MAC Primed for Perfection Collection Photos, Swatches

MAC Primed for Perfection Collection Photos, Swatches

MAC primed for perfection collection includes a Vibrancy Eye Primer and three Prep & Prime Highlighters. One of the highlighter is not launched here. These are going to be part of MAC permanent line.

mac primed for perfection collection


mac primed for perfection collection photos

MAC Prep and prime Vibrancy  ( Rs 1600) is a light cream meant for under eye area. It has very fine shimmer in it that would help in reflecting light and diffusing the appearance of fine lines. It disappears in skin within seconds without making effort. It is a light pinky cream and blends transparent. it just adds a little luminosity to the under eye area.





flash swatch


blended swatch eye primer

Prep and Prime highlighters ( Rs 1,250) are thin creamy textured creams in lemony yellow, coral and peach color. The coral color in this range is not launched here as yet. These are best worn on top of the vibrancy primer. These highlighters would help in brightening the under eye area. They reminded me of MAC Moisture Cover Concealer from MAC Mickey Contractor Collection. These would work in a similar way. The coverage I found was semi opaque so I don’t think they’d work on heavy dark circles. They are best used as highlighters after you have done  concealing.

They are in the form of clickable pen brushes.

  • Light Boost Soft yellow cream
  • Bright Forecast Mid-tone peachy coral
  • Radiant Rose Light shell pink



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18 thoughts on “MAC Primed for Perfection Collection Photos, Swatches

  1. help me here rati…why would u use prep and prime for undereye ?? is that alone enough or is it to make nice surface for the concealer

    1. it would make nice surface for your concealer. like it would add hydration, would reduce puffiness and diffuses the appearance of fine lines. you ahve used mac fast response cream? is something like that.. bt better kinds. you def try it for day before picking it up. 🙂

    1. hmmm.. actually na when there would be need for such products you;d probably want to check them out particularly. otherwise these could be easily skipped. 🙂

  2. what are these primers highlighter or concealers?? highllighter and concealer mix hai toh samjhe.. but primer? ?:) ?:) ?:) has no connection.. im so confused.. i thought they would be actual primers..!! but seem like fancily named highlighters :stars: :stars: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle:

  3. My under eye concealer tends to crease when I sweat, I’ll look around for reviews on the vibrancy primer. Who knows, might be worth it :methinks:

  4. They don’t seem very attractive like ‘makeup’ generally but I guess they’ll do wonders to the staying power and overall effect of the base!

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