Marks and Spencer Rose Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream Review

Marks and Spencer Rose Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream

Hi everybody…

Who all feel like bathing twice/ thrice a day in summers? Raise your hands and tell me.

For all those whose hands are up, I am going to review a product which will give you an ultimate bathing experience. I feel a body wash should be refreshing, should have long staying good fragrance and should be a bit moisturising for my dry skin. This product serves it all. Scroll down to read a detailed version of its goodness.


Price: INR 650 for 500ml

Product description: With the fragrance of timeless English rose, this moisture rich lathering bath cream will gently cleanse and moisturise whilst you soak leaving your skin soft and delicately fragranced.

To use: Pour into running water and immerse yourself into the relaxing fragrant bubbles.

My experience with Marks and Spencer Rose Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream:

It comes in a biggie sturdy plastic bottle which is semi- transparent and the liquid can be seen through it. It has a crown like white cap on which floral collection is imprinted. This body wash comes in the floral collection of Marks and Spencer’s products. This one is the rose variant. Like I said before, I have a partial inclination towards roses and like everything containing rose; this one is no exception. This body wash smells divine I tell you. It smells of English roses and I simply love it. From the moment you open the cap and sniff it, to the time you finish your bathing process- it is an ultimate experience with this one. Even after you get out of the washroom, you can feel the lingering fragrance from your body.


For the usage I put on a very small amount of liquid on my loofah and it lathers really well, like I do not have to keep taking it again on the loofah for the full body wash, just one time pouring works very well. Another way to use it is pouring it in the bath tub and then filling water. It forms just the perfect bubbles with the same divine smell. Oh I cannot explain in words how much I love this. It just takes away all my hatred for the kind of weather we are facing nowadays. You will have to try it to believe it.

As the name goes it is a moisture rich bath cream. After bath I do not need any body lotion in summers. Just hands, elbows and feet need that extra care. As I told that it takes very less amount for a single bath, the bottle would go a long way.

I would quote a dialogue from jab we met “Ap convince ho gaye hain ya main aur bolu?” just kidding! In short this body wash is a must try for each one of you. Trust me, you will not regret.


Pros of Marks and Spencer Rose Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream:

• It is a huge sturdy bottle.
• It smells divine.
• It lathers really well.
• Works well for bubbles effect in the bath tub too.
• The bottle would go a long way.
• The fragrance lingers on even after the bath.
• It moisturises just apt for summers.


Cons of Marks and Spencer Rose Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream:

Do you really expect anything in this section?

Will I repurchase it?

An absolute yes. I love it and I would keep using it till they keep selling it. 😛

Will I recommend it?

Yes. Try it out as soon as you spot it.

IMBB rating: 5/5

Until next time, take care!

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6 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer Rose Moisture Rich Foaming Bath Cream Review

  1. The bottle looks soooo elegant with that floral design *woot* *woot* *woot* *woot* and the description of the smell has also attracted me to try this one once *pompom* *clap*

    1. try it saloni.. you wanted a lasting fragrance body wash na?? buy this and you’ll love it… *hifive* *oye balle*

  2. I WANTTT THISSS *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* I think I’d buy it mostly for the pretty bottle *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. rati di you are rose lover like me i know… *hifive* you will love it to the core… *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance* jaldi se buy karo… *oye balle*

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