Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment – Liquid Gold Review

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment – Liquid Gold Review

By Gurdeep Tak

Hi Girls,

I am here with another product review and I am so excited to show you guys this gorgeous cruelty-free Makeup Geek pigment in Liquid Gold. I have been shopping Makeup Geek products for a while now, since they have almost exact dupes of MAC eyeshadows at half of the price. I stepped a little out of my comfort zone to try pigments, and this is literally my first pigment ever.  When I was browsing, my eyes landed on this beautiful metallic mustardy-gold color, and I did not think twice before buying it.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment Liquid Gold





Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment Liquid Gold


Unfortunately, I am going to start with the biggest con about this product. This product comes in a similar container that most pigments from different brands come in. I hate the packaging, as it’s awfully messy and wastes a lot of product (bummer). But it is kind of my fault since they do sell pigment sifters along with pigments, but I did not think I would have needed it. The product is a hassle when opening and closing, you would need to be extra careful. But honestly, the packaging wouldn’t stop me from buying more pigments.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment Liquid Gold

The Makeup Geek brand is so affordable compared to MAC when most of their products are similar in terms of pigmentation and quality. Since I always wanted a custom palette of my own choice of colors, I am really looking forward completing my collection of eyeshadows. I recently discovered the pigments and at $6.99 each, it’s such a big bang for your buck.


The product is beyond smooth, it glides on effortlessly, as it is extremely soft. Like its name, it literally looks like liquid, but in powder form, if that makes sense. It’s crazily pigmented, even with a microscope,you won’t be able to find a spot that didn’t get covered in pigment. I know this might sound like I’m buttering this Makeup Geek pigment, but it seriously deserves all the compliments.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment Liquid Gold


The color is what really attracted me to buy it, which is a rich mustardy yellow gold, compared to the other Makeup Geek pigments this was the brightest. I think this pigment will be too dramatic for everyday wear, but great for a pop of color. I wore it as an eyeliner with a flat-angled brush for a precise line from the inner corner to mid- lid and from inner corner to bottom mid- waterline. At the end of the day, this pigment really stays put, does not fade or slide around. Taking off is simple too, you don’t need to tug or rub, it comes off easily.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment Liquid Gold

What I love about it is that no one can tell if it was pencil or liquid eyeliner or an eyeshadow. I think it would also look amazing in the inner corner along with a dark green (Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Envy) or navy blue eyeshadow for a night out. You can make it look a little more everyday wearable, if you dab it in the center of your eyelid for subtle definition. The color I bought brings a lot of attention to the eyes which makes it great for partying and family functions.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment Liquid Gold

Overall, I love this pigment, besides the packaging, everything is fabulous from pigmentation to finish to texture to color. If you can handle such a bright color on your eyes, then definitely go for it, you won’t regret it.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment Liquid Gold

Pros of Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment – Liquid Gold:

  • Pigmentation.
  • Color.
  • Texture/formulation.
  • Price.

Cons of Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pigment – Liquid Gold:

  • Packaging (buy a shifter).

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  1. cruelty free *happydance* i did watch some makeup geek videos in youtube and was really amazed at the colour payoff …. her eyeshadows also look amazing… and Gurdeep ur brows *woot* such well kept brows!!!

  2. You have such pretty your color selection is so unique and cool.. love love love the shade.. i am not into pigments a lot but i am thinking of trying them out 🙂

  3. Omg *woot* *woot* *woot* what a beautiful pigment *woot* and I looove how it looks on you! it’s beautiful! *jai ho* you have done an amazing job with the EOTD *jai ho* *jai ho*

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