MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta Review

By Shumayla

So, this is my third eyeliner review in a row. By now you must have understood that I am obsessed with eye makeup. Well, they say eyes are the window to the soul, then why the heck do they not enhance their beauty with all sort of crazy color section that makeup has to offer? Wasn’t that the whole purpose of makeup? Enhancing what already is beautiful? Anyway, let me cut the chase short and tell you which color I am obsessed with right now. Magenta. Yes, folks! Magenta on the EYES! Let us see how I like it.

MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta Review

First, let me tell you what exactly it is. MAC enhanced its chromagraphic pencil collection by coming up with new eye-popping colors. And it is full spectrum. It consists of everything from violet to red. And, it also has an intense black and a crazy optic white. I have picked up two shades from the range; the one I am reviewing today is called Process Magenta.

Price: INR 1400 (I know it is bonkers!)
Product Description:
A creamy, soft-point pencil ideal for use as a liner or to outline and define designs. Provides a bold, intensely smooth application with a well-defined, pigment-rich line.
Safe for contact lens wearers
Dermatologist tested
Ophthalmologist tested

It comes in the usual black colored MAC cardboard box with shade strip printed around it at the end. I threw away the box a long time ago; sorry about that. No worries, though, because the pencil has everything written on it. About the pencil, now the pencil is regular – nothing extraordinary here. This pencil is exactly same as Camlin color pencils. It is made of wood and has a colored cylinder in the center that tapers at the front.

MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta Cap

You can sharpen it, which is a good thing. It has wood, which is not necessarily a good thing. But, it is just me. I prefer pencils with that black stuff around them rather than the ones with wood. It has the brand name, the name of the product embossed in silver, with the shade strip around.

Butter, guys! Butter made of silk, that is the closest I can give you for the texture that this mesmerizing piece of magenta has. But it breaks a little here and there with pressure during application and there you’ll be crying your heart out. The smoothness of the texture makes the application really easy. No tugging or pulling whatsoever.
Although MAC calls it Process Magenta I think it is more of a true pink with strong yellow undertones than Magenta. The texture is neither shimmery nor matte. It has a very light faint gloss that keeps it from becoming too flat. You can easily use it as a lip-liner. Although when I use it on the lips it seems a little hard for some reason.

MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta

My Experience with MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta:

I have been using the eyeliner for around two weeks. I tried it as an eyeliner, a lip liner and a blush. 😀 I must say this is a winner. I have light brown eyes and I feel it would look fantastic on eyes like mine or on those which are on the lighter side. Although do try out on dark eyes and let me know. I would love to hear your views.

MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta Tip

The texture is pretty smooth and so is the application as aforementioned. It is not very long-lasting, stays on my eyes for around 4 hours and, boy, it is so-not water resistant. It bleeds; bleeds like there is no tomorrow. Good news is it does not sting at all when applied as an eyeliner. However, there is some tugging when applied on the lips. I really don’t understand why, given the smoothness of the texture. It has fantastic pigmentation – one swipe and you’re done.

MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta Swatch

When applied as a blush, it gives a very light natural pinkish blush, which I feel would look marvelous on ladies with pink undertones. Just apply it to your cheeks and blend it with fingers. I feel the warmth of the fingers does wonders when applying cream products and this one is no exception. Usually, I cringe at spending a bomb on an eyeliner that does not have an all-occasion color but this is a multipurpose pencil, so really no issues there.

MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta Eye Makeup

MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta EOTD

Pros of MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta:

• Multipurpose
• Crazy pigmentation
• Texture is to die for
• Buttery application
• Pretty shade

Cons of MAC Chromographic Pencil Process Magenta:

• Tugs during application
• Bleeds
• Does not last long
• Not universally flattering

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

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