L’oreal True Match Roll On Foundation Review

The day I used this product I was eager to share my experience with this foundation, I want to check is there any problem with the foundation or with my skin or with the way I apply??? So here the story starts.. Before a month ago I went to shoppers stop to buy the foundation and there were counters from L’oreal, Revlon, Lakme, Maybelline and Chambor. I was confirmed that I am not going to buy the foundation from Lakme. I was tentative about the Revlon and Maybelline. So I went to Revlon first and was looking at the products and there was L’oreal counter next to it with True Match Roll On Foundation on the display with the Aiswarya Rai’s big photo.. and as usual I got hypnotized by the attractive photo advertise and went to L’oreal counter to explore True Match Roll On Foundation.. The lady at the counter showed me three shades (she said only 3 shades are launched in India where as on L’oreal USA site there are many more shades). It’s cream foundation nothing atypical or extraordinary about that but the unusual and interesting thing is that the applicator which comes with this foundation, a sponge with the roller. It’s like junior version of the paint brush which comes with the Asian Paint and Nerolac Paint.. 🙂

L’oreal words for True Match Roll On Foundation: Discover new True Match Roll’on foundation from L’Oréal Paris. For ultra-even coverage, with no lines or streaks True Match Roll’on combines a high performance foundation with the first ever roller applicator. The unique applicator combined with the stretch formula leaves a sheer and even layer of foundation over the skin for a natural-looking, flawless result.

Price: I bought this foundation for 900 INR from Shoppers Stop.

Shades: The shades I have taken from L’oreal Paris (US) site. Loreal True Match Foundation Shades So here are the photos of mine L’oreal True Match Roll On Foundation. I am having C3/K3 Rose Beige. Loreal Roll ON True Match Foundation Packaging is quite nice, fairly muscular, lustrous and compact. Loreal Roll ON True Match Foundation Open On the left side of the case there is a cream foundation and on the right is the sponge roller.. Loreal Roll ON True Match Foundation Don’t stare this or else it will hypnotize you also… Loreal Roll ON True Match Foundation Applicator Here is the applicator: The size of the roller is not too small, it’s easy to hold and it’s well designed sponge with the plastic handle. Loreal Foundation Here we go.. Rolling it on crème foundation to get the product on the roller.. Loreal Foundation True Match If you see carefully there seems to be more product on the edges then that the centre of the roller Loreal Foundation True Match ROll On There’s a problem when you try and get the product on the sponge – you have to press down pretty hard to get the foundation on your sponge. It takes a good few rolls to get product on it, but there is still a more foundation towards that far edge. Bare Hand Here is my bare hand without any makeup. Loreal Foundation True Match ROll On Swatches Only one swipe of the roll on foundation..Look at the amount of the product on the edge.. The application of foundation by roller is not even.. Loreal Foundation True Match ROll On Swatches Your right has a foundation coverage… and its clearly visible.. I think I have got wrong shades.. Loreal Foundation True Match ROll On Swatch After blending it.. Rolling the roller 2-3 times the product. Loreal FOundation Swatch Blending it more and more and more… Bare Hand One more…My bare hand… Loreal FOundation On Hand With L’oreal True Match Roll On Foundation.. You can easily locate the difference between the fingers color and the palm color. Tissue I just wiped my hand with the tissue, and you can see the amount of the foundation I had piled on my hand. WOW factors of L’oreal True Match Roll On Foundation:

  • Full coverage. The actual coverage is pretty heavy weight. Don’t buy this if you’re looking for sheer -to – medium coverage, because this is full on.
  • After applying this foundation your skin will look smooth.
  • It glides smoothly on the skin.
  • It also covers the spots and scars.
  • The foundation blends flawlessly and has a nice creamy texture.
  • The foundation has flawless coverage with a slight airbrush effect
  • Contains SPF25
  • I have larger pores open on my cheeks 🙁 and so I found something interesting that roller works quite well on larger pores because the rolling effect creates a good smooth finish of the foundation on the pores.
  • The roller fits the curve of the face well even around the nose area with a little careful maneuvering.
  • The packaging is very good and compact that you can carry it with every day.

What I don’t like about L’oreal True Match Roll On Foundation:

  • It looks as if you have worn a mask.
  • Foundation transfer easily. For example I have a Nokia N97 mini and the makeup consistently transfers to the screen when I am on the phone 🙁
  • The roller leaves strong streaks when you apply to your face.
  • Be careful while getting the product on the roller or else you will end up getting very too much foundation on roller by rolling it 2-3 times.
  • There is a problem with the way the sponge picks up the foundation and distributes it.
  • The roller will leave a heavy layer of foundation if you will not be careful. This heavy layer will make you “roll” more over it to blend it out but that in turn piles further product on your.
  • You’re supposed to use the same sponge over and over again and again. I have not yet tried to wash the sponge as I don’t want to take risk with that. 🙂
  • Not so long staying power.
  • If not applied properly, will look as if someone has painted your face.

The very first time when I applied this, it was looking like as if I have piled tons of makeup on my face or I have worn mask. I was looking like clown. Even my friend commented that I have overdone my makeup and so I decided not to use it again. But then I thought to give a try with the idea that I will apply very small amount of foundation. And using some tricks and tips I got smooth, flawless skin with lightweight foundation on my face. So here are that tricks and tips to apply this foundation: load your roller with the foundation and proceed to roll it on a piece of tissue first. This removes a lot of the excess foundation. Now start rolling product on your face but try to avoid rolling it in the same place….just roll over the area once. Now roll off some more of the foundation on your tissue and proceed to re-roll the areas of your face that foundation is already. This will blend out the product without having a ton of buildup.

So to conclude, I think it’s a good try. It’s an interesting and unique take on applying foundation and just absolute fun. You do have to be cautious during application or else you will end up with mask-like coverage. I will give: Image source

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42 thoughts on “L’oreal True Match Roll On Foundation Review

  1. Hey Ami…nice review….the technique is definately different but wht I am feeling is that if everytime to get the right amt of foundation on your face if you need to first roll it on a tissue, imagine the amt of product you would be actually wasting!!

    I really had high expectations from this after I saw Aish’s ad on TV but sad that it is a let down

    1. yeah its purely wasting the foundation by this technique.. but its better to use this way then throwing the whole product without using… i have one more idea.. i will try it.. as i said roll the roller 2-3 time on foundation for getting the foundation so instead of that just roll it only single time to get the foundation.. this will take less amt n the foundation will not go waste..
      i will try it and will let u knw..
      Even i got attracted by the add n got this foundation… 🙁

      1. yes true..now that u have got this you need to figure out the best possible way to use to…try the other method, I think it shud work…

        BTW I forgot to mention in my previous comment…you have beautiful fingers n nails!

  2. I tried this at Shoppers Stop however I found this too be too heavy & did not feel so good abt the roll on as it difficult to use near the nose areas. I have oily skin & i wish to use something which does not make me look like a cake with too much icing on it. I need to find good foundation for myself yet:(.. the hunt is still on 🙂

    1. you knw wat i was thinking the same but then i tried rolling it near the nose..it worked well.. this foundation is good for normal skin.. and its also mentioned on the l’oreal site.. thank god u didnt buy it.. u r saved baby..

  3. hey ami i liked this shade on ur arm. i think u should rol it once & apply of else a brush cn help.. sure u’ll discover sm way out…. :-))

  4. Ami, thanks for the review! I’m on the lookout for a good foundation and was intrigued by this product. But now I won’t be wasting my money on this roll on stuff. :sidefrown:

    These companies release so few shades in India. I’m yet to find a powder/liquid/cream foundation that matches my yellow toned wheatish skin. Any suggestions folks?

    1. till now i have discovered that all the company launches only 3-4 shades in india where as they launch 10-12 shades of the same product out side india.. i dnt understand y so??

  5. I tried this at Westside the other day. I don’t know if you got the wrong shade..it felt like the foundation is just too chalky somehow. Didn’t like it one bit, and on my friend’s hand without moisturizer, it made her hand look like the Rann of Kutch settling into all the lines we didnt know existed! Love the junior paint roller though…I think it will be good to use for massaging the face 😛

  6. 900 bucks saved..!!! Thanks Ami..!!

    Not your fault the packaging and promotions were actually hypnotizing even i was so intrigued by the product… 😛

  7. oh ! I’,m so disheartened to hear that it didn’t work !! Like Priyanka, I was also intrigued by the new packaging and the flashy applicator !!
    and streaky application ?? :no:
    Btw going by your hand swatch, I think the color is too pink toned for you . Maybe you can use a brush / sponge for its even application !
    .-= Palak´s last blog ..Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay in Pencil Review =-.

  8. hi
    yesterday my sister in law taken this product at Rs.900/- at shoppers stop
    but i saw on net its price is $7 ,13$
    which is exact company price

  9. Hi Ami,

    Great review concerning this foundation. Just one question though, do u moisturize your face before adding this roll-on foundation, or it is creamy enough that u don’t need to?

  10. Hi Ami,

    Great review concerning this foundation. Just one question though, do u moisturize your face before adding this roll-on foundation, or it is creamy enough that u don’t need to?

  11. Well, what you said is absolutely right…………..I bought this a couple of weeks back and now am no longer using it on my face, instead i use it on my hands 🙂 : :yahoo: :stars:

  12. i have tried this in N4 beige…I almost ended up like a clown..and the applicator that comes with it is not so good..after 2-3 uses i feel it too be too dirty..now I am using a blending sponge instead and i use it for my hands as well as legs while wearing minis :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  13. i got a much better result by smudging the whole thing with a makeup sponge…dusnt pile up too much bt gives a smoother effect…:)

  14. Hi There I stay in Roodepoort and purchase all my make up from Dischem Princess Crossing. I use the Loreal Roll On True Match Foundation. I went to purchase another one a week ago and they told me that the product is discontinued. Please do not discontinue this product it is the best product/foundation ever. Why do you want to discontinue such a great product there is a lot of people that I know I introduced this product to them all, and know they told me it is discontinued. Where can we purchase the product if it is discontinued. My Honest opinion is for your Marketing Deptment to re think the process. Please do not discontinue the product please

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