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Lorac Pro Palette

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Hello Everyone.

I am very excited to share this review with you today because I believe this particular product to be an absolute gem. If you are a natural eye makeup lover, you cannot skip reading this review of this Lorac Pro Palette.


About The product:

Go PRO with the LORAC PRO Palette! Created by celebrity makeup artist Carol Shaw, this PRO artistry palette is packed with 8 shimmer and 8 matte eye shadows in all the shades you need to create the hottest looks straight from the Red Carpet. LORAC’s velvety-smooth shadows are infused with soothing botanicals and are ultra-pigmented to perform wet or dry so you can shade, shadow, line and define your eyes, just like a PRO. PRO Palette contains 16 Eye Shadows and a Mini Behind The Scenes Eye Primer for stay-true color that lasts, a PRO must-have!
Shades Include:
• Top Row (Matte): White, Cream, Taupe, Light Pink, Mauve, Sable, Espresso and Black
• Bottom Row (Shimmer): Nude, Champagne, Gold, Light Bronze, Pewter, Garnet, Deep Purple and Slate





Price : $42

My Experience with Lorac Pro Palette

This product has literally blown me away. I used to always eye the Naked palettes but I just never got around to buying it but when I randomly came across this Lorac pallete at my local Ulta and I swatched it I had to have it. I had heard good reviews of this product but never expected it to perform so outstandingly.
I would out rightly say that I will any day pick this pallet over the UD Naked palettes because first of the major price difference with Lorac pro being considerably cheaper without compromising quality and 2nd reason being that I love the fact that the Lorac Pro has an equal amount of mattes and shimmery shades whereas the Naked palettes have majorly concentrated on the shimmery shades with a couple mattes thrown in.
I feel that the presence of mattes is very important in a eye makeup palette as it serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it helps blend out the look hence making the eye look appear more natural yet defined. You cannot do that with shimmery shadows and shimmery shadows can seem very inappropriate if applied heavily during day time.
So let’s dive into the review in categories:
The Lorac pro is a very sleek thin and has a magnetic flap closure which is very secure. It comes with a decent sized mirror inside which is good enough for me to do my eye makeup but I prefer not using it because I like using my vanity mirror. It does come with a plastic sheet separator which helps keep the shadows in place and not dust all over the mirror when the lid is closed. The exterior texture of the pallete is sort of a rubbery smooth material which attracts a lots of finger prints and loose powder. It will get dirty very fast if care is not taken.
The texture of all the shadows in the Lorac pro is extremely smooth and they blend and apply like a dream. There is some fall out meaning when I dip the brush in the shadows there is little amount of shadow flying but that is due to the fact that these shadows are super soft. I do not experience any fall out when I apply these on the lid. You need the slightest dip of your brush in these shadows to pick up enough color to deposit on you whole lid.
All the shadows are richly pigmented. But the most highly pigmented are the deeper, darker shades. I do find the whole row of shimmery shades much more pigmented than the mattes. The lightest pigmentation are of the first few matte shades but they are still pigmented enough and show true color when applied to the eye.
Staying Power:
Staying power of the colors are good on their own (4-5 hours before losing intensity) but I always prefer using them over a primer.
The Lorac pro has assembled the colors in the palette very thoughtfully. The whole top row is matte and the whole bottom row is shimmer. The colors are placed in the way that they go from the lightest to the darkest.
There are 8 shades in each category which gives a whole versatility when it comes to creating eye looks. All of the shades are more suited to create a natural eye look as there are no bright colors in this palette.
Let’s talk about the individual color now:
*Top Row Mattes (L-R)
White: A pure white shade. Works excellent as a brow bone highlight and inner corner brighter.
Cream: A light pinkish cream color. Works great when placed in the inner 1/3rd of the eye as it creates a bright eyed look.
Taupe: A light cool toned taupe. Works well to darken up the crease of blending out other dark shades. Works excellent as a transition color or even when used all over the lid to create a natural no makeup look.

Lt Pink: A very light baby pink. I apply it over some of the other dark shadows and it helps lighten their intensity while giving a different dimension to the shade.

Mauve: Beautiful pinkish mauve shade. I use it as an allover lid color when I am creating day time looks. Looks very natural and pairs wonderfully with most colors.
Sable: A warm brown, much deeper than Taupe. Works great for blending out most of the shimmery shades when I am creating night time looks. I use this shade mostly for the crease.

Espresso: One of the most pigmented matte shades. It is a deep dark brown almost bordering on black. It works great eyen when used as a smoked out eye liner and looks amazing when sheered out to create a brown smokey eye.

Black: A deep richly pigmented matte black which is a must have. Can be used as a eye liner or used with a smudge brush under the water line to smoke out your kohl or if you are brave to do a black Smokey eye which I tend to stay away from because I have dark circles and black on lid makes it look like I got punched in the eye.

*Bottom Row Summery (L-R)

Nude: A light peachy pink. Works great as an inner corner highlight or ever as a cheek bone or cupid bows highlight.
Champagne: A light champagne pink. It also has multi used. Can be used as an
allovercolor or even just to highlight like the shade Nude.


My most favorite shade of the bunch. Just look at how gorgeous that shade it.. It goes on with such full pigmentation and sparkle just blinds you momentarily (just kidding). This is the shade to wear at desi parties and weddings. This shade is the brightest and loudest in the whole palette.

Lt Bronze: Light golden bronze. Works beautifully as an allover lid color or in the inner 1/3rd of the eyelid pairedwith darker colors on outside.

Pewter: A deep plum. I love using this in the outer V.


A beautiful deep rose gold. My 2nd favorite shade in the palette. I love using this all over the lid. Perfect color to use on special occasion or wedding. Can create many beautiful romantic eye looks.

Deep Purple: A true deep eggplant purple. Almost bordering on black. But appears purple when sheered out. I would use this on the lower lash line to give a pop of color while still complementing my dark kohl eyes.

Stale: A shimmery grey. I haven’t experimented with this shade yet but it does have great pigmentation and will work great paired with many or the darker shades.
This palette does come with a mini sized behind the scenes primer. I find this primer to be good enough. It does make my eye shadows last all day without causing it to creasing or slide.



So that concluded this review. I hope I tempted you all enough to consider buying this amazing pallet. Overall I am incredibly happy with this shade. This has helped me step out of my comfort zone as I was never really comfortable with doing eye makeup. I would recommend this pallet to all eye makeup beginners and pros alike. I will definitely buy this palette again whenever I hit the pan on this.
On a Similar note. If you find this product tempting but you are more of a experiment-er with brighter colors rather than just sticking to natural eye looks check out the recently launched Lorac Pro pallete 2 which has the same amazing quality but with beautiful pops of bright colors like Navy and green.


Pros of Lorac Pro Palette

• Smooth buttery texture.
• Blends so effortlessly and easily.
• Great pigmentation for the darker shades. The lighter shades need some building up but they will develop intensity easily
• Equal mix of matte and shimmer
• Variety of neutral shades perfect for creating a natural everyday eye
• Shimmery shades are perfect for nighttime or creating looks for weddings and parties
• Little to no fall out
• Sleek think sturdy and secure pallet perfect for travelling with.
• The primer is perfect travel sized and performs good enough


Cons of Lorac Pro Palette

• The outer covering attracts fingerprints and dust.

IMBB Rating 5/5

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31 thoughts on “Lorac Pro Palette Review

  1. At last, had been waiting for this, as I hd hoped its super duper awesome *drool* *drool* , the shades r so pigmented and beautiful, ur EOTD and review is also lovely *clap*

    1. It is truely awesome.. Im head over heels in love with this product and all the shades in it .. *thankyou* for the kind compliments *puchhi*

  2. last days i saw some Lorac Palates online and i was so tempted but i have saved bucks for YSL and Estee Lauder lippies so dil pe pathar rakh liya!!!
    loveable *clap*

    1. Ohh well.. Getting YSL and estee lauder is not a bad deal either 😛 .. Maybe after reading this review u will snatch this Lorac pallete next time u see it..

    1. I know those are my top favorite shades… The pics dsnt do it justice.. They look sooo much better in real life *drool*

  3. wow neha.. totally loved it on.. gorgeous eotds.. *jai ho* *jai ho* If ever I try my hands on eye shadows then this wud b my first pick.. *happydance*

  4. Your eye makeup is sooo damn pretty and beautiful *woot* *woot* *woot* you did it soo well with correct shades *happy dance* *happy dance* amazing job done.. and the palette helped u out wonderfully *pompom* *pompom*

  5. Neha… i loved the reviewed so well written and also the eyelook 🙂

    I totally agree with your review,Lorac shadows are much better compared to UD NAKED. But I do go back to UD all the time.(thats just me … *powder*)

    I don’t own the Lorac PRO but i did get the LORAC PRO 2 and i am in love with it.
    I was skeptical about UD Naked and Lorac Pro but finally I bought UD Naked. I feel the color range is similar and this palette can be skipped if you own UD NAKED. ( My opinion,if i was a millionaire i could buy every other makeup palette… *duh* )

    I am makeup junkie and so when LORAC PRO 2 was launched I jumped on the bandwagon and got it. I am sure you would like it …it has a different range oF COLORS and i don’t find repetitive shades, also these shades go very well on indian skin tone.


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