Lakme Absolute Eye Chromatic Baked Shadows Day Queen Duo

Lakme Absolute Eye Chromatic Baked Shadows Day Queen Duo

Lakme Absolute Eye Chromatic Baked Shadows Day Queen Duo

Product Description:
Highlight your eyes with this revolutionary eye shadow, baked on Italian terra cotta tiles enhanced with light reflecting pearls for intense & wearable color.  It gives extraordinary shine with a silk finish.  Contains high intensity pigments. It can be used dry for a soft day look and wet for a dramatic night look.

• Formulated with light reflecting pearls.
• Extraordinary shine with a silk finish.
• Use it dry for a soft day look and wet for a dramatic night look.
• High-intensity pigments.

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

Lakme Absolute Eye Chromatic Baked Shadows has been launched in 4 shades:
• Day Queen.
• Night Flash.
• Night Desire.
• The fourth one is not out in stores, but since I saw it in the Lakme Absolute video, I do remember it was golden/bronze like duo.

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

Suggested Tips/Tricks:
Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

INR 595 for 4 gms.

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

Lakme absolute chromatic baked eye shadows are packed as duos in a sturdy plastic casing. The lid is see-through kind while the bottom part holding the eye shadows is black. The packaging I would say is decent, nothing very fancy or attractive like the new mousse, blush or lipsticks.

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

This includes a small-sized sponge applicator which even though is cute looking, but is not very useful. I tried to work with it, but it picks up a lot of product and won’t apply/transfer it well on the eyelids. Bah, Never mind, I was not really depending on you little one :tongue:

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

A closer look at these eyshadows.

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

About the shades in Day Queen Duo:

Well, if you show these eye shadows to a male, he would comment that one is dark green and the other one is white. Gratefully, I am proud to be a female who would like to define the colours properly here 😀

So, I went through the green colour chart images I found on google and conclude that the darker green here comes close to and lies somewhere between moss green and bottle green. :victory2: :victory2: :manicure: :manicure:  It has silver+green coloured shimmer in it.

The second shade which I suppose is a highlighter is silver-ish shade with a hint of green in it. In my honest opinion, the duo would have been better if they had provided it with a coordinating green shade instead of providing a highlighter shade. The lighter shade comes off very sheer on the eyes and barely shows, so I don’t think that they have provided this as for all-over the lid colour.

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow


Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

Single swipe/applied dry.

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

Single swipe/applied wet – by damping the brush with a little water.

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

My Take on Lakme Absolute Eye Chromatic Baked Shadows – Day Queen Duo:

Falling for all the brouhaha created by Lakme’s New Absolute Range, I picked up a few products viz. the gloss, mousse, blush and this baked eye shadow.

I would say this is my least favourite amongst whatever I got. Now, I am not bluntly saying that is an utter useless product, but I have definitely used baked eye shadows which are half the price and offer better quality.

The texture of the eye shadows is not very soft and I need to rub by brush with some effort on these to pick up some colour.

These apply very sheer if you use them as it is/dry or without a primer, but when applied with a damp sponge/brush, this looks great and pigmented. I guess I will always use these wet. The pigmentation of the product is average, but can be built upon.

The shimmer in these is fine and not gritty/chunky.

Also, these are not chalky/powdery at all and have just little fallout.

Well, we don’t have many options for baked eye shadows in Indian brands, so it is commendable that Lakme introduced these. These eye shadows will leave you fairly satisfied if you have used baked eye shadows from other brands. While, if you are someone who hasn’t used them at all, you may like these. 😀 I fall in the prior category and that’s the reason I did a little critical analysis.

Here are a few pictures for your reference.

Lakme Absolute Baked Chromatic Eyeshadow

P.S.*:  I am not much of an eye makeup person or I would confess that I am not very good at doing eye makeup. My routine eye makeup consists of just a swipe of coloured eye liners 😀 . Well, I am working on it.  Here, I have just applied the darker green (in wet form,without primer) all over the lids. If you think there is no blending, etc., in these, you are right, I didn’t try to do much 😛 😛

Also, you would see that the green comes like khaki green on the eyes unlike how it looks in the pan 😐 😐 😐 . err, I can’t blame my camera as it always picks up true colours. 😐 😐 😐

Pros of Lakme Absolute Eye Chromatic Baked Shadows – Day Queen Duo:

  • Can be applied dry or wet as per your preference.
  • When applied wet, the pigmentation is intense even without a primer.
  • Their staying power is good when applied wet.
  • These are not powdery/chalky.
  • Shimmery eye shadows , good for your party eye makeup.
  • Have very less fallout.
  • The shimmer in these is fine and not chunky/gritty.
  • Lakme products are easily available throughout India.

Cons of Lakme Absolute Eye Chromatic Baked Shadows – Day Queen Duo:

• Texture is a little hard, I need to run my brush several times on it to pick up the shade.
• I wish it came with a coordinating green instead of a highlighter shade.
• Very sheer when applied dry.
• Slightly expensive.
• Number of shades available is less/just 4.

IMBB Rating:

3 ON 5 :-* :-* :-*

Check out this video here girls.  I think the shade Kareena is wearing on her eyes is the same, Day Queen (check the video when its on 1:58 minutes 😛 )

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