L’Occitane Soothing Concentrated Mask Review

L’Occitane Soothing Concentrated Mask

Hi Beauties, I bought this product when I just wandered once into a L’Occitane Boutique in Sydney. I was not planning on purchasing anything, just wanted to have a look and checkout if there was anything new.  The sales assistant told me about this new scalp mask and I just wanted to try it because I haven’t used a store-bought scalp mask before. I use hair masks, but I got a hair treatment when I was in Malaysia at a Shiseido Hair Studio and got a scalp treatment as a part of it. Since it was the first time for me, I was really impressed with the scalp mask treatment. My scalp felt so clean and refreshed.

L'Occitane Concentrated Mask with 5 Essential Oils Soothing Sensitive Scalp

Back to the L’Occitane Boutique, since the L’Occitane Soothing Scalp Mask reminded me of the scalp treatment that I had only once in my lifetime, I thought, why not give it a try? I wouldn’t say my scalp is sensitive throughout the year, but during summer, when it is too hot, my scalp feels sensitive to the touch, and when the comb hits my scalp, it really hurts at times.  However, the main reason why I bought this was because I wanted to get that super clean, refreshed feeling in my scalp.  This mask comes in a 150 ml squeeze, plastic tube with a long and thin nozzle which reminded me of a cake icing nozzle.

Product Description:
Enriched with essential oils and soothing extracts, this concentrated aromachologie Soothing mask immediately relieves itching and tightness. Sensitive scalps are hydrated, healthy, and rebalanced for lasting comfort and well being.


Directions For Use:
Part your hair into sections.  Apply the mask directly on to your scalp and slowly massage in. Leave mask on scalp for 1 to 5 minutes to fully enjoy the soothing effects of the essential oils.  The consistency is mask-like, not too thick, but not runny.  It is white in colour.

I section my hair into parts and apply it directly on to the scalp.  The thin nozzle as pictured is useful for targeted application.  I apply around 6-7 squeezes and then gently massage it onto my scalp.  You can get someone to help you especially if you want a spa-like experience! (Mummy, sister or Dear Husband :tongue: ).  I expected this mask to be somewhat cooling, but it was not cooling enough, maybe because this product doesn’t contain camphor or methanol.

The essential oils included are chamomile, mandarin, cedar, basil and lemongrass.  While this product works on my scalp, I apply repairing conditioner to the ends of my hair.  I wash both off after five minutes. These products leave your scalp feeling fresh and clean but not cooling.

The scalp doesn’t feel dry or taut after application.  I feel all the product build-ups from shampoos, conditioners, etc., are removed and also natural oil build-up from the scalp is also lifted to give that clean feeling.

AUD 24.95 (approximately INR 1300)

L'Occitane Hair Masque

What I Like about L’Occitane Soothing Concentrated Mask:

  • Provides a hair spa like experience.
  • Leaves scalp clean and fresh without drying.
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals.
  • Product packaging is designed in a clever way for optimum and targeted application.
  • Does not have a strong fragrance.

What I Don’t Like about L’Occitane Soothing Concentrated Mask:

  • Does not provide a cooling effect as I expected.
  • This product is not a must-have for healthy and beautiful hair, it is just an additional treat, so the price is not justifiable.
  • Essential oils might not be suitable for some skin types even though it worked fine for me.


Will I Purchase L’Occitane Soothing Concentrated Mask Again?
No, not because it caused any problems, but because I don’t think this is really an important part of anyone’s hair care routine. It’s an additional product for your shower cabinet. Did not make any dramatic difference in hair fall or condition of scalp and hair.

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