Maybelline Express Finish and Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish Haul

Maybelline Express Finish and Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish Haul

Maybelline Express Finish and Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish Haul

I hauled again this month on behalf of IMBB Team and I chose to explore Maybelline nail polishes.  Surprisingly, even though I am a nail polish hoarder, I haven’t tried a single nail polish from Maybelline, so here was my golden chance.  I picked up nail polishes from the Maybelline Express Finish and Maybelline Colorama range.  Some nail paints from the Colorama range have already been showcased on IMBB, so left them out.  Here a few pictures of my haul.  Thanks to Rati and Sanjeevji, I have Monday to Sunday Nail Polishes and I now change my nail paints according to the weather 😛  So, here goes my haul pictures, enjoy and pick your favourite from these.

Maybelline Nail Polish

Maybelline Nail Polish

Maybelline Nail Polish

Maybelline Nail Polish

Maybelline Nail Polish

rati beauty ad

Maybelline Nail Polish

Maybelline Nail Polish

Maybelline Nail Polish

Maybelline Nail Polish

Maybelline Nail Polish

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99 thoughts on “Maybelline Express Finish and Maybelline Colorama Nail Polish Haul

    1. Beeeeeeeenoooo….ha ha ….each day….four colors i will show you…one morning ka …one afternoon ka … evenign chai ka…and one good night wala colour….but you know these Maybelline express finish nail polishes are sooooo good….even the colorama ones 🙂

      1. I had used colorama before… they hav a lovely finish 🙂

        I am imagining you teaching Aarohan colors using these hahahhahaha

        1. Beeeeeee…ejjactly…..he knows all the colors now….yellow, green, blue, EVEN NEON GREEN….he he….I taught him using nail polishes 🙂

    1. Abinaya….there is no mint green in Maybelline nail polishes…..but you should get the Lakme or the Colorbar mint ones…they are so gorgeous 🙂

    1. Thankooooooooooo so much Neha…….I love wearing the pastels now… started with Lakme Fast and Fabulous and the express finish pastels are even better….:)

  1. OMG…. Jomol…. i willbecome invisible and steal all you nail paints… hahahahhahaaaa….. 😉 anyways awesome haul… waiting for NOTD…. 🙂

    1. RAjaniiiiiiiiiiii…yesh you can steal…..but wear your jewellery and come even if your invisible….I will snatch those 🙂

  2. o god i cant sleep now if i do i wanna dream about the pastels
    can u revu them first 😛 and how many are these in total

    who says money cant buy happiness jomol hainaa……. it absolutely can for us ;0

    1. Neha….these are 35 in total and more are coming….yesh….Rati/Sanjeevji can buy happiness for us Neha….cheers….high five 🙂

  3. ooh!! They look so lovely!! All my nail colours are from Maybelline. Was so happy to see that I have most of the wacky colors from your haul already 😀 😀 😀

  4. Wow Jomol …… Drooling 🙂
    Envy you …… Itne sare shades .. Waiting for the review…
    Last time u reviewed lakme wala this time maybelline ones …how many you stored in ur stock ??? 🙂

  5. OMG !! U are gonna buy all the polishes available in thinks 😀
    I love the Colorama Coral Chic, Cremosa Nude and Cremosa favorites 🙂

  6. Awesssssssssssomeeee Haul Jomollllll…. I am eager to see yellow, green and orange one..will give them a try once you post the swatches and I hope they are gooooooooood!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    and Good morninggg.. 😀

  7. I just love the colors of the colorama range… Now it’s time to explore the express finish range as well… Me feeling like buying them all.. Waiting for your NOTD’s.. 🙂

  8. amazing shades!!!!!!!!!!!. i just have Coral Chic shade from colorama which i used for french manicure… now i want all these….Hey jomol….show swatches ASAP ………. m fellin helpless 😛

    1. Aarthi……good idea…I can use Coral Chic for french manicure, isn’t it….?? Aarthi….will show all nail polishes…one by one…:)

  9. wowww Jomol..what a collection!! and what lovely pics tooooo. That yellow one just stood out. i am experimenting these days so thanks to your post, i will try yellow next..(tried green last week :))

    1. Aru……….how you enjoying the rains….you know green and yellow will look awesome in this weather….but as usual power cuts and internet connectionless with rains :((

      1. i love the rains. its the best season for me. the winter comes a close second. i agree yellow ad gren might look good in an otherwise rainy rainy day. i need to buy some cheapo raincoat though. take the auto a lot 🙂 any ideas abt online sites where I can buy one?

        accha btw, i had commented somewhere asking for suggestions at a good eyeliner/pencil for evening idea where i commented my question still remains 🙂 if anyone has suggestions, wud appreciate it very much.

  10. Jomal… you made my day. i love nailpaints specially dark colours all chatak matak….. love to see itni saari nail paints ek sath…..mujhe bhi chahiye…:(((((

    1. Tanu….I too love chatak mattak nail polishes…he he…..get the Colorama ones….woh bahooot lovely dikhti hai…..:)

      1. Ya Jomol i will buy soon… maybe today after office…because ab cnt control my urge 🙂 wasie i have 2 shades from colorama and you know one of them i got free with Kajal… yepiii..

  11. wow awesum haul …
    i hav d shade “graus”….its such a bful red color…..
    wud want to c d swatches of n*de,amanhecer n d green shade.
    jaldi NOTD karo…..jomol di…

    1. Sushree….Graus is a nice dark shade……actually Colorama has such large collection of dark shades….jaldi karti hoon sushree 🙂

  12. jaanleva man!!! 😛 lovin it..I have one from both types n i lovvveee em!! they are so amazing n u toh have the entire collection!! 😛 wish i had that magic me se nikal leti 😀 😀 😀

    1. Ruhiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee….thankiesssssssssssss 🙂 Photos se mat nikhalo…..ghar aajao …de doongi 🙂

    1. Hi Mayuri…….if you buy it from a store, Maybelline express finish is Rs. 200 and Colorama is Rs. 90 or Rs. 100, but since I bought it online, I got it at varying prices….some at Rs. 87 and express finish at Rs. 190…..the prices differed between nail polishes in the same range too 🙂

  13. Good God! I’ve never seen so main nail polishes together outside a shop. 😛 I love the packing of the Maybelline ones. I am surprised I have never tried any even though they have my kind of shades. Will keep this brand in mind next time I go shopping. 😀

    By the way, it’s the Summer Solstice today and consequently, the longest day of the year. You can apply one nail polish shade till the afternoon and the second one after that. It’d be the same as wearing it on two different days considering the length of the day. 😛

    1. JW….come here give me a hug and will you charge $1 dollar-a-great-idea like Calvin……and yesh…its the longest day of the year and supposed to be the hottest also….but we are having a cloudy sky here….how about you JW 🙂

      1. Hahahahaha. *Hugs Jomol*. Here’s $1. It looks a little different because I’ve drawn it myself. I am the Dictator for Life of an imaginary country where I design the currency. 😀

        Here, no clouds. 🙁 Monsoon is super late it seems and last night, the power died for 4 hours due to some technical snag. Considering there are generally very few power cuts in my town, least of all at night, there were nearly a hundred people outside the electricity office (it’s visible from my window) ready to attack the officials inside. 😛

  14. Wow Jomo how many hauls!!! Me jelly 😛 but somehow I don’t like Colorama, it doesn’t stay without chipping, on the same day itself it chips so badly 🙁

    I feel like picking them up through my lappy screen..they are so many and so good
    I love the green and the yellow from fourth pic
    NOTD jaldi jaldi plz

  16. wow Jomol… enjoy madi!!!
    I think it is too overwhelming for you to have so many nail paints… I would like to share your burden.. why dont you courier some of them to me… 🙂 🙂 🙂 😛

  17. Oh I love them all! Jomol, please tell me your address, I will come at your door and would not leave until u gimme all these out of irritation 🙂

  18. omg Jomol,…

    Did you buy all of them ???…….I thought it is pics from a shop 🙂
    Im stealing yours as I only have 5/6 nail colours maximum.

  19. Hi Jomol, m still waiting for swatches of Colorama specially orange, yellow & green….plzzzz do that soon..i wanna buy those shades but after i see the swatches…thanx in advance..:) me eagerly waiting…:)

  20. Hi Jomol, m still waiting for swatches of Colorama specially orange, yellow & green….plzzzz do that soon..i wanna buy those shades but after i see the swatches…thanx in advance..:) me eagerly waiting…:)

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