Luxyhair: Youtube Hairstyle Gurus

Luxyhair:  Youtube Hairstyle Gurus

Luxyhair Youtube Hairstyle Gurus

You know, there was a time, when I would flip through magazines and spend a lot of time figuring out the hairstyles of models and celebrities, but not anymore. I have got all the answers for my hairstyling doubts from Leyla and Mimi, two sisters, who have completely bowled me over. I can’t thank them enough for showing me through their videos that hairstyling is not that tough. Leyla and Mimi are two very pretty and gorgeous sisters who take turns making videos on hairstyling and hair-related stuff on their youtube channel Luxyhair. I love watching their videos because they demonstrate easy, uncomplicated hairstyles that you can wear to school/college, a wedding, even to a corporate event or meeting. They don’t confuse you with long-drawn methods of hairstyling or annoying and jarring background music. Instead, Leyla and Mimi make videos in high definition and in the beginning, you can see a cute prologue kind of thing where you can see how the look will actually end up.

Each of the hairstyles that Leyla and Mimi demonstrate can be done by yourself without any help and that too within minutes. Also, it is worth checking out Leyla and Mimi’s outfits, nail polish shades, eye makeup, lipsticks, and what not.  They are total eye candies!  They explain everything so well and it is easy to understand and follow what they are saying. They talk to the point and there is no prolonged introductions, they come directly to the hairstyle.

They begin the video by describing the tools that would be needed for a particular look. Basic styling tools like curler, straightener, hair grasps, brushes, clips, hair spray, heat protectant, and some bobby pins are all that are required to achieve their hairstyles.

For most videos, they choose to use their luxy hair extensions which they ship worldwide, but these hairstyles can be made on natural hair too.

They share useful tips like how you can add volume by teasing the hair or tips such as to brush hair before curling each section of the hair. They even point out that it is important to slowly release the styled curls from the curler.  You would love watching and trying simple and easy hairstyles such as the wrap-around hair band hairstyle. Their USP is that they make videos of wearable hair styles, which you can wear to a friend’s wedding or while shopping at a grocery store.

Oh, and also in some of the videos, you can see their pet cat sleeping on the bed.  There are a total of 181 videos uploaded till now and here are some of my favourites, though I would have liked to show you the entire lot of 181 videos; however, that’s not possible, so that’s why here are some of my picks.

  • Cute and Easy Summer Up-Do:

This video is by Leyla. This is such an awesome hair style.  This is a Roman kind of a hairstyle each one of us would have tried at one point, but most of us would have been unsuccessful, at least I couldn’t.  Here you can learn easily how you can achieve such a hairstyle using a simple hair band.  Take a look at the video, don’t you want to recreate the hairstyle. All you need for this look is a headband….isn’t that cool?

  • Braided Headband

Easy Back-To-School Hairstyles

Three simple hairstyles that you can wear even to work.   These are easy hairstyles that do not require much time.

The Luxy Show – Ep. 5

Sometimes both the sisters come together and it’s a double treat. They talk about weather and their fashion choices and fashion trends.  They talk about fashion and what is appropriate to wear for a particular season. It is very difficult for me to tell them apart, I can tell them apart by their voices 😛

  • Cute Summer Half Up, Half Down Hairstyle

Though they use hair styles on hair extensions, they use their real hair too for tutorials. Love this hair style, I could wear it each day of my life. They show a lot of options for wavy/curly hair.

  • Kim Kardashian Inspired Bohemian Hairstyle

This video’s prologue is shot outdoors, what a beautiful video.   A must-watch for all Kim Kardarshian fans including me.

  • Kim Kardashian Inspired High Ponytail

Another Kim Kardashian video that shows how to create a poof inspired by the reality star. Do not miss the makeup and accessories.

  • French Twist Hair Tutorial

    Love this video, the music, the hairstyle, and everything about it!

  • Super Easy Braided Ponytail

Every fashionista worth her salt should try this.  This is again an everyday hairstyle.

  • Crisscross “Ponytail” Hairstyle

Its such a cool hairstyle and again easy to recreate.

  • Sleek and Sexy Fall Hairstyle:

This is for girls who like their hair straight and sleek. I never thought it was this easy to achieve this look.

You can catch up with Luxy hair sisters on their facebook account here and you can check out their web page here.

I know all of you would agree with me that Leyla and Mimi are a treat to watch and unduplicable. I would just sum up both of them with one word “awesome.”

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26 thoughts on “Luxyhair: Youtube Hairstyle Gurus

  1. Hey! I love LuxyHair tutorials… 🙂 and the way they say “Hi! my beautiful friends” 😀 😀
    I discovered their videos on youtube few months ago and have been downloading all my favorite ones!! Their channel is a godsend!!

  2. i loveeeee luxyhair… 🙂 their videos look so posh and elegant.. i like the braided ponytail from gossip girl…their videos would be awesome for manageable medium length hair.. they also use lots of extensions….u should look at their organic braid.. its fun..nice post..

  3. i really like these two sisters but when i started to hear alot of shady and negativ things about them i kind of dnt like the as much anymore 🙁 always make your researches before purchasing their hair 🙂 a tip from me

    1. Sahar even I have heard bad stuff from some corners, but I think there is no harm in watching the wonderful tutorials and learning 🙂

  4. yehhh!!! i too follow them. their jessica alba inspired hairlook is also awesome.. i do it quite often now esp when hanging out with friends..

  5. they are just awesome… Spcly mimi… And i also love the makeup tutorials which leyla does on their second channel

  6. Wow..I so needed this post Jomol!! Thanksssss *puchchi* U know yesterday only I tried my hand at self french braid 😉 😉

  7. i have been following them regularly since few months
    they even have a makeup channel named everythingluxy
    and agreed der videos are made so professionally yet as dey are made on self dey r easy to learn.

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