L’oreal Super Liner Black Crystal, Grey Crystal Swtaches

L’oreal super liner

l'oreal super liner

Price : Rs 470

Claims : Superliner is a liquid eyeliner in a special sponge tipped pen for the creation of fine lines or thick, sultry flicks. Colour is applied with precision and ease and dries without smudging.

Shades available – black, black crystals (black liner with silver shimmer), grey crystals ( grey liner with silver shimmer)

L’oreal Super liner, which was available in only black shade earlier is now available in two new shimmery shades.

Black crystals : It is a black eyeliner with silver shimmer. The shimmers are very fine and totally blended with the liner. it can be easily worn both during the day and night.

Grey Crystals : It is a grey eye liner with silver shimmers.

These are liquid liners and the packaging so reminded me of Lancome Art liner.

L’oreal super liner (left black crystals , right – grey crystals )

l'oreal super liner black crystals , grey crystals

Swwatch : l’oreal super liner black crystals (top) , grey crystals (down)

l'oreal super liner black crystals , grey crystals

Available at the Common Wealth Stores, M-18 GK-1 New Delhi. Ph : 011- 29236049

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38 thoughts on “L’oreal Super Liner Black Crystal, Grey Crystal Swtaches

      1. I saw 1 of these beauty gurus on ebay reviewin it…So thought I’s get it but I feel its cheaper online.. than that price.. It was $6 and free shipping 😀

  1. I like he grey one……. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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    2. hey Jinal…enjoy Goa..see u when u back 🙂

      even i really like the grey one…we def have to make a trip to beauty center/palace now 🙂

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  2. the black one looks similar to the bourjois glitter liner… me no likey both :wilt: :wilt: :wilt:

    me likey the grey one!! :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  3. i like both :smug: :smug: but Price is on bit higher side, :struggle: :struggle: so can’t give a Try :ghost2: :ghost2: ..
    😀 😀 anyone who is interested to gift me this 1 is most welcome… :thanks: :thanks:

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