Vega Professional Makeup Brushes PB08 and PB15 Review

Vega Professional Makeup Brushes – PB08 and PB15 Review

Since the release of Vega Professional brushes, I wanted to try those brushes.  It’s available in most of the online cosmetic stores. So, I bought it from an e-shopping site.  I am a makeup novice, so didn’t want to splurge too much too early. Vega regular brushes were not looking good and I needed better options. Then, I saw their professional brushes. I have only a few eye brushes, which are only just average type.  I wanted some good eye brushes and I thought to try some from the Vega professional range.

Vega offers:

  • Contour Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Concealer Brush
  • Lip Liner
  • Lip Filler
  • Eye Shadow
  • Pan Cake Brush (Round)
  • Angular Blender
  • Powder Brush
  • Pan Cake brush (Flat)
  • Buffer Brush
  • Deer Foot
  • Blush Brush
  • Eye Brush
  • Eye Brush
  • Liner Brush
  • Foundation Brush
  • Eye Smudger
  • Vega Professional Makeup Brushes Pb08 and Pb15 Review

    Vega Make Up Professional Angular Blender PB-08

    Product Description:

    Use this brush with eyebrow pencil to fill in spaces that are created with uneven growth. The slanted shape of the brush has been designed to give the perfect slant to the eyebrow shape.



    Vega makeup brush

    My Experience with Vega Professional PB08 :

    I wanted a good brush to apply cream eyeliners and gel eyeliners. Vega professional angular blender was the primary choice (there were not much choices anyway). It works perfectly as an eyeliner brush for both cream and gel eyeliners. It can be also used to dab eye shadow, when you draw thin lines with your eyeliner. Vega mentioned its use for eyebrows, but anyhow I never used this brush for eyebrows, maybe you could.

    Pros of Vega Professional Brush – PB08:

    • It works perfectly as an eyeliner brush.
    • No shedding of bristles.
    • Bristles are really soft and never caused any irritation.
    • Handle looks very classy.
    • Pretty affordable (especially when you buy it online).

    Cons of Vega Professional Brushes – PB08:

    It’s easily available on e-shopping sites, but not in the stores. I see their regular range in almost every cosmetic shop, but not the professional range. Girls who don’t prefer online shopping can’t get these easily.  I don’t have any other issue with this brush; it works the way I want.

    IMBB Rating:


    Vega Professional Eye Brush PB15:

    Product Description:

    This Round Contour Brush is used for eye shadows and is a perfect blend of sable and goat hair.



    My Take on Vega Professional Makeup Brush – PB15:

    I wanted a blending brush and this one looked promising. I have seen similar shaped eye brushes in Rati’s reviews, so decided to give it a shot and that was a perfect decision you see. I am so happy that I bought this brush. It’s a perfect brush for blending eye shadows. It’s been nearly a month I got this, and there was not a single day when I didn’t use it. It’s my favorite brush among my makeup brushes. I don’t own MAC or Sigma brushes, so I can’t compare it. Individually, I am completely satisfied this product and would love to buy it again and again. The only negative I felt is that it sheds its bristles; not too much, but after every wash it does shed; I wash my eye brushes 2 or 3 times in a week.

    Pros of Vega Professional Makeup Brush – PB15:

    • It works amazingly well, can be used for blending and creasing of eye shadows.
    • It has soft bristles and it won’t hurt the delicate eyelids.
    • It picks the right amount of eye shadow, which is one of its best parts.
    • It has a classy handle.
    • It’s not overpriced.

    Cons of Vega Professional Makeup Brush – PB15:

    • It sheds a bit, not too much, but still it was not expected from a professional range.

    IMBB Rating:


    Final Verdict:

    Vega Professional Range offers pretty affordable makeup brushes of good quality. The handles of Vega Professional range are very elegant, but I don’t see this range in normal cosmetic stores, where the regular Vega brushes are available. So girls who don’t find online shopping so convenient, might face a difficulty to get their hands on these. If you are into online shopping, try it.

    vega 3

    Have you ever used Vega Professional brushes? If yes, please share it with us.

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32 thoughts on “Vega Professional Makeup Brushes PB08 and PB15 Review

  1. Nyc review Visakhi 🙂 I too think Vega Prof range offers good brushes for novices like us O:) So which u got them from? I think UT also has them and they r fab in super fast delivery :yahoo: :thumbsup: :yahoo:

    1. :thanks: Tara.. i liked their professional range… i bought it from violetbag, they have better collection of vega proffesional range than UT

  2. aww!! good you picked up these brushes. They are definitely a must have in a brush collection. and what’s better than the fact that they work perfectly. :))

    1. Thanks to you Rati, Based on ur tutorials and videos i choose my brushes. Infact i am planning to buy more, was going through ur reviews so tht i can pick up similar ones.. :blush:

    1. exactly nids.. I want to try Mac and sigma, Bt before tht i want to learn abt using these brushes. It gave me a good start.. 🙂

      1. Me three.. :toothygrin: .. i am also buying one more of this, so tht i can use this brush to work with different colors… O:) .. i loved PB-15

  3. Hey nice brushes Visakahi.. I however love the lip brush from vega :love: . it is reversable and can be easily carried in the purse :pompom: :pompom: . i am so much in love it that i ended up buying 2 of them one for the dresses and one to be in my purse always :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. Nice review,Visakhi! :thumbsup: :teddy: I’m definitely getting some of the brushes from this range soon. :specs:
    Soon being a relative term. 😐

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