L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Force Vector Shampoo Review

Hi ladies! This is my first post on IMBB and I am very excited. Hope you’ll like it! Today I am going to be reviewing the L’Oreal Professional Series Force Vector Shampoo. I had been going through this phase where my hair lost its shine and bounce and looked rather dull and lifeless. The SA told me this would be helpful so I decided to give it a try.

What the company claims:


L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Force Vector Shampoo reinforces weakened, fragile and brittle hair by depositing a super charge of Incell. Hair is left feeling stronger, softer and shinier. Formulated with Glycocell, a combination of Incell and royal jelly extract, série expert Force Vector Shampoo works to fortify and protect the hair fibre. You’ll not only feel, but also visibly notice the difference that the advanced technology from L’Oreal Professional makes. Distressed, weakened hair will be left with strength, health and vitality.

Directions of use:
• Distribute evenly throughout wet hair and lather.
• Rinse out thoroughly.
• Repeat the process if necessary.

Price: Rs. 400 for 250ml bottle

My Experience With L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Force Vector Shampoo:

The product added instant bounce and a natural shine and softness to my hair from the very first use. In fact it even gives a fuller look to it. Hair fall has also reduced a bit. Since I have fine hair and an oily scalp, if I use a conditioner it tends to weigh down and starts looking oily after 3 days. However ever since I have started using this product I don’t feel the need to use a conditioner. If you keep the shampoo on for around 2 minutes it does the job of a conditioner as well. Also it my hair has stopped looking as greasy as before after 3 days.

The product has a clear gel-like consistency. It looks like water but is a bit thicker in texture. The smell is pretty decent and it does not tend to linger for long. It comes in a pretty looking transparent red bottle with a silver flip-open cap.


However when you use the product for the first wash it doesn’t lather too much so you need to wash your hair twice, maybe more if you oil it.

Ever since I have started using this product many people have complimented me and are asking me for tips! I am very happy to have found a shampoo which finally suits me after sooo long.

Pros Of L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Force Vector Shampoo:
• Soft and supple hair.
• Instant bounce and shine
• Reduction in fair fall
• Transparent bottle so you know how much quantity is used up

Cons of L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Force Vector Shampoo:
• Expensive
However it does its job well and so I don’t see this coming in between when I go to buy it the next time. Also like I mentioned I am saving on the conditioner. I recommend it to everyone who has similar hair and scalp conditions.
My rating: 4.5/5 (0.5 for the price)

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20 thoughts on “L’oreal Professional Serie Expert Force Vector Shampoo Review

  1. i wish l’oreal had those 75ml bottles in india…would love to try them out…but for now…stuck to Absolut Repair

  2. Okay, I’m in a serious battle with hair-lost-all-shine-and-volume phase and need to switch to a new shampoo. I think I’ll give this a try despite its rather heavy price tag for just 250 ml. :struggle:

    1. If you use a cheaper shampoo for the first wash and the second wash with Force Vector it gives the same result and you save on the shampoo too! 🙂

  3. I was recommended this by my saloon she said my hair texture is this :-(… i didn’t dare buy this shampoo thinking no one has reviewed this 😛
    but now i’d go and get this as soon as my shampoo gets over :haanji:

  4. m so confused with these loreal products :struggle: … can nybody help me to know whats d difference between absolute repair , frizz control nd vector ?:)

  5. I was wondering as to with this shampoo should i be using a hair masque(loreal) and if yes which one. Read your review of L’oreal Professional Shine and Curl Hair Masque..btw my hair has no chemical treatments:) Please suggest

  6. Hi, my hair is very damaged n thin…n having hair fall problem… please suggest me one of loreal shampoo, for healthy n beautiful hair…

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