L’Occitane Tinted Shea Butter Lip Balm – Blackberry- Wild Rose Review

L’Occitane Tinted Lip Balm – Blackberry- Wild Rose

Namaste lovelies,

Now this particular product I am reviewing today, I barely know anything about it.
I got it as a present in a bag full of goodies(ah, we all know how we all love bags full of stuff)

L'Occitane TEINTE DUO LIPBALM blackberry , l'occitane tinted lip balm

Approximately it is sold for 10 USD. As I researched.

Tinted lip balm is a great idea, but seldom well done.

This comes in several colours. I love the tiny little retro tin: very French, very 60s.

 l'occitane tinted lip balm blackberry- wild rose

A great product!

L’Occitane Baume Teinte Au Karite (tinted shea butter balm) comes in a little 8ml metal pot. The label on the lid is in French, English and Braille (but I’ve no idea if the Braille is French or English!). At first glance, the bottom label seems to not have much information, but when you turn it back it does have some things written in English. Lol.Atleast the name of 2 tints in it, about the website, quantity and made in France logo.
As far as I know this is a French pharmacy brand.

L'Occitane TEINTE DUO LIPBALM blackberry

Love the fact that it’s made of natural products and the Shea butter in it gives my lips that moisture boost, without being OTT. Not glossy like the chemical (which most are) lip glosses, nor ‘balmy’ and dry like some lip balm can be. A very nice compromise texture wise and a just a hint of colour.

Why the L’Occitane tinted lip balm is good:

• The sheer tint it gives to my lips makes even my well pigmented lips look natural.
• As I have pigmented lips while using lipsticks I look for less sheer colours but this one being sheer is still good.
• You have 2 colours in the cutest tin; I was a bit skeptical about using the dark one first but turns out that it just adds a hint of colour as is very nice on my lips again.
• Though I think the darker colour would we well suit people with very pale lips. This would impart a beautiful colour
• The balm itself is moderate moisturising. Nothing great
• The quantity of 10ml is good and I am in love with the pink side.
• The tin is super cute, super French and classy.
• Locating is widely available all over.

Why not buy the L’Occitane tinted lip balm:

• It can be expensive as I said it was a present but I think it retails for about 10 dollars which may be expensive for a lip balm
• The fact that it imparts well colour but does not do a very well lip pluming or moisturising job.

Hope you all found the review informative

Subko bahut Sara pyar
Fly girl

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  1. where can you find this???? I went to a L’occitane store about 5 years ago to replace an old one that I had and they said this exact product was discontinued. PLEASE HELP me locate this stuff, I looooove it!

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