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Dorothy Asks:

I am from Chennai.My engagement is next week on the 29th December, we are having it at my Fiance’s place at Pune (Viman Nagar). I would like to ask IMBB where can I go to get my makeup done?? I am not a makeup person and use only basic Garnier cream, kajal and lip gloss so if I want a proper makeup for the engagement where is the best place to get it done as in which Beauty Parlour…
P.S. Only the two families are going to be present for the engagement, its a small family affair, for pics atleast I need to doll up… Help Pls… Thanks 🙂


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  1. hey dorothy….search for ‘nik’s salon’ online n talk to a guy named nikhil. he is located at FC road n he is really good with his work.
    also there is a makeup artist on MG road. dont remember her name but the salon is called Voodoo. she is also very good with the makeup…

  2. Hi,

    Can anyone suggest me the best parlor for bridal make up in Pune? I want a natural look which looks simply beautiful and not the over done look…


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