Makeup Haul Based on IMBB Recommendations

My very first IMBB almost-haul


I’ve been on IMBB for exactly one month now, and it was time to be inspired by you beautiful ladies out there , and go ahead and buy myself some products that I’ve been hearing lots about, strike a few items off my ‘wishlist’. I’ve been reading reviews and reading comments from people at IMBB and I made a wish list, some normal stuff some a li’l luxurious. I wouldn’t call this trip ‘pampering’ myself, because it is actually a necessity. I’m on a limited budget every month (pocket moneyyyyy !! ), so I tried to get best value for money thingys. Today I went shopping, didn’t plan to go to the makeup shop, but I saw one li’l shop so I decided to go and see if they have any good things. These are the products I bought and ALL were reviewed or atleast mentioned and raved on IMBB.
Thank you soooooooooooooo much ladies, I’m enjoying my time on IMBB a lot and I’m enjoying these products a lot, I hope in a few years, I can afford all the goody goody stuff, but till then my wishlist will be in making!!

VOV nail paints for Black and Pink Nail Art by Deepika

VOV Nail Paints
VOV Nail Paints

I already tried nail art once, but it came out horrible, and the colour combi was weird, it was maroon and light orangish-pink, tomorrow I’m going to try black and pink . 🙂

Veet Waxing Strips Reviewed by Sush

Veet Strips
Veet Strips

Lotus Lip Balm – Fruity Fusion

Every one on IMBB is crazzzyyyyy about LOTUS, esp its lip balms. I’m very ashamed to admit that I had never heard about this brand till I came to IMBB :-O but now I’m going to use it regularly, I’m luuuuuuurving this lip balm, its pale pink in colour and it smells like strawberries, tastes very fruity and looks AWESOME !!!

Lotus lIp Balm
Lotus lIp Balm
Lotus lIp Balm
Lotus lIp Balm

Ok no one has reviewed this kajal (Mumtaz Kajal) , but this kajal is simply amazing. I used this kajal years ago and kind of forgot about it, but suddenly I remembered about it, I couldn’t find it in any shops.

Mumtaz Kajal
Mumtaz Kajal
Mumtaz Kajal
Mumtaz Kajal

I mentioned it to Gia and Janhavi, and Janhavi gave me its website and said its very common, toh I started asking in shops again and I found it !! It comes in different flavours, this blue one is camphor and is extremely cooling. Every one please try this , it just rocks, it comes with a stick for application which makes it very easy to apply.

Next on my wish list-

  • Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara
  • VLCC Kajal
  • Fab India orange facial spray, rose spray, coral glow pack, tea tree face wash


54 thoughts on “Makeup Haul Based on IMBB Recommendations

  1. Hey Smita am so glad you found the kajal :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: where did you find it if I may ask ???? Thats a lovely haul you got there – am itching to get my hands on the lotus lip balm tooo :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. I wasn’t planning on going shopping, i just saw this displayed in a small cosmetic shop near my house, and just jumped at the opportunity.. now i totally believe you, that its commonly available, i wonder why i found it hard to get before..

      1. Smita-A friend of mine has given me white tube one is it the same.when she gave me this i imm rushed to imbb blog to chk the review whether good or bad sorry for the late topic discussion.its said that it contains a kajal also free with that but that smells horrible… lemme know pls…. 🙂

    1. no morning Ratidooooooo – here is 5:00 in the evening – me woke up at at 2:00 in the afternoon 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

      That Mumtaz kajal is the beees kneees Im telling u !!! Smita – do a review :laugh:

  2. hey gals..has anyone here shopped anything from ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) I am planning to place some order there.. 🙂 …. One Bourjois eyeshadow duo pack and calvin klein mascara!! Some excellent offers are going on and they are giving some nice maxfactor and stila freebies too!! :clap: :dance: :clap: :dance:

        1. OMG!! 😯 ..So many bad reviews!! :-(( …I think I just got saved from making an absolute fool of myself!! .. :-/ :-/ :-/ …So sad!! people having such bad experiences about the website!! :-(..Though some are happy..but I guess these are people all over world talking here..and not only from India!!!

          1. Cali and Insiya,

            Take this with a pinch of salt because different people might have different experience. This is just one thing we found about them…..

  3. Hey Smita nice haul !!!

    Can someone please tell me how to write/post a blog on IMBB. I have recently joined the makeup bandwagon on IMBB.

  4. hi, im neha, firstly id like to say this blog is superb! works realy well for indians. as a makeup-freak i used to hunt all u tube videos etc , loved them but it was all by firangs and many things that suit them dont suit us… though i learnt a lot of techniques from there one day i ended up typing ‘makeup for indians or some such and stumbled upon this blog!!!
    and i must say im lovin it!!! i used to be addicted to facebook before , everday after colg i used to come home and open my homepage-“facebook”

    now every day i come home and open my hotmail account in anticipation for a new post on IMBB! lol! a i said, im loving it!!

    wat i love abt this blog is that there is so much of detailed description , to the ‘T’ , how makeup wie every one is here and ofcourse ‘the great great friendship and chemistry that all of u share!!”

    initialy i refrained from commenting wondering wud anyone talk to me? im only 21 and everyone is already frnds here… but gradually i came to realise ppl here are from every age groups and diffrnt parts of coutry/world and everyone is warmly welcomed here…

    so from now on i decided il comment here too 😉 i wanted to do a lot of reviews and makeup look but id require time to click upload research etc, hence iv decided il start trying reviews after my colg gets done in feb! i have a graduating fashon show in feb.. 🙂 after dat i get my social life back lol and wudnt wait one day to start preparing on looks and reviews…
    pheww… i hope i dint bore anyone!
    cheers to imbb, teh friendship here and last but not the least , cheers to makeup!! 😀

    1. Hi Neha,

      Welcome to IMBB. :)) I am so out of words right now. Just that cheers to MAKEUP. Glad to have you here.
      :hugleft: :hugleft: :hugleft: :hugleft:

  5. gee thanx… 😀
    just 2 things i wanted to ask,
    how do i upload my real pic for the thumbnail net to my name ?
    and would i get any e-mail notification if anyone comments back to whichever posts i comment on? or i have to directly look up a post?
    thnx 🙂

    1. Even though this isn’t my blog , i was soo happy and so proud to read that. Welcome to IMBB Neha, don’t worry about the age \ background or anything dear, we’re all just ‘make up freaks’ here. I’m kinda new to IMBB too, just 2 months old. 🙂 I’m addicted to this site too, and i come here every single day :D:D When i first came here, even i was a bit apprehensive, cuz these freakos would talk in lingo that i couldn’t understand :P:P In fact, i’m still learning, i was just asking Rati today morning , what does this mean n all, its a long process 😉 And yeah its true, some people here are sooo close, its soo sweet.
      About your questions – upload your real pic here – , use the email id you used here and upload any pic you want.
      There are no notifications about reply to comments, you will have to check the post. The most recent comments are posted on the right side of the screen.

  6. hi, im a 23 year old from new delhi, just graduated as a medical doctor. i love this site its a huge help to me personally. also, i’d like to write under women’s health, beauty and make-up. how do i go about it?

  7. my lips hav gone dark as i was sufferin from sum disease fr whic m undergoin an ayurvedic treatment meanwhile i wud lyk u 2 sugest :idk: me a lip lightenin balm 2 solve ma problem faster

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