Facts You Didn’t Know About Exfoliation

By Shivani Trivedi

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You know what…these days, whenever I go out during the day I feel like I am a warrior who’s fighting this weather to survive on the planet. Well, I know it happens with everyone, but covering face with scarf and looking like a dakoo is just not my thing! Moving on, I am going to share some unknown facts about exfoliation with you all, today. Exfoliation is an essential part of one’s skin care regimen, but many of us are not aware about these facts. So, girls,take out your notebook and pen for these points are worth noting down!

Facts You Didn't Know About Exfoliation3

Exfoliation Is Not Just The Removal of Dead Skin Cells

When we hear the word exfoliation, the first thing which comes to our mind is ‘removing dead skin cells’. But, exfoliation is not just about removing dead skin cells as it also helps in reducing skin pigmentation and skin discoloration. That is why it is important to include exfoliation in our skin care regimen, to achieve flawless and radiant complexion.

There Are Alternatives to Exfoliation

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I know a lot of people who avoid exfoliating their skin. Well, in that case, peel off masks are the best choice to grab for your skin. A glycolic acid peel is quite enough to replace exfoliation because it amazingly expels all the dirt from skin making it glowing and supple.

Morning Is The Best Time

The morning time is considered the best time for scrubbing. In fact, exfoliating your skin in the morning gives a more fresher and youthful look to the face. Also, since it increases the bloodflow to your face, you’ll get a lot of compliments for your glowing skin.

Your Skin Can Exfoliate Itself, But…

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Adaptation is one of the best features of living beings. Our body is adapted according to necessities and so is our skin. Did you know that our skin exfoliates itself while we are young? But, the process of self-exfoliation slows down by the age of 30 and that’s when skin aging starts kicking in. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to ignore exfoliation during your 20s. Because skin that comes across dirt and pollution can be cleaned by an appropriate manual exfoliation only.

Waxing Belongs to Exfoliation Family

Facts You Didn't Know About Exfoliation

Yes, you read it right, girls! This point simply implicates that if you have gone through waxing, then exfoliation is going to enfeeble your skin cells leading to a dull and unhealthy skin as that will be like over exfoliating your skin unnecessarily. So, avoid exfoliating immediately before and after your waxing sessions.

Exfoliate As Per Your Skin Type

The frequency of skin scrubbing should be according to the skin type. For example, don’t exfoliate too often if you have oily skin because too much scrubbing can badly affect your oil glands leading to skin issues such as breakouts or pimple invasion. Further, not exfoliating dry skin enough could lead to dry patches. Also, you know what can happen if you exfoliate sensitive skin or acne prone skin too harshly. So, take a call here and exfoliate as per what suits your skin type.

There Are Many Exfoliation Processes

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Basically, there are 3 types of exfoliation processes – electronic, manual and chemical exfoliation. Electronic exfoliation is supposed to be gentler towards skin as compared to other two types. It is to be noticed too that facial scrubs are different from body scrubs due to variation in consistency of scrubs. So, choose the type you’re going for or the products your are going to use wisely to maintain the health of your skin.

Harsh Scrubbing Won’t Beautify Your Skin

Attaining a healthy and spot free skin is not a one day’s job and it does take some time to achieve that flawless, youthful look. So, have patience and please be gentle on your skin while exfoliating. Too frequent and hard exfoliation is nothing less than a satanic step for your own skin.

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  1. Electronic exfoliation reminded me of Clarisonic Mia 😛 I completely agree , covering the face with a scarf feels so awkward ! People stare and it feels weird. 😛

  2. “Waxing Belongs to Exfoliation Family” – that’s what the lady of does my waxing keeps telling me. Now I believe her. 😀 I prefer scrubbing over peel off masks, I don’t know why but these masks make me very uncomfortable.

  3. Really liked the post. But I would disagree on two points. Best time to exfoliate is night because exfoliation leads our skin to become more sensitive and susceptible to the harsh environment hence it is best left for night time. Also scrubbing before waxing prevents in growth hence it is best not to skip it.

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