MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Review

MAC Prep+Prime Transparent Powder Review

This blog goes for Priya, Rashmi and Lavanya [hope I didn’t miss anyone] who have been waiting patiently all these days. Sorry guys my baby shower followed by my sickness did hold me from writing this review.

Now coming to the review directly, when my sis got this the SA has suggested to use this powder after applying foundation and before using the compact but I tried it in all ways I can.

MAC Prep + Prime Powder
MAC Prep + Prime Powder

I used it in the following ways

  • Foundation + MAC Prep and Prime + Compact
  • Foundation + Compact + MAC Prep and Prime
  • Foundation + MAC Prep and Prime
  • Moisturizer + MAC Prep and Prime
  • Bare face + MAC Prep and Prime

And this worked fine in all ways I have mentioned!!!!!!

I was a bit skeptic when I saw the color so I always made sure I take only a little amount and it blends so well with my skin leaving no whitish shade. Once I was confident about this I started using this without hesitating even a bit and taking the right amount required for my face and neck.

MAC Prep + Prime Translucent POwder
MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

This is a loose powder and I mean really loose, ya it just flies when I open the lid. There is a sticker once you open the lid. Thank God I didn’t open it completely, otherwise I would have lost half of the powder already. Every time I use it I make sure only my AC is on and not the fan. Also I didn’t throw the sticker, I just peel little and close it whenever needed.

This is really soft on my skin and never had any problem with this one. I just dab a little more on my T-zone and it completely sets my make up. I think people with oily skin [Priya are you listening] must go for this one. If you think your make up leaves your skin cakey in a while then this is a must have product for you.

Priced at Rs.1250 in India. If you are prepared to get a MAC product then I think you should be prepared for this price as well. This is one product that will suit all skin types and colors, is what I feel. I tried it on my mum and my friend who have different skin types and colors and it looked perfect on them too. Anyways if you are not so sure you can try it before you decide to buy it for yourself.

This is not a product you cannot live without but at the same time if you have this you can be more confident about your make up through out the day. So think guys 😉 Am I tempting you too much 😉

MAC Prep + Prime Translucent POwder
MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder

What I like about MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder?

  • It is very sheer and light once applied on the skin.
  • Compact and easy to be carried around in handbags.
  • Easily available in all MAC stores.
  • Can be used alone or even with any foundation or compact. You can work it your own way depending upon the occasion and it just works fine in all ways.
  • One powder suits all.
  • Sets the make up perfectly.
  • Lasts long enough so that I hardly think of any touch – ups.
  • Perfect setting powder I have even come across, especially for the ones with oily skin.

What I don’t like about this MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder?

MAC Prep + Prime Translucent POwder
MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing powder
  • Mac has not provided any applicator with this powder. For the price they could have provided a decent applicator. So now I am in search of an applicator that could be carried along with this powder.
  • Since it is very powdery, it easily flies if the sticker in the lid is removed. So one has to be really very careful while using this if you are traveling or if your fan is on. This is a disturbing factor for me.
  • Could have given more quantity for the price [also for the fact anyone who uses it first will lose some amount by letting the powder fly ;)] as I use it regularly these days and I am not being very generous fearing it might get over soon. lol 😉

My Rating – :-* :-*:-*:-*

Would I Repurchase – Might be, as I don’t have an oily skin I don’t really need this one in that aspect. But just as a face powder ya I like it a lot, again the price makes me a bit hesitating. For the time being I am very much happy with what my compact does.

Or as I have spent a lot recently I am hesitating so much, so by the time I finish this and if it has been a long time since I got any such products [hope that happens some day] then I would just blindly go for it 😉


75 thoughts on “MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder Review

  1. ohhh i so much wanted to read this thanks sweetie:) and i liked how u used it all the best ways possible that was much easier for me to decide:)
    i agree there should be a small applicator with this one 🙂
    i bought MUFE HD micro finishing powder few days back but will take time to reach … till then i think i must see this one 🙂 and was there any expiry date?? just curious 🙂
    now i wish i have a baby shower i mean first preggie then baby shower then baby girl of course:) greedy is my second name 🙁
    and how r u now ??? i mean ur fever ?

  2. Aarthi I don’t think most loose powder come with applicators. Do they? I totally love my TBS loose powder but I am really bored with it now. Sigh! So much to finish up yet. 😛

    But I will pick this up next for sure. And that white powder looks quite pure and soothing. 😛

    1. Oh you planning to finally purchase all things from your “wish book” tomorrow? :laugh:

      And Aarthi said she won’t be doing hauls anytime soon. Now I want to wait and watch. :evilgrin:

      1. I think I’m gonna stop reading blogs here… My wish list is getting bigger on a daily basis :-((

        Is my company reading this??? “I need more salary to buy what these ppl review here ” 😀

  3. Hey! Arthi,
    I totally agree with you on the fact that this stuff completely sets your make up. I have this but maatching to my skintone… 🙂

  4. :chic: 😎 😀 :drool: :hypnotized: All this was my reaction when I saw the Title. Thank you so much for the review Aarthi. This looks similar to Kryolan’s HD Silk powder. By any chance is MAC one smelling of rice powder ? Kryolan silk powder did definitely smell like one. I was contemplating whether to get the powder or the Prep and Prime Liquid with SPF 50. I have decided to go ahead with the liquid itself .

    1. You know lavanya I am also planning to purchase that but now since winters are approaching here I am wondering whether I would really need a primer…?:-)

  5. U can go Sans Makeup too Rati. :-)) U have such a wonderful skin :yes: ….

    BTW did you use mineralize skinfinish natural to set your mineralize SPF for that snap in the Mineralize SPF post. Is this also the same shade as mineralize Skinfinish Natural Medium Dark

  6. This is also a cult product of MAC na….you girls…Aarthi, Rashmi n Rajol are gng to make me go brankrupt with all ur MAC reviews n comments :struggle:

    Dont need a loose powder right now but I’ll keep this in mind atleast

  7. Very nice review Aarthi, I currently wear Vichy dermablend setting powder, as its more of a medical line of product (my skin is sometimes insanely allergic) i am satisfied with it, but its not something that awe oneself. They claims that it withstand perspiration, bathing and rubbing as i have comb/oily skin i find it to be rather the truth. How long does MAC’s one lasts for you?

      1. Oh Aarthi, I would love to attend a request of yours 🙂 I will try to write a review on Vichy products i own, as they do not have a very long make up range, i find the foundations to be very good.

  8. HEy Aarthi, nice review as always….

    Btw, if I have to buy one product from MAC for setting face makeup, which would be the best- Sheer pressed powder, Mineralize skinfinish or this setting powder???? 😕 😕

    Rati, want your inputs too!!! You know, I am jotting down the shopping list for december… 😀 😀

    1. Mrunmayee, all three are fab stuff.

      Here is a little difference I see based on the reviews:

      Sheer Powder : Great for touch ups, can carry around but can’t be worn on its own.
      MSF : Great for setting, touch ups or just wearing on its own. Can carry around but would need a separate brush and mirror. Gives a soft glow to face.
      Loose powder : Awesome for setting makeup or putting it underneath your eyes while doing eye makeup. Can’t carry around with you. But this would be fab for photos especially.

            1. good for you. Everyone must be so happy around you. These days all I get to hear from everyone is that we must plan. For some reason everyone says this to me only and not to my hubby.. 😕

  9. Not getting married in Dec Aarthi.. D-day is 12 june..

    Am going to Delhi in Dec for Ki’s wedding and some MAC raiding…

  10. Okz…. Will try all of them at the store in Dec….

    My only cncern with this, is tat I already have a dry skin.. So maybe i can get the dewy, glowy finish with skinfinish better… What say??

  11. Hey thank you so much for all ur reviews..amazing and the best thing is that u give for indian skin types which we dont find much on net..thank you and keep helping ppl like me 🙂

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