What to expect in the liquid-only plan?

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Generally, when you shift immediately to a liquid-only plan, it can be difficult to deal with. Typically, first few days of the liquid diet plan are quite difficult but things get normal after a few days. Your body gets habituated with the liquid and also understands how to work without solid food. You should keep checking with your doctor so that the diet does not affect you to a larger extent. You will see no negative side effects of a liquid-only plan if done properly.

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