M.A.C. More To Love Pro Longwear Lip Pencil Review

By Samrita N.

Ola Bonita Chica’s!

A lip pencil is I think is one of the most underrated cosmetic items. It is such an important accessory in everyone’s make up bag. It makes your lipstick last longer, intensifies the colour of your lipstick and doesn’t let your lipstick bleed out of your natural lip line. One mistake I see commonly made in India is when women line their lips with a darker lip liner than the shade of the lipstick that they’re wearing. It’s such an off putting look! I mean to each his own, but with black lip liner and a deep maroon lipstick on, I don’t think it’s the most flattering look for your lips. I bring to you today a beautiful shade of a MAC lip pencil that will work with several pinks or nudes that are in your makeup bag- enjoy!

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Product description:

Thank you to the MAC gods for inventing the MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencils- this formulation is ultra lip heaven. They are different from the regular lip pencils, in that they are shorter so I am guessing it is less product that we get for the price, but it’s totally worth it! Also the regular Lip Pencils look like regular stationery pencils because the product is made of like brown wood, but these Pro Longwear ones are black so they look very stylish and expensive. The lip pencils are black with a black cap but on the end tip, the pencil is the colour of the shade so it’s easily identified among your stash of lip pencils. This colour on the end is about 1 cm long, so it’s longer than what is usually found on a MAC lip pencil.

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USD 20 or INR 1500 for 1.2 grams

My experience with the M.A.C. More To Love Pro Longwear Lip Pencil :

I am one of those people who have dry lips whether it is the summer or the winter and these lip pencils are nothing but sheer luxury for my type of lips. “More To Love” isn’t what you can label moisturizing but what it has not done is dry my lips out further during its wear time. It’s like you apply this and it doesn’t budge. And its wear time is easily 8-9 hours or longer depending on if you’re going to be eating, drinking or kissing! I can imagine that the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil line is every bride’s dream, layer this under your lipstick and it will last you through that all important day! You’ll be left with picture perfect lips all day. When you apply it, it doesn’t pull or tug at your lips at all, literally just super smoothly gliding on your lips.

This colour is described as an intense bluish pink by MAC and it is definitely very intense (both in terms of colour and lasting power). This colour is almost the exact matte version of ‘Girl About Town’ so layering it under this lipstick just means that your lipstick lasts double the time through you eating and talking. I have even worn this lip pencil by itself with a little lip balm and the pigmentation is so concentrated that it’s lasted me 9 hours with just a slight fade. But because they’ve changed the formulation from the regular lip pencils to make it just stick to your lips and be uber pigmented, it definitely takes a little more cotton and makeup remover to get this off. Your lips will also probably be left stained a little pink after you try to rub it off with remover. Nevertheless people with pigmented or darker lips will love this colour because of its pigmentation. It’s a true pink that’ll shine through.

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You can also wear just this lip liner with a bit of nude lip gloss, and I like pairing it with a golden lip gloss for an Indian function. I love layering it with ‘Impassioned’, ‘Candy Yum Yum’ and ‘Flat Out Fabulous’, it gives so much versatility to my lipsticks and makes my lips look so powerful and out there. You do need to exfoliate your lips, if your lips are dry like mine, before using this product. Otherwise, as you can see in my lip swatches, it does accentuate the dry flakes on my lips, but in no means has it actually caused this flaking. Ultimately, this lip pencil is such an amazing investment because it doesn’t transfer at all and doesn’t dry your lips even though it is so long wearing.

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Pros of M.A.C. More To Love Pro Longwear Lip Pencil :

  • Non-transferring
  • Non-drying
  • Very pigmented
  • Long lasting
  • Can be used alone or with a lip gloss and/or lipstick

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Cons of M.A.C. More To Love Pro Longwear Lip Pencil :

Can’t be back to Mac-ed!

Would I repurchase or recommend the MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil in More To Love?
Yes absolutely, I have repurchased more from this line and encourage you to go try a swatch or two out. It’s a good investment in this colour because it is just so versatile to use by itself or with other pink lipsticks!

IMBB Rating:

Can I give this a 6/5? Haha! It’s for sure surpasses a 5/5 rating!

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