Makeup Revolution London Hard Day Baked Blusher Review

By Sadhna Agarwal

Hello Guys,
I’m back with a review after a really long time, but I was busy with college and life and my weekends were reserved to take advantage of the sale season. Today’s review is about this baked blusher from Makeup Revolution. Like I’ve said in my previous posts I bought a lot of things online and since I’ve only used MUR’s eye shadow palettes I thought of giving the other products a try. This product is one of the things I bought online and let’s read on further to see how it fared.

Price – INR 420 but I got it for INR 210


My Experience with Makeup Revolution London Hard Day Baked Blusher:-

Packaging – The blusher comes in a small round pot which is the same packaging as every other blush and it is a little bit lifted and rounded from the top. The lid is transparent, making it easy to spot in your stash if you have more than one blush from the company. It is very compact and light and can be easily thrown in your bag without any worries. The lid shuts tight with a click sound and does not open on its own. It doesn’t come housed in an outer carton which is fine as most of the details are mentioned at the bottom of the container.


Colour, Texture, Pigmentation – This blush is a very iridescent brown-y pink color which is not going to show up on the average Indian skin but the beauty of this blush is that if used on top of a bronzer or any blush, or even if used on its own it imparts a really beautiful, healthy looking glow to the face. The texture is really smooth and it blends easily. The pigmentation is pretty good considering it is high on shimmer we wouldn’t want to go overboard with this. This blush is very shimmery but the shimmer is very finely milled and it doesn’t appear chunky at all.


I use this blush on the high points of my face just how I would use a highlighter and I love the glow it gives to my face, almost as if my skin is beaming from within. Initially it may look a little weird since it is pink and on Indian skin a more yellow toned highlighter would suit better, but once blended well one cannot make out anything out of place. I love this blush both as a cheek highlight and an under brow highlight. Because of its subtle, light color it will work as a really good highlight for people who are learning the new technique of strobing. The only con I can think of is its wear time, the staying power I’d say is average. It stays on my cheeks for around 2-3 hours after which it just disappears into thin air. Unless you really pack on a lot initially, it will last for more than 3 hours. I usually have to keep it in my purse if I’m going to a party so that I can touch up once it fades. Overall I love this blush a lot and I have received a lot of compliments for it.


Pros of Makeup Revolution London Hard Day Baked Blusher:-

• Travel friendly packaging.
• Works as a very subtle highlight.
• Imparts a beaming look without making our face a disco ball.
• Gives a very healthy looking glow.
• Easy to blend.

Cons of Makeup Revolution London Hard Day Baked Blusher:-

• Average wear time
• Needs to be packed on a lot for the colour to show up on Indian skin


IMBB Rating – 4/5


Would I Repurchase/Recommend Makeup Revolution London Hard Day Baked Blusher?
Yes, yes, yes! I feel this blush is a very underrated product probably because of its color but I absolutely love this and I definitely recommend it to everyone, especially those who love highlighting. (like me 😛 )

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3 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution London Hard Day Baked Blusher Review

  1. Wow…it seems like you are glowing naturally. It is really difficult to understand from outside that this blush can do so much without looking odd and too shimmery. I will absolutely love to use it as highlighter

    1. Yes this is perfect to be used as a highlighter. Just be careful while using it since its pink it might look odd on people with strong yellow undertones

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