Lush Colour Supplement Review and Experiment

*Lush Colour Supplement Review (less rave, more rantings) and Experiment*

Lush which is synonymous with fresh handmade cosmetics was purely into bath, shower, hair and skincare range. With this product they enter cosmetics and makeup – competing with anyone from MAC to Lakme!
Lush has come up with a base for the face, that they call Colour Supplement – a Multi-purpose Base colour.

Lush has this to say:
Just mix into your favourite moisturiser for a natural tint or use on itsown as a foundation. You can also dot a little around unsightly blemishes for effective coverage.

It comes in four shades (talk about limited and multi-purpose!) – Dark Yellow, Light Yellow, Dark Pink and Light Pink

*Description of colour fitment for skin tones by Lush:

  • Dark Yellow is our natural rose petal base with a darker shade for olive or yellow skins. It’s made with rice bran and soya oils, rather than mineral oils, to care for all skin types.
  • Light Yellow is the same beautiful base, but with a pale shade for ivory skin. If you have a porcelain complexion, Light Yellow is the one for you. The blend of soya and rice bran oils is light and does not negatively affect the skin like mineral oils would.
  • Dark Pink is our darkest colour for people with a healthy glow or pink skin. The supplements are all made without mineral oil; we’ve used rice bran and soya oils to nourish and care for all skin types.
  • Light Pink is one of our lightest supplements. It can be blended with any of the others to create the right tint for you. This one is suited to people with pale or pink complexions. It’s made with soya and rice bran oils to care for all skin types.

*Ingredients* (as listed on my Dark Yellow Product)

  • Fresh Rose Petal Infusion
  • Soya Oil
  • Titainium Dioxide
  • Rice Bran Oil
  • Stearic Acid
  • Talc
  • Glycerine
  • Triethanolamine
  • Colour 77492
  • Cetearyl Alcohol
  • Colour 77499
  • Colour 77491
  • Methylparaben
  • Propylparaben
  • suitable for Vegans

A 20g container costs Rs.925

Lsush Colour SUpplements

  • Lush Colour Supplement is typically somewhere between a foundation and a tinted moisturiser
  • It feels like any cream foundation, only more oily and sticky, to touch
  • It sure can be used either ways as told by Lush – mixed with moisturiser or on its own

Lsush Colour SUpplements

  • It doesn’t make a world of difference though While it imparts colourwhen used on its own, it does so lesser and gives a slightly more dewy finish when mixed with a moisturiser, exactly like a tinted one
  • Although I cant see it being used to cover blemishes. The product does not give that much coverage.

Lush Colour SUpplements

  • I have mixed a little bit of moisutriser here and used. As you can see, it does even out the skintone (shown with arrows) but doesnt do much to cover any spots or blemishes. (I have not used any concealer under eyes or around mouth, whatever is – is from the colour supplement, leaving the contour color out); It does give out a slightly yellowish tone as also seen – Lush Colour Supplement blends well and is equally easy to apply with fingers and foundation brush
  • In my opinion it can be built up to provide more coverage than seen here, but it is meant to provide medium coverage at best
  • It doesn’t blot or get patchy anytime
  • If set with a powder foundation it stays put for 6 hours easily (indoor working conditions); I havent tried without setting but my guess is it will live shorter (behaving like a tinted moisturiser). In anycase you do need to use some powder on top of Lush Colour Supplement, for it may become oily otherwise.
  • The product gives out a very strong “olive oil” smell when used. And it stays on for close to an hour easily. I  personally found it quite disturbing
  • Lush Colour Supplement is also on the “oily” side. In fact, it has a slightly sticky effect on face that you can probably feel even after setting it with powder. And it stays again for about an hour
  • All said, it hasn’t broken me out or given any sort of allergy (guess we need to give that much to Lush)


  • – Gives medium coverage without a heavy made up feeling or look
  • – Suitable for Vegans – gives a good feeling!
  • – A Great product for those with Dry skin
  • – Like these in it – Fresh Rose Petal Extract, Rice Bran and Soya Oil
  • (loaded with nutrients)


  • Very Limited Shades (although the four may suit 60-70% of the skintones)
  • Oily & Creamy – definitely a no-no for oily skinned and also not in humid conditions
  • No SPF (means we need to use a sunscreen with or underneath, and makingit more creamy!)
  • Fragrance it gives away
  • Not easy for travel, if used with a moisturiser (a tinted moisturiser in one pack would be a better choice)
  • Think its positioning is confusing – is it a foundation, tinted moisturiser; “supplement” sounds very vegan and classy but vague too!
  • Cannot figure out why it is called “Multi-Purpose Base Colour” ?!

I dont think I am going to repurchase, esp given the choices we have in thiscategory. And to use this up, I would wait for winter (as thats when my skin tends to go dry). Again I live in a very non-humid place, Pune and thus giving it a go.

Having given a poor rating (being fair at that!) for one of my favourite brands I was keen to put it to some use. And then I came across this:

Courtsy: Photograph of a Photo in Marie Claire June 2010 Edition

When I read that it was Lush Colour Supplement used here – I was 1. happy and 2. got a cue that this product is better used for a bronze look (Apart from the Lush Color Supplement Multi-Purpose Base in Dark Yellow, Chitrangadha has been made up with Colorbar Body Shimmer, The Body Shop Sheer Sun Gel, Bobbi Brown Rich Color Gloss in Nude)

So here is an attempt – NOT TO IMITATE (Chitrangada is far too pretty and can carry off anything! and I am no bronzing expert) – but to help give us an idea how to use this buy.

– I love contouring as I like my face to be chiselled. A few months back my face was naturally chiselled (others preferred to tell me off that its gaunt) as I was ‘lighter’. And now I had to put on to get a healthy weight and lost that face bone! (never could figure how to get both). And so I try to contour.

click to enlarge

  • I also believe Contouring accenuates Bronze look. Used MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Deep Dark) to contour. (Still hate myself for buying this just for this purpose!)
  • From many tuts, I learnt contouring is very personal to one’s face bone structure and thus here I have done it on cheek bone, forehead hairline, jaws and chin (Please note while doing the jaws and chin, the product should mostly go beneath them so as to create a shadow rather than on top which may show bad on the face)
  • For the eyes I have used a combination of shimmery olive in the inner half and golden mauve in the outer (with the IMBB-famous ricepaper to highlight) – Imagining that the golden tinge in both would blend and go with the look and wouldnt be too different

Eye Makeup
– Have used TBS Warm Glow all over face and a bit more on cheeks as blush

Items Used:

– Base – Lush Color Supplement Multi-Purpose Base (Dark Yellow)
Contour – MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural (Deep Dark)
– Face & Cheeks – The Body Shop  Baked to last Bronzer (02 Warm Glow)
– Eye Shadows (MAC):

  • Greensmoke (Shimmery Olive)
  • Trax (Mauve with Gold particles)
  • Ricepaper (you all know it by now :))
  • Eye Liner – MAC Technakohl (Black)
  • Mascara – Lancome Virtuose (Brown)

Lips – The Body Shop Delipscious Sheer Lip color (01 Sheer Lychee)
What I really intended to show above – is not how to acheive this look – butto help with a few tips as to how to use Lush Colour Supplement and also some learnings:

*What needs to be better:*

  • Contouring – Blend more (and more!)
  • Contour and then apply all-over-face bronzer / Blush (I applied TBS Warm glow all over and then contoured and I couldnt blend it too well)
  • Careful while contouring hairline (It shouldnt stand out)
  • Golden shimmer eye shadows with bronze look – probably not the best (should have kept it lighter)

*What went well:*

  • Lush Color Supplement and Bronze look
  • Nude Lip color with this look (i dont have a nuder Lip Color than this)
  • Contouring with Bronze look helps
  • Jawline/Chin contouring came out natural

Obviously I’d only be happy to know it from you on the above takes – what did and didnt go right 🙂

Hope it wasn’t too long or boring! So, do think twice or more before picking this one up!


25 thoughts on “Lush Colour Supplement Review and Experiment

  1. Nice review Gaea 🙂 The effort you put to explain about the product and alternatives you suggest are just awesome. Thank you so much 🙂

    1. Hi Shilpa
      Nice, that my opinions actually helped you decide 🙂
      I am very partial to Lush but still found this one may be better given a miss!

  2. you have this deep expressive eyes. i thoroughly enjoyed your contouring face charts. i am bad at these technical makeup skills but your explanation is lucid and clear. i will try contouring the way you have taught for sure. :-))

    1. thanks (for the eyes part) – never really had anyone say that to me! :snicker:
      yes sure do try. its fun. btw i hadnt meant it to be a real contouring tut :p if you wanted a real good idea about it, do pls browse on youtube, u will find plenty!

  3. thats great gaea … that was great review … u made me tempt to use my conturing trio from STILA i thought i would pass on as m zero in that but see if i could use ???

    thanks again … u were superb dear

    1. ok i was able to be “lady”ish until now. now i cant! ahh thanks.
      am happy u liked it too Rashmi!
      Yes you must’nt waste it 😉 I personally think i have gotten myself a shade too dark even for contouring but then i cant do much now 🙁

  4. It’s an excellent review, Gaea. Actually read it thoroughly now. You are right about contouring being a personal thing. Okay a little gyan mite help:

    The whole idea of contouring is to bring the shape of the face to oval. Oval is an ideal face shade so through contouring that’s what you try to achieve. Let’s say if some one has a wider jawline, you’ll contour their jawline. Same with wider face or forehead, nose, eyes etc. The exact opposite goes for highlighting.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

    1. Great! there we go… thx Rati!
      so nature gives us defects, assymetry and the want to be perfect!
      And then it gives us (well we need to buy) the MACs and Chanels of the world…
      I wouldnt want it anyway else 😉

  5. hey gaea i loved reading your post very detailed review.. :yes: 🙂
    i have oily skin so wil keep myself aside…

  6. Hey Gaea, I liked the way it turned out on your face. :yes: :yes: …dewy appearance….though it might turn oily on my skin 🙁

  7. I know this is an old post but I did want to mention a very important point. This product does have some sun block in it simply because it contains titanium dioxide. Both titanium dioxide & zinc oxide block the sun, as do some plant based oils. However, in order for a company to legally claim their product has ‘SPF’, they must submit it to testing, which can be very expensive. Many companies don’t bother for this reason, unless they wish to market a product as a sun block & be able to claim a specific amount of sun protection factor. It’s really important for women to become much more educated regarding the ingredients in the products they use, as well as some of the basic laws of the countries which companies manufacturer & sell their products in, so they know what they are putting on their skin.

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