MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Fuchsia Fix Review

MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Fuchsia Fix Review

MAC Lip Conditioner Fuchsia Fix
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Claims : A protective emollient balm formulated with SPF 15, a sheer wash of colour and an all-natural sheen. Conditions lips, locks in moisture. Contains Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Avocado Extract, Wheat Germ Oil, vitamins A and E.

Price : Rs 870 for 15 ml

What I like about MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner?

  • It is quite moisturising.
  • It not waxy and doesn’t feel heavy on lips.
  • I love the vanilla smell the lip conditioner has.
  • I adore the fuchsia fix shade. It looks light -bright pink on lips. Just apply fuchsia fix on lips, apply pink blush on cheeks and you’ll look all fresh and glowing.
  • I like the soft glossy look it gives to lips.
  • The TLC range has 4-5 shades to choose from starting form pale pink to purple to brown to coral.
  • The product is like a hardened balm so it wouldn’t get gooey or messy even during summers.
  • It doesn’t make your lips look oily. It looks just right and lovely .
  • Comes in a  cute pot.
  • It has SPF 15 in it.
  • You get a LOT of lip conditioner in this little pot.

MAC Lip Conditioner Fuchsia Fix

What I don’t like about MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner?

  • The lip conditioner is moisturising but didn’t do anything to my chapped lips. It feels quite nice till the time it is on lips.
  • It stays on for 15-20 minutes on my lips without eating or drinking anything.
  • It is a potted lip conditioner so I can’t travel with it. I need Q-Tips to apply and that’s too much of an effort for me.

MAC Lip Conditioner Fuchsia Fix

I don’t think I would be repurchasing it because since it is in a pot, I end up not using it most of the time. Also I feel my lips need something more moisturising for winter time.

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79 thoughts on “MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner Fuchsia Fix Review

  1. shya !!! dont like dipping finger in d pot to apply d product . . . and using q tip … HUH FUHGET IT !! lol …… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. You know I feel you can get similar tinted effect with nivea lip balm strawberry or even maybelline lip conditioners. It’s only the vanilla flavour that i found unique about it.

  2. i don’t like using my fingers to remove products either.. still i got this in “gentle coral”.. grr… i don’t think it will ever get over!!! there’s so much of it in that jar.. i would probably repurchase it if it helped my chapped lips! it’s moisturising but not repairing. i guess we both have had the same experience.
    all the colours are beautiful though. my friend got fuchsia fix too and it looks stunning on her… we keep exchanging our balms.. :toothygrin:
    i don’t like the sickly sweet taste it leaves on my lips.. i mean once i was kissed and the other person kept complaining about it 😐

    1. ha ha ha h a…I didnt get coral coz I wear pinks more often..I know same exact experience.. Well umm…have dared not kiss the other person after applying it. :toothygrin:

      No issues with the taste for me. :))

    1. Aarthi, I was just super curious about trying this since the whole world goes gag about it. I am not impressed. And I loovveee Burt’s bee’s lip balm..

  3. Yaaaaaaaa..I liked Burts Bees..I alwys used to wonder what the fuss was about, Aarthi, but you are absolutely right, its really good…this looks so pretty though 😀

  4. hmmm….I love my miracle lip balm….I always forget to do a review on it :((
    I hv never faced chapped lips probem… :))
    Sad I can’t hv Burt’s Bee….not available in India :((

        1. u mean in the Indian market??

          i saw them the other day when i went to Premsons…the SA was pestering me to try it but I didnt cos she was very irritating…she went on like try this,try that,no need to buy etc etc.. me got :spank: :reallypissed:

  5. I dont’ mind the dibbi…….my lotus balm comes in a dibbi & I love it.
    For day wear I love my Nivea lipcare Caregloss & Shine. Comes in a tube.
    I love the colour of this Mac one. It’s yummy….but the price…..not worth the money!!

    1. I have used loads of Lotus lip balm dibbis during college days :toothygrin: They look cute but I kinda hesitate dipping my fingers in the product all the times since my hands are not clean always.

  6. i don’t mind pot lip balms – i just pucker up and kiss the pot – way easier than carrying a brush / Q-tips. and i adore wearing lip stains, but they are so drying, i have to alternate my stain (current favorite Bourjois Rouge Hi Tech Liptint 87 Praline Digitale) with my lip balm (current favorites NYX Color Lip Balm Merci & Maybelline Lip Smooth Color Bloom Lip Balm Shade Peach Blossom).

    but lip stains are longer lasting and lighter to wear than lipsticks. i have the revlon just bitten ones as well as one MAC – both pen style.

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