Loreal Glam Shine 6H – Pure Addict

Loreal Glam Shine – 6H – Pure Addict

I’m back with another lip-glosses for you lovely ladies. This time it’s from the Loreal Glam Shine – 6H collection, shade Pure Addict. There was a time not so long ago when I went off lipsticks – I only wanted glosses and Loreal Glam Shine – 6H were a serious addiction. These were the only lip-glosses I used (since I was a Loreal fan) and had them in almost all colours. Recently, I picked this in Duty-free but didn’t use it coz lipsticks suddenly re-entered my lives! And there has been no turning back.
Loreal Glam Shine 6H – Pure Addict
The Product Details (from the website):

Liquid Shine for dazzling lips!

Glam shinelip-gloss gives you a super glamorous crystal shine for upto 6 hours

L’Oreal Paris introduces Glam Shine 6 Hours, our first lip-gloss that shines for up to 6 hours! Offering a perfect balance between shine and staying power, just one sweep is enough to achieve plump, glossy looking lips. The heart-shaped wand is specially designed to glide over lip contours, giving a precise application. Choose from a wide collection of shimmering shades with colors ranging from natural nudes and soft pinks to glamorous reds and beautiful browns.

• Shine Fix™ technology: Creates a resistant film over the lips to help the lip gloss stay in place for up to 6 hours
• Heart shaped Applicator: The heart-shaped applicator is specially designed to glide over lip contours, giving a precise application
Loreal Glam Shine 6H – Pure Addict5


The product packaging is very luxe, very upmarket – it’s like a designer bottle. It made of excellent quality plastic – looks like glass and is transparent. So it’s easy to figure how much of the product is still there. The shiny reflective cap (and applicator) on top adds the brilliance of luxe feel to the product.

The applicator is heart shaped and easy to deposit colour around the lip curves. All in all, its easy to carry and leak proof –I used to have one in my bag always and never did I face any leakage issue.
Loreal Glam Shine 6H – Pure Addict3

My experience with Loreal Glam Shine –6H – Pure Addict

Color: The colour is sheer with pearly glossy shine. On its own, it isn’t flattering on my pigmented lips – I hate that lip swatch but had to provide it to IMBB. However, it would work great over a lipstick of any shade – since the colour is sheer and neutral.

Texture: The lipstick is lightweight and a little sticky – not very sticky like some lip glosses can be. It has incandescent shine.

Pigmentation: This is a sheer lip-gloss. So no amount of building up is going to hide lip pigmentation. Only a lipstick will.

Loreal Glam Shine 6H – Pure Addict4

Lasting power:The product lasted about 3.5 – 4hours on me – definitely not the 6H claim/ your lips feel hydrated even a couple of hours post the lip-glossdisappearing.

Loreal Glam Shine 6H – Pure Addict
To sum this up for you:

Pros of Loreal Glam Shine – 6H – Pure Addict:

1. A beautiful sheer colourcolor–to instantly glam up any lipstick!
2. Lightweight texture that is very mildly sticky.
3. Extremely hydrating
4. Easy to apply
5. Does not settle into the fine lines of the lips
6. Lasts for about 3.5-4hours
7. No feathering or bleeding
8. Iconic Luxe packaging
9. Easy to carry and leak proof packaging. Very sturdy.

Loreal Glam Shine 6H – Pure Addict6

Cons of Loreal Glam Shine – 6H – Pure Addict:

1. Has fragrance.
2. The 6H shine claim is a bit of a stretch.
3. Transfers easily – but since it’s a sheer colour, its obvious only to you and not others.

Loreal Glam Shine –6H – Pure Addict (7)

IMBB Rating:

A 3.5/5 product

I used to love these Glam shine babies. But today, with my love for bright-pigmented colours and liquid lipsticks, I am finding them passé.

So what are you interested in this winter? Is it going to be lipsticks or lip-glosses or both (layered together)??

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