6 Makeup Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

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I missed IMBB like anything! Well, hope you all are doing great. I am back on IMBB after a long time. Today I am here to talk about some lesser-known makeup mistakes that many of us make. No one is perfect and there are always new makeup tips and tricks that we all must keep learning. Let’s check out my list now. 🙂

Makeup mistakes

I know this is the most common and basic thing but, trust me, I am mentioning this point here as I have seen a lot of girls who have no idea about the shade of their base makeup. Not knowing your exact shade or undertones is fine, even I used to mess up many times. But not paying heed at all and using the wrong shades of products like foundations and concealers is a big deal. Also, keep an eye on the quantity you are using, especially on how much powder you’re dusting. Too much product, first of all, looks too fake. Secondly, it settles into the fine lines, making your skin appear dry and cakey and not flawless.

Skipping that mascara

Although mascara is not a magical product it can change your looks drastically. I would suggest you never skip your mascara, no matter what your makeup look is. No makeup, especially eye makeup, can ever look attractive or complete without bigger, fuller and defined lashes. I personally feel incomplete without my mascara. One more tip: avoid wearing waterproof mascara every single day as it could make your eyelashes weak in the long run; a washable and light version is just perfect for everyday makeup looks.

Not cleaning makeup brushes


I guess I have mentioned this point in my previous posts as well that I am really very lazy when it comes to washing my makeup brushes. And, thanks to my laziness, I end up getting pimples because of dirty brushes. But as now I have found Inglot Brush Cleanser, life is better. Even though I use this cleanser every now and then, I still try and deeply cleanse my brushes once a week.

Storing makeup in the bathroom

You had never paid attention to this point earlier, right? We put our skin care and makeup essentials in the bathroom itself so that we can use them during rush hours. But, did you know your bathroom could become a breeding ground for germs? You should not keep even your toothbrushes in your bathroom for the same reason. Look for a cool and dry place in your room and store all your beauty related stuff there. Getting ready might take some time but it will at least not affect your skin or health.

Forgetting to set your colour correctors


Not setting your colour correctors or concealers is one of the biggest mistakes we make. As these products are generally very creamy, they end up looking cakey or crease after some time. Always set your correctors with a nice foundation, preferably a high coverage or cream foundation. For concealers, there is always translucent powders. This way your makeup will stay in place for longer and look flawless on your face.

Never paying attention to lip exfoliation

Never exfoliating your lips or exfoliating them after large intervals is a huge mistake. Matte and liquid lipsticks have taken the beauty world by storm these days. Even though such lipsticks look so good on the lips and last very long, there is a catch. Such lipsticks settle into the fine lines and dry out the lips. The market today is full of lip scrubs but you can make one at home too. Just mix brown sugar with honey or olive oil and use this to exfoliate your lips. Use as and when needed and follow up with a lip balm.

Some more common mistakes:

⦁ Keeping makeup on for too long – clogs the pores.
⦁ Sleeping with your makeup on – need the explain the consequences?
⦁ Applying makeup in wrong lighting – you might end up going for wrong shades.
⦁ Overlining your eyes – this spoils and not enhances the natural shape.
⦁ Curling your eyelashes after applying the mascara – might even break your lashes.
⦁ Over-moisturising – will make skin too oily or greasy.
⦁ Not applying foundation on the neck – looks really odd.
⦁ Not lining your lips properly.
⦁ Using just one shade for your smoky eyes – will hamper your eye shape.

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