L’Oreal Hair Spa Extra Nutritive Oil Review

L’Oreal Hair Spa Extra Nutritive Oil

Hello Everyone,

Am sure you guys are enjoying the last few days of the chill. I heard the winters have started packing bags to leave us for almost an year. What I like about winters is the variety of food and madness of makeup. But other than that I hate layering up as I look like a stuffed teddy bear with all the woolens on. Well enough of my blabber; let us move on to the review of today’s product, the L’Oreal Hair Spa, Extra Nutritive oil.


Direction of Use:

Pre shampoo/ booster/ Leave in


The oil comes in a burnt orange plastic bottle which has sticker on both sides with the required information and the naming. The pierce-through plastic stopper is protected with a cyan screw cap. The screw cap being snuggly enough there is no chance of spillage. The product comes out through the stopper which is good enough to control the amount of product. Initially it was sealed, I have pierced it with a sterilized pin.

Price: Rs. 250/- for 100ml


My experience with L’Oreal Hair Spa Extra Nutritive oil:

I am sure all of you have atleast once tried the Loreal hair spa and trust me the oil smells exactly the same. I could not sniff it inside the salon but once I came back home that was the first thing I wanted to do and I was over joyous to find the awesome smell of the hair spa. I have used it sparingly as a leave in and also as pre-shampoo oiling. I must say that it works great as both. It gives the hair a lovely shine which I absolutely adore.


On the down side, it will not control the frizz. If you have very frizzy unruly hair, you have to use it as a leave-in. only pre shampoo oiling is not enough on super frizzy hair. With this oil on you will be able to go out as it is a very light, non-sticky oil. Not only in terms of feel but in terms of look. I kept this overnight and shampooed off the next day. I was left with super smooth, healthy shining hair. The days when I put this on before shampoo I can dare to skip the conditioner, yes, it is as good as that. The price is within the range and hence you can definitely try this for yourself.


Pros of L’Oreal Hair Spa Extra Nutritive Oil

• Travel friendly packaging
• Contains Olive oil
• Vitamin E
• Does its job
• No tangles
• No parabens


Cons of L’Oreal Hair Spa Extra Nutritive Oil

• Availability
• Does not control frizz

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase/recommend L’Oreal Hair Spa Extra Nutritive Oil?

Repurchase: Yes definitely
Recommend: Yes, give this a try .

Take care beauties, will be back soon.

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14 thoughts on “L’Oreal Hair Spa Extra Nutritive Oil Review

  1. Wowyyyyyyy I was on a hunt for a good hair oil…this sounds cool *drool* *drool* n as for the weather…now m seriously sick of the constant absence of light winter sun *waaa*

  2. I saw it at the salon, but thought it would weigh down my hair when used as a serum so skipped it, but now I think I will get it *haan ji* *jogging*

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