L’oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream Review

L’oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream

SPF 35 PA+++24 hours Moisture

The 1st BB Cream with 360° skin care for to idealize a natural flawless skin tone and texture, inside out.
A BB Skin Care Revolution: Skin’s Smoothness is retexturized,brightness retoned, and perfected from within.
Retexturize: Adenosine, dermatologically known anti-ageing active to smooth skin texture.
Retone: Vitamin CG evens skin clarity. Brown spots and yellowish skin tone instantly appears to be neutralized.
Protect: SPF 35+++ shields skin against environmental assault.

L'oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BBCream


INR 550 /30 ml

L'oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream (4)

I spotted this bb cream a month back, an picked it up asap, I have three bb creams, maybelline, bourjois and this one now plus a bb stick. I have to be honest I dont like bb creams and till now the maybelline bb stick has worked best for me, basically because tinted moisturizers dont give me the right coverage and then my skin is oily so I need something more than a bb cream which is really like a lighter foundation that actually your skin absorbs like a moisturizer.

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L'oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream (3)

The price and the packaging is perfect, you get in a big tube, double the size in appearance of the maybelline one, I hate the maybelline one because it gives me a sheen I hate, but this one is sans the sheen I would say it is semi matte and still very moisturizing.

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Let me tell why I hate bb creams, I have oily acne prone skin, i need better coverage and I stay in a hot and humid climate where all your makeup melts in minutes.So if you are better off, then this product will work great for you.

loreal bb cream (2)
There are three shades and this one is the medium one, others were too white or dark, I am happy with this one.I love the texture and it blends nicely, you need to use very less and it gives a nice even skin tone. This shade though looks yellow leaves a white cast if used a little too much and that is the biggest con.

bb cream application

Coming to the finish, it looks a little semi matte but in this humid environ, I need to set it with a powder for sure or else it melt in three hours, in this climate it does not give me oil control or coverga enough I need, so I suggest if you have dry to normal skin that does not need much coverage, then this is for you.


L'oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream ingredients

It does not photograph well at all, it gives a very bad white cast and then it melts on my skin in three hours, in three hours my face is a mess, remember my oily skin and humid climate. So again this will be better for other skin types.

It gets absorbed a little too much and then it looks like no coverage at all and only the white cast remains, that is my biggest problem actually, I am not happy with the coverage and the melting factor considering the place I am in.I am not happy with the way it melts here in Chennai, on my face in three hours either.

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Honestly speaking, this will work great for dry to normal skin, giving nice moisture, and the skin that does not need much coverage, you will love it. Oily skin that needs coverage can skip it, if you stay in humidity, skip it,personally bb creams dont work for me, if I need to set it with powder then I might as well use a foundation.

Who should try it:

  • Dry skin
  • Normal skin
  • Problem free skin
  • If you are in non-humid areas
  • Skin that needs light coverage with moisturization

The texture and thickness is very much like Maybelline bb cream but that sheen is not there but the white cast is, plus shades are limited, but I have a strong feeling other skin types in dry areas will love it.

IMBB Rating:

3.75/5 for the skin types I can see will love it.
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33 thoughts on “L’oreal la creme True Match Skin Idealizing BB Cream Review

  1. You know what i was just going to order it online as i love bb creams *drool* *drool* but i think i won’t because need a little more coverage *cry* but still i can get it for mom and use a bit *hihi*

  2. when i started reading this post i was thinking if I can go out right now to get it, asap…hehe,.. I have the same skin type as you so i guess its not for me either..:-( .. maybelline bb stick works fine wid me too. so maybelline it is.. good review.. 🙂 🙂

  3. aww neha thank you for the review *thankyou* i just finished the ponds one and was eyeing this one but guess i will pass coz i have super duper oily skin prone to acne and am moving to pondicherry humid humid )

  4. I got this too last week neha di but didnt use it yet because of the extremely humid weather n my extremely oily skin. *cry* *cry* I think I will use it in winters then *cry*

  5. Hey you should try the ponds bb cream, I have a super oily acne prone skin and it works great on my skin, the coverage is medium and once you set with compact u r good to go for 5/6 hours

  6. Love your reviews Neha*jai ho* this is not for me *headbang* oily,acne prone and humid climate *nababana*
    im loving the lotus purestay one *announce*

  7. good detailed review neha. 🙂 I am still to venture into BB creams but guess this one is def not on the list. Who likes that whitish cast *hunterwali*

  8. Looks as a promising product *haan ji* I don’t own a single BB cream till now *cry* just looking at all the reviews and getting damn confused *waiting*

  9. A very good and detailed review neha.. *happydance* Was definitely eyeing on this, but at this price and now after your reviews, I think I’ll skip this.. *smug*

  10. BB cream jus dun work for me same as u neha…i hate the greasy look it gives me after sometym…but i want to try lakme cc cream..lets see..my maybelline nd garnier bb creams are still waitin to be finished though.. 😛

  11. I m stuck in mumbai’s traffic…n imbb is the best pastime and source to keep my head cool…thnx rati for this awesome site.. *thankyou*

  12. Oh thank God u saved me Neha! I was tempted to buy this, but I have skin thats exactly like yours – oily n acne prone, so I guess I’ll skip it. Loving the B*urjois BB cream these days though!

  13. i wanted to buy this from a long time..after reading your review i understood its useless for me because i stay in chennai and i have oily skin..in chennai climate maybelline bb stick works fine..nice review..you saved me neha.. *thankyou*

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