MAC Cham Pale Fix + Lavender, Lip Conditioner, Total Comfort Cream

MAC Cham Pale Collection has come up with  three skin care products skin care products –  MAC Fix + Lavender, MAC Total Comfort Cream, MAC Lip Conditioner Lavender

MAC Fix + Lavender ( Rs 900) If you are a fan of MAC Fix + (atleast I am), then you probably are aware of this product. Read more about it HERE.

The fragrance is a little lavender + a hint of signature MAC Vanilla. I found it a little strong at the first spray but the smell kinda disappeared within seconds. I personally prefer the fresh cucumber smell of the original Fix + spray over the lavender one.  But to each her own. If you like the original fix + spray and you are looking for a change, do check this one out.

mac cham pale skincare

MAC Total Comfort Cream ( Rs 1850 for 50 ml) :

I saw this cream and my first reaction was this was THE cream for my dry skin. It’s quite a thick cream but got absorbed instantly when I applied it on my hands. The best thing was that this was not a perfume (d) cream . It has this soft vanilla fragrance but nothing that would even cringe your nose.

I don’t think this one would work for people with oily skin.

mac cham pale total comfort cream

MAC Lip Conditioner SPF 15 + Lavender ( Rs 780)

It’s the lip conditioner with a hint of vanilla fragrance. It’s colourless and can be applied both underneath your lipsticks or on top of them. Read about MAC tinted Lip Conditioner HERE

mac cham pale lip conditioner

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22 thoughts on “MAC Cham Pale Fix + Lavender, Lip Conditioner, Total Comfort Cream

  1. I think I buy the original only…I read somewhere else also that it might be a little too strong for some people..but then again, my nose is a total waste….so I might like this :toothygrin:

  2. The cream looks like it has some tint in it…grrrrrrrrrr..dry skin dry skin dry skin…stop showing off :spank: :spank: :spank: :spank:

  3. These look nice.. Especially the cream.. But it would have been more useful in the winters.. These must be limited edition na??

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