Gold Jewellery Haul

Gold Jewellery Haul

Gold Jewellery Haul

My sister came down for a short holiday and we both went gold shopping hopping. The gold rates this past week  hovered around 28,000 per 10 grams and we thought this was the best time to buy gold before the festive season in India takes the gold rates to new highs.  We did buy quite a few things.  Showing you what all we bought.  We bought gold majorly from Malabar Gold and Joy Alukkas (for people in Hyderabad, Joy Alukkas has much better collection).  Malabar Gold is running schemes with only 4%, 6%, 7% making charge rates to attract customers, but that is bullshit because when you go there, you would not find a single piece of jewellery in the 4% making charge range.  Most of the jewellery has the 11% to 17% making charges, so make your calculations and go:

Here’s what we got:

My niece turns one year old in the coming September and I have gifted her this pair of bangles:

Gold Bangles

Another pair of anklets for my niece :*

Gold Anklets

Gold chain with rhodium plating…..

Gold Chain

A gold necklace with stones…..

Gold Necklace

A single gold bangle…..

Gold Bangle Designs

A set of gold bangles….my favourite…..

Gold Bangle

Gold Bangle Design

Golden Bangle Design 1

Golden Bangles

A Gold ring….

Gold Ring

Another gold ring with red stone….

Gold Stone ring

That’s it, I saw some trendy gold jewellery in Malabar Gold too….eyeing them next.

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57 thoughts on “Gold Jewellery Haul

  1. The gold bangles are the best here ,……..when i saw the heading “gold “i knew it was you jomol 🙂

    Do these stores have shops in cochin?

  2. Love the jewellery Jomol.
    I am myself a gold-hoarder.. and my eyes are just sparkling.. and heart lusting 😛
    Love the single-bangle and the bangle-set.

  3. Gold haul, has to be from Jomol 🙂 Loved all the beauties esp the anklets and single bangles with pretty little flowers 🙂 🙂

  4. Gold and Jomol – synonyms ;P
    What do we need to send our women to Olympics for when Jomol is getting us all the gold?? ;P
    I am totally in love with your bangle set and the stone studded chain – its so lovely and ethnic!

  5. you buy gold at the rate at which I buy groceries…..seriously……awesome haul jomol…..loved every bit of it…… * pls adopt me (puppy face)*

  6. that was an amazing Haul Jomol. You are the only one who does a ‘Gold’ haul 🙂 . Each of them are so pretty. I loved the gold bangles and the ring most of all. the first set of bangles are also so pretty. the design is pretty unique.

    1. Thank you so much Aru…..he he…..I love the banggggggglesssssssss…..and saw your pics with Saina……couldn’t comment….was on the move last week….really proud of her and thank you for the pics 🙂

  7. am a keralite too 😀 but not into gold n all 🙁 🙁 i dont know why .. but jomol haul adipoli tta…….

    the neck-piece is just awsum 🙂 🙂 <3

  8. I knew it when I saw Gold Jewellery Haul that it was you, Jomollllllll. I loved the bangles set and the rings, lovely! BTW, I am awaiting your reply to my last email – now dont complain that I dont email you …… lol, lol, :)) :))

  9. Hi Jomol, I am now 200% sure that you are a malayali! I had assumed it before itself when I saw your name in other posts but now I am damn sure about it. Anyways good pieces and I really you must have spent a fortune for all these…

  10. jomo although I am seeing this again but this is out of the world.. really. no one else does this huge gold hauls on IMBB.. hihihih now no more shopping for next two years. 😐

    I loved the ring and the bangles especially. :))

    1. Thankoooooooooooooooooooooooooo Rati……..TWO yearrrrrrssssssssssssss……teek hai, I won’t shop for two months……:wink:

  11. Jomol di, my mum asked me to bookmark this page so as to revisit it again, she loved your bangle set and the minute karigari on it so much!

  12. Whoa!!! My eyes r popping out! A gold haul!! Wow wow wow 🙂
    N u have superb Jomo!! LOVED the bangles a lot 🙂 🙂 Loving the pics a lot!!

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