Marks & Spencer Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath Review

Marks & Spencer Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath

Hello ladies,

So we are still facing winters with our brave faces but there are some things about winter which are a big put off like battling dry skin in winters. I wish I could take long showers in winters with hot water but I know my skin would look like a parched desert if I ever try to do that. So I make peace with short showers with lukewarm water. I never liked the cream bath products, but in winters I use them to make my skin least dry. This time when I was just having a look at Marks and Spencer products, I decided to give this a try. Since I am a coconut fragrance fan, choosing this out of so many other options was not really a big decision for me. I find the packaging a bit boring for my taste but then at this price who am I to complain. So I should now start with the review of this cream bath.


What the brand claims:

Specially formulated with natural extract of coconut milk, this foam bath will cleanse your skin as you bathe to help leave it soft and smooth.

 500ml
 Contains extracts of coconut milk
 Made in Britain
Directions: Pour under warm running bath water and relax in the fragrant bubbles.
One size

Price: 299 INR

As I said before, I find the packaging very boring and safe for my liking but then I find most of this brand’s stuff to be more on the safe (read boring) side. This comes in a see through plastic bottle. I wish the opening was narrower because I tend to get more than required wash every time as this is of runny consistency. This results in product wastage.


Since this is a cream bath, this does not lather much. But since this does not dry my skin and leaves it soft and supple I am happy with the end result. I like using this with a soft loofah for mild scrubbing of my skin.

One thing which I cannot afford to forget to mention is the smell! I love natural and non-artificial Coconut fragrance a lot. This is good for me as the fragrance is very classy and mild, more to the sweeter side. But if you dislike this fragrance even by 1 percent, you need to stay far away from this. Once I tried to sniff this from the bottle and I was overwhelmed with the smell, not in a good way! I can imagine that this would be very unpleasant for a person who is not a fan of such fragrances. But in the store, I saw that this wash comes in a lot many variants. You will get whatever smell you wish.


Pros of Marks & Spencer Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath

• Not pricey
• Does not dry skin
• Smell is good(if you are a fan of coconut fragrance)
• Available online too
• Washes off easily unlike some cream baths which leave oily residue behind
• Leaves skin supple and soft after use


Cons of Marks & Spencer Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath

• If you are not a fan of coconut fragrance this is definitely going to make you sick.
• Packaging leads in product wastage.
• Does not lather much.

For the price, this is surely a good cream shower to try. They have multiple fragrances to choose from. I would not say this is the best in market but you will not regret if you buy this. This is a decent product at decent price.

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  1. nice review!!! *clap* 😀 will skip this cause i dnt like coconut fragrance.. *nababana* i love citrusy n fruity fragrances *happydance* *happydance*

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