Makeup Academy Let’s Meet Sheer Lip Gloss Review

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After Makeup Revolution London Baby Try Lip Gloss, I am back again with a lip-gloss review. This one is from Makeup Academy and it’s a nude beige lip-gloss. Read on the review to know more.

Product Description:
A moisturizing sheer lip-gloss in eight wearable shades with just a touch of sheer color for an irresistible shine in a squeezable tube applicator to provide a smooth and easy application with a sweet scent.

Makeup Academy Let's Meet Sheer Lip Gloss  (4)

Price: INR 600

Shelf Life: 3 years


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My Experience With Makeup Academy Let’s Meet Sheer Lip Gloss:

MUA makeup academy sheer lip-glosses come in about eight different shades. Each lip-gloss has been named cheekily like – Happy days, Can’t stop, Too much fun, Perk me up, Lets meet etc. 😀 Most of the shades are lighter in color and lives up to it’s claim of sheer color and irresistible shine.

Makeup Academy Let's Meet Sheer Lip Gloss Review

Color and texture: I’ve been loving nude shades and nude makeup for a long time. Nude lipsticks and glosses go perfectly with smokey black eye makeup. I went on to order this one for the very reason for it’s a pretty nude beige shade. The texture of the gloss is perfect too. It isn’t that watery yet feels very light on lips. Also when applied on lips it does not feel greasy or sticky.

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Packaging: The packaging of the product is very convenient and easily fits in my makeup pouch occupying very less space. It comes in a squeeze tube with a white color flat tip in the end. This one has got looks of any general lip balm that comes in a form of tube. The body of the lip-gloss is transparent in the middle and you can easily detect the color of gloss by the cover itself. The logo on the body and cap are black in color. As it comes in the form of a tube, it can easily be applied and the product stays in hygienic condition.

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Overall, it’s a beautiful shade with sheer and shine in it. The shine of the gloss looks amazing leaving your lips look glossier. It has a very mild sweet smell and smells really good. It glides on the lips easily and smoothly giving you an instant color. You can apply the lip-gloss two ways as desired. One, which looks lighter in one go of the application and second, which looks darker with two coats. It moisturizes the lips as well. However, for me it lasted only for two hours and not more than that. The color of the gloss fades completely after few hours leaving a transparent shine on lips. I wish the company mentioned the color of the lip-gloss on its packaging as it would have been convenient for the buyers to select a particular shade for themselves. As many of the Indian customers order these products online they will only know the correct shade of the product after they receive it. Only a review of the product can help.

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Moving on to its Pros and Cons…

Pros Of MUA Makeup Academy Sheer Finish Let’s Meet Lip Gloss:

• Perfect beige color
• Glides easily and smoothly
• Doesn’t feel heavy
• Smooth texture
• Tube Packaging
• Sheer color
• Mild sweet smell
• Doesn’t feel sticky
• Shine that makes it even more glossier
• Squeezable tube for easy application

Cons of MUA Makeup Academy Sheer Finish Let’s Meet Lip Gloss:

• Staying power
• Not that pigmented
• The color fades after few hours
• Description of shade of lip gloss isn’t provided
• Need to apply two coats for actual color


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Would I recommend Makeup Academy Let’s Meet Sheer Lip Gloss ?
Go for this if you are a die-hard fan of nude lip-glosses or lipsticks. Only because it’s a pretty beige shade. But you would have to apply the gloss every two hours, as it doesn’t stay for a long time. If not you still have better shades and lip glosses from other brands to choose from.

IMBB Rating: 3.7/5

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  1. I like both of the glosses that you have reviewed Sumera. As Neha said, this one will look gooood with all lipsticks. 🙂

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