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Manimala Asks

1. I have a dusky complexion, close to bipasha :D, I have somewhat clear skin. I use tinted moisturizer. First time ever I want to wet my hands in to foundation for daily wear to office. Mine is a super dry skin. I want your suggestion in choosing a light, moisturizing, sun protecting foundation which will make my skin look flawless, dewy, and glossy. It should not leave a white cast. Price should be less than 350 INR.

2. I have pigmented lips, I would like to hear some suggestions on a creamy, soft nude brown lipstick which will not dry me out completely

3. I use lakme satin kajal on my waterline and it smudges all around my eyes. I want to get a creamy, soft, contact lens safe.

4. I have a very dry hair and it became worse after I rebonded my hair. Please advise me on taking care of my hair

5. I am also planning to get my first eyeshadow. What eyeshadow can I use for everyday office wear with less effort.


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  1. hi manimala
    dusky skin close to bipasha . i love her ..
    mine is a combination skin and i use ponds tinted moisturizer .
    hence sorry that I cant suggest any foundations .

    lipsticks u can try maybelline moisture extreme honey ginger, maybelline colour sensation war me up, my mahagony.
    eyeliner – i bought maybelline gel liner. am in so love with it.
    last so long and smudge proof too. I occassionaly wear my contact lenses so not sure whether it is contact lens safe.
    please check with others who use it.
    sorry dear I wear spectacles so never use eyeshadows .
    hair – dont have much expertise. i use matrix shampoo conditioner and hair serum .

  2. am new to makeup but heres what i have to say –
    1. foundation, lakme invisible foundation.Lotus is within price range but it does leave a white cast (in photos, inrelaity it looks nice)
    2.maybelline toffee or my mahogany ๐Ÿ˜€
    3.bourjois kohl n kontour in darkest black or colorbar i define in black (check for waterline sensitivity first, it doesnt irritate me though)
    4.dry hair , apply evion 400 5-6 cpasules on th ends of your hair and leave overnight.wash next day.
    you could also apply home made mayo, it works wonders for dry hair.
    and almond oil , make that ur best friend. warm almond oil massaged, steamed.
    5.eyeshadow , from what advise i got , maybelline chai latte is for beginners.. donno much about eyeshadows ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. for daily wear to office-I don’t use foundation. So no idea

    2.soft nude brown lipstick which will not dry me out compeletly- Use Lakme Aphrodite Blush…:) It’s my MLBB Lipstick

    3. I use lakme satin kaajal on my waterline and it smudges all around my eyes. I want to get a creamy, soft, contact lens safe.- I ‘ve recently purchased maybelline gel liner which is water line safe & does not smudge like kajal

    4. I have a very dry hair and it became worse after I rebonded my hair. Pls advise me on taking care of my hair- Just use a good shampoo (I use the Loreal salon range- liss ultime), Conditioner ( Fab India aloe vear conditioner ) & serum (Loreal liss ultime)

    5. I am also planning to get my first eyeshadow. What eyeshadow can I use for everyday office wear with less effort. – I just use unbranded ones only

  4. use castor oil for dry is very thick .heat a little massage in roots nd ends.keep it overnight and wash.
    make sure u use a conditioner and serum for dry hair.
    try and oil before every wash or atleast once a week if not possible.
    use any tinted moisturiser and keep a bottle of glycerin mixed with rose water handy on your dresser for any dry patch emergencies any where on the body.
    try slightly more pigemented browns and do not go for absolute nudes.
    if you can wear try maroons and reds.they instantly work as light bulbs for dull face.
    try lotus kajal as it does not sting on your waterline.
    hope it helped

  5. and yey on having that kind of complexion.i lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeee bips skin colour.i think it is so sexy.and i myself am wheatish and use a lot of bronzer in my make up whenevr i can ๐Ÿ˜‰
    brown is sexyyyy :woot: :woot:

  6. Foundation-lakme dailywear souffle
    Lipstick- Revlon superlustrous in COCO SHEER
    Kajal- i use lakme only, and it suits me
    For dry hair, try the loreal serum
    Eyeshadow-i don’t use except for parties, try ‘time for wine’ by maybelline.

  7. Hey thank u all for your suggestions. :jaiho: Hey even I prefer TM than foundation, with a good compact. which compact has good SPF and doesnt make me cakey? Gals, Tsunami alert!!! stay off the shore :ghost2:

  8. Hi Manimala,
    I’m dusky, I wear contacts, and have rebonded hair and pigmented lips as well! What a coincidence!
    But since I have oily skin, I have to stay away from liquid foundation. For everyday, I use tinted moisturizers. An evening out would mean mineral foundation by Bare Escentuals (bareMinerals Original SPF15 foundation).
    My favourite nude lipsticks (or mostly nude lipsticks) include Maybelline Color Essential in “Crazy for Coffee”; Colorbar Velvet Matt lipstick in “Iced Tea” (its a brownish pink); Maybelline Moisture Extreme in “Pure Plum”; Avon PRO-TO-GO in “Sweet Brown”; and Revlon Colorburst in “Hazelnut”.
    I haven’t yet come across any kajal that can last for more than 2 hours for me. But yes, the Chambor Eye Tattoo Liner does not give me raccoon eyes. So I prefer it over others.
    I am currently using the Loreal Professionnel Serie Shampoo and masque for intense repair. Apart from that, I try to oil my hair at least once a week.
    For office, I suggest you go for Maybelline Chai Latte or Colorbar single eyeshadows in “Brownie” and “Spicy Brown”
    Hope some of this helps.

  9. rest everything told.. but u can try the Revlon touch & glow foundation.. it gives better coverage than tinted moisturizer n less than a normal foundation. I too have dry skin have used it a lot b4 marriage. Its 199, i think.
    U can use matrix serum.Its quite gud for dry hair.
    n go for Lotus or VLCC kajal.. both r quite pigmented n dont smudge.. they have been reviewed here. u can chk.. :)) :)) :))

  10. I don’t know about anything else, but I like the Avon black glimmerstick (the normal one..not the diamond shimmery one) never irritates my eye and it stays on quite a long while too… might not find it as black black as the Lakme kajal though..

  11. 1. I don’t know about foundation but you can try Lakme Invisible foundation- it has great reviews.

    2. If you want something a little easier on the pocket..go for Maybelline Colorsensational or Moisture extreme range. Otherwise, Chambor Silk Touch ‘Silk Woods’ is the creamist most moisturizing nude brown you’ll ever find!

    3. I use Bourjois Kohl and Contour pencil and it stays for a few hours but does begin to smudge a little later. If you conceal and powder your under eye area well , it stays on longer. Among kajals, Lotus one smudges the least.

    4. Try oiling hair with almond/olive/castor oil or a combination of all 3 twice a week and follow up my wrapping a towel soaked in hot water/steam on the head for 15-20 min for better absorption and making her softer. Use salon range products from l’oreal for rebonded hair. I’ve got smoothened hair and I use the ‘Liss ultime’ range and it works really well with my hair (I don’t know the difference between smoothening and rebonding..I’m guessing they are similar.pls correct me if I’m wrong here)

    5. A trio/quad with brown/bronze shades would be best for you. Maybelline chai latte or time for wine would be good choices esp since you’re a beginner.

  12. the most best remedy i have for dry hair (tried and tested with amazing results)- A mix of 1 avocado’s pulp , about 4 tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil and 2 egg yolks, blended to smooth consistency and applied to the hair and left for half an hour to 45 minutes, put on a shower cap or polythene bag over ur head meanwhile..shampoo AND CONDITION for sure…… and use a serum too if required. Use it once a week and u will definitely see results from the second week!!!

  13. hey..i cnt help wid make up but as far as kajal is concerned,m using revlon self sharpening kajal n its FAB!! it doesnt smudge n is very smoothn stays 4 about 4-5 hrs..i suggest u gve ths one a shot!!

  14. hey I bought maybelline colorsensational totally toffee ๐Ÿ™‚ its a nice nude color creamy yummy ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I got Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner. the SA said it can be used in waterline. I got it and using it. its good and not irritating. it doesnt smudge as well ๐Ÿ™‚

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