Lotus Herbals Lipstick Carnation, Coral Pink Lip Liner Review

Lotus herbals Pure Color Lipstick Carnation 640 and seduction lip contour definer in coral pink review: Made for each other!

(and a failed attempt at finding a dupe for Tommy)

lotus herbals lipstick carnation

Hi ladies! I’m back with one more lipstick review but this time I’m also accompanying the lipstick with an absolutely matching lip liner coral pink for the lipstick carnation. Match made in heaven! I cant wear lipsticks without a suitable liner I donno why .may be I have a mental block against wearing a lipstick on its own. 🙁

I got this lipstick from big bazaar along with the lip liner. I believe the lipstick was for 225 and the liner around 200. 🙁 I forgot as I got this in last November.

About the lipstick canation 640: lotus pure colors are my next favourite in creamy lipsticks after colorbar creamy mattes. These are very much like maybelline moisture extreme and there are so many shades on offer (please refer rati’s write ups on the new releases and the Pink blush and peach crème, and also THIS ) I own three of these , pink blush , peach crème and carnation, I sold of a very beautiful shade lilac breeze in the imbb bazaar as I thought I would not be able to carry it off. These lipsticks are super pigmented, soft n smooth and the ones that I have are all without shimmer and sparkle and are all close to mattes(the way I like my lipsticks to be) this lipstick is bright pink in real life and more towards fuschia peach plus orange plus pink (mmmmits a mix of all this)..it is close to perky peach from the same line and peach play by elle18.The staying power is at least two hours which is enough for me considering the number of lipsticks I need to use up =?> :toothygrin:

Lotus Herbals Lipstick Carnation Review

carnation vs elle 18 poppy rush
carnation vs elle 18 poppy rush

Lotus herbals lipcontour definer in coral pink: It is exactly what the name is and matches the carnation lipstick to the T. I love how wisely purchased these two together . 🙂  The liner is soft and stays well for two hours and is very light though and totally unsuitable for me for use apart from any other lippie other than carnation. This liner comes with a built in sharpener, the main USP and I use it for all my twist up lip pencils. I also have a chambor one like this for eye pencils i use that too for multiple pencils. The color is pretty pink suited for day wear.however its more on the pinky plus orangy mix standing out some times if im not using a foundation. I sometimes look horribly washed out and dark with this one too.

Lotus Herbals Lip Liner Coral Pink

Lotus Herbals Lip Liner Coral Pink

liner sharpener


Failed attempt at the dupe for tommy: I thought carnation would be a close dupe for elle 18 poppy rush but it wasn’t 🙁 more like towards peach play I would say. Poppy rush is exactly like lord hanuman’s tilak color and I have never seen a more orangy color(tommy please see o orange from lotus floral glam from rati’s write up on imbb. More over poppy rush is so soft it broke at the base in the tube like all my other elle 18 even the bombs one(please improve n make it sturdy elle 18)

Lotus Herbals Lipstick Carnation, Coral Pink Lip Liner Review

carnation vs poppy-rush

Word of caution: Poppy rush , Carnation and Coral pink .I find them very difficut to be carried off. Please try them at the counter very accurately before u buy them . my mom hates the carnation shade on me and so I have serious second thoughts.im still on the fence about this color. Also, try the perky peach and peach crème from the same color group, You may like them better. Next on my fav list from lotus are rose wood, perky peach and mod mauve .

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53 thoughts on “Lotus Herbals Lipstick Carnation, Coral Pink Lip Liner Review

  1. wow!! poopy Rush is just awesome :worship: I am dying to find out peachy corally color like this :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  2. i NEED that lip liner and now i also want poppy rush. :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: nehaa :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

    My saasu maa coming today. I will behave very nicely. O:)

  3. oye neha, ye lipliner ka review i was going to write this week only and u wrote it first:spank: i have already finished 2 coral pink lipliners from lotus and am onto my third now :toothygrin: me too have carnation and i luv it :yahoo: other than jordana ka marmalade lipliner (which is shimmery orang) i use this matte lotuslipliner with most of my orangey/peachy lipsticks. how r u :toothygrin:

  4. i have peach creme, carnation and pink blush just like u neha :toothygrin: perky peach i thought wud make me lok washed out. and yeah with carnation, if i havent got my upper lips n eyebrows done n its my sad morose day wehn my skin is looking dull the yes it does make one look washed out :weep: not like pink blush which brightens me up always.

    1. m doing good ratidoo, how r u :toothygrin: i have to get back to writing re…else this neha will write all my reviews :spank: i was just going to write on this lipliner! :zombiekiller:

  5. i’m luving all the shades…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yes: :yes:
    thts elle 18 shade is also awesum… :whistle: :whistle:

  6. i have peach creme, and my oh my do i want rosewood and pink blush. carnation looks awesome too, but you are right , it requires a certain makeup with it.

    btw poppy rush looks like an orange red, if so try revlon’s brick red in superlustrous. you may need to tone it down a bit. i have done a post on red lippies on my blog and have swatched brick red. btw i am wheatish complexioned, if you are very fair then brick red may look more red on you.

  7. The shades are soooo pretty :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

    I am getting the lip liner for sure 😀

    :yes: :yes: :yes:

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