L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Perfecting Foundation Review

Hi all the beautiful ladies on imbb! This is my first review and I am super excited about it! 🙂 I bought L’oreal True Match Perfecting Foundation some time back from lifestyle and the shade I got is c3, that is beige rose. Now this shade does not match my skin tone (it is 2 shades darker). I kept telling the L’oreal SA that it isn’t the right shade for me but she said that it is.. And since I was with my parents I decided not to argue with her!
Loreal Paris True match super blendable perfecting foundation

What L’oreal Claims about True Match Perfecting Foundation

• Matches the colour and texture of your skin
• Ultra-fine pigments to perfectly match your skin tone
• Super-blendable, perfect coverage, without caking
• True-to-skin shades without tide marks
• A beautiful, flawless looking complexion… Your skin only better
• Dermatologically tested
• The L’oreal Paris site claims: In true-to-skin shades across warm, cool and neutral tones, True Match liquid foundation perfectly matches the colour and texture of your skin, hiding imperfections with its micro-fine, creamy texture. The result: natural looking, skin-true colour, outstanding coverage with no caking.

Price: Rs. 770 for 30ml. I got it at a discounted price.
When I used it for the first time I wasn’t happy with it. Maybe I just couldn’t find the right way of using it. But later, when I learnt the correct way of using it, I was just too happy to get this product (though I wish that I had got the right shade for me!!!)

When I try to blend using my fingers, it gives a bad finish. So when I had just bought this product I was thinking that I had wasted all my money! But when I tried blending it with a sponge (which I bought from my beautician ) it worked wonders for me.
Loreal true match perfecting foundation swatch
scarI have attached this picture to show you a scar that an accident left me with. Though it is a SCAR, look at it carefully and you’ll notice that it is Heart-Shaped!

The technique which I use with this foundation is that I dot it on my face, and then blend very properly with a moist sponge. Now when it comes to use this on the neck, I use the same technique, but I have to be faster in blending.

Pros of L’oreal True Match Perfecting Foundation

• Very less quantity is required for covering the entire face and neck.
• Actually blends very nicely and gives a medium coverage!! I’m happy with the coverage it provides.
• Lasts for quite a long time without caking, 6-7 hours.
• Gives me a very natural look.
• Works as an eye shadow primer too!!! (I use it  )
• Comes with a pump. Hygienic!!
• The consistency is neither runny nor too thick. This product won’t flow like a liquid.
• This product never broke me out!! ( I have normal to oily skin)

Cons of L’oreal True Match Perfecting Foundation

• You need to use a foundation blending sponge to blend it perfectly. Using your finger won’t give an absolutely flawless look.
• Comes in a bottle which might threaten you to keep it very properly! (Or it may break)
• Does not blend very quickly. You need to give a little more effort.
• A bit hard to blend on the neck. Though the task becomes easier with practice and the SPONGE that I have mentioned!!
• No SPF
• No ingredient list on the product.

I must say that it is worth every penny. But I’m not sure if it gives a very high coverage, as it isn’t required on my skin. I only need a medium coverage and this product satisfies my need!! I personally love the coverage it provides to my face!

Will I Re-purchase it: Yes!!! But the one which matches my skin tone!!!

Rating : :-* :-* :-* :-* out of 5.

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L'oreal True Match Super Blendable Perfecting Foundation Review Overall rating: 4 out of 5 based on 1 reviews.

L'oreal True Match Foundation - N1 Ivory

4 5 1
L’Oreal Paris True Match super blendable foundation come in about 12 flawless shades to choose from. I have a neutral skin tone and I have been using the shade N1 ivory since a very long time and it turned out perfect for my skin tone. Most of the Indian’s have neutral skin tones and N1 ivory perfectly matches the Indian skin tone. It is a great option for people with dry skin as it gives you a gorgeous natural looking glowing skin. It has spf 17 and is super blendable. You can apply the foundation in very little quantity as it blends well to give a smooth finish. It easily covers all the scars, blemishes and redness of your face and gives you a toned look. I absolutely love the foundation and I am sure you will too. It feels very natural and light on my skin. You don’t have to worry much as the foundation has a pump, which will avoid wastage of product and a transparent cap that covers the pump. However this isn’t apt for flash photography as this one comes with SPF. The foundation starts wearing off after 8 hours and for all those who prefer matte foundations this isn’t apt for you.
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44 thoughts on “L’oreal True Match Super Blendable Perfecting Foundation Review

  1. Good review…..especially given the fact that this is your first!!
    I am sorry u did not get the right shade….that is so tough na? I too have a foundation from Mary Kay which is a wrong shade & such a waste 🙁

    1. it will work well… just apply moisturizer before the foundation.. never dried my skin.. my skin is normal to oily; though it becomes oily only on hard sunny days.. otherwise i have a normal skin.. i think you should go for it!!!

  2. Grt one Princa… Im thinking of getting this aftr my colorstay gets over 😀
    welcome to IMBB
    :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:

    1. Thanks!!!! 🙂
      and yup do get it!! it is very nice!! hey you can buy it when there’s an off at shopper’s stop or lifestyle or central!! i luv buying stuff at tht tym!! :dance: i luv the free gifts!!!! :present: :present:

  3. Hey princa.. Its indeed a nice review. :yes: :yes: :yes: .. SAs are always pushy and argue when you ask them to try other shades as well.. I believe the reason behind it must be lack of proper training.. :reallypissed: :reallypissed:

  4. thnx.. i am not so sure about the availability of all the shades..
    And ya i used this in summers and it never broke me out.. it gives a non-greasy finish in summers too!! And i wore it to some competitions where i had to dance a lot and i sweated a lot but this foundation never disappointed me!! Love it for this!!
    :dance: :dance:

  5. very nice review princa!! :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:
    iv always been curious about the true match… but what an irony the SA dint give u the true match…

    the heart shape scar!! :heart:

    1. yeah so ironical!! :lol2: didn’t notice this fact until i read ur comment!!!!! 😉
      and hey you noticed that scar!! i love it yaar!!! maybe i’m the 1st gal to luv a scar!! :inlove:

      1. Hi Princa,

        Does it oxidise? I am getting married soon and m searching for a good brand which I can afford.
        I have read some where that this oxidises? Have you face this problem?

        1. no i never felt that it oxidises, and it is a very very nice foundation. Many ppl face prob with this cuz this needs a different way of being applied and blended. it isn’t supposed to be applied like any other foundation. i’d definitely suggest u to go for it!!!!

          and Congratulations!!! u getting married na!! Me too getting married!!! i’m so happy :jiggy2:

  6. no i never felt that it oxidises, and it is a very very nice foundation. Many ppl face prob with this cuz this needs a different way of being applied and blended. it isn’t supposed to be applied like any other foundation. i’d definitely suggest u to go for it!!!!

    and Congratulations!!! u getting married na!! Me too getting married!!! i’m so happy :jiggy2:

  7. To me it seems like the shade is too light for you. At least on your hands it appears 2-3 shades lighter then your natural colour.

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