Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail cream + Hand Wash Review

Marks and Spencer’s Hand and Nail cream

Hi everyone, I’m back with a bang! Today I am writing about this Marks & Spencer cream I got as a gift from my aunt- Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail Blueberry Scented Cream. Like I said, I am working on my PhD project in a laboratory which forces me to wash my hand frequently because I work with microbes all the time and I am very phobic of picking up infections. I had a tough time getting rid of bacterial infection I picked up from the lab because I forgot to wash my hands. I rubbed my eyes and one of the eye got badly infected. I know .. talk about setbacks of working in a lab.

Marks and Spencer’s Hand and Nail cream
Marks and Spencer’s Hand and Nail cream

My obsession with cleanliness ended up with dry hands and extra dry cuticles. We all dream about and adore those perfect set of long clean and shiny nails. The frequent hand washing made my nails prone to breakage too and that was when I eyed this cream which was lying in my wardrobe because I never felt the need to use it.

Ok so like I said, I got this Marks and Spencer cream as a gift from my aunt. It came in a small super cute Marks and Spencer bag. Inside was this hand and nail cream and also hand wash. Here is the pic-

Marks and Spencer’s Hand Wash & Hand and Nail cream
Marks and Spencer’s Hand Wash & Hand and Nail cream

Cute isn’t it? The bag is super cute; nicely padded and small enough to carry your toiletries for weekend trip. It’s not big enough to carry our cosmetic items since we tend to carry lots. Ok now let’s talk about Marks & Spencer Hand and Nail cream- it comes in small bottle with screw cap.

Marks and Spencer’s Hand and Nail cream swatch
Marks and Spencer’s Hand and Nail cream swatch

Marks and Spencer Blueberry scented cream is soft, moisturizing, light weight and non sticky, and works perfectly both indoors and outdoors. Also, the first thing you notice when you apply the cream is AROMAAAAA hahahaha …I’m a sucker for good smelling products as always. The product is beautifully infused with blueberry extracts. Blueberry is filled with Vitamin C and E which are famous super anti-oxidants. They fight head to head with free radicals in our body waiting to do damage. The extract is responsible to heal, repair and protect the skin. Just a small quantity of Marks and Spencer cream is enough since it spreads evenly on my hands and nails quite easily and naturally. The best way to use this cream or I should say I use this cream in this way and its the best. All you need to do is apply this cream on your hands and on cuticles at night. I also apply this cream as and how I need often since I wash my hand repeatedly. It works great on your legs too… just apply this cream at night on your foot and wear socks and sleep. Next day your legs will be shiny and smooth. You feel like you had pedicure done. The small tube makes it easier to carry it in the bag. The only thing I didn’t like about this product is that I would like it more if the bottle had a tight flip-cap instead of screw cap. Although, I may re-purchase it if I see it here in India.

Lastly, the cream made my skin feel just soft, smooth and supple. The smell lingers for whole day making me feel good.

Marks and Spencer’s Hand Wash

Marks and Spencer’s Hand Wash
Marks and Spencer’s Hand Wash

Next on the product list is Buttermilk vanilla scented hand wash. Weird fragrance if you ask me– I mean buttermilk????? I don’t know, that’s just me! Again this product is strongly infused with vanilla extracts which makes it smell great for people who like vanilla fragrance. I personally am not a great fan of this aroma. But it’s okay I guess…kaam chal jayenga. Again it comes in a similar tube- bottle with screw cap. Buttermilk is an excellent deep-cleansing agent. It nourishes and softens the skin. Buttermilk is also known to lighten skin and it also known to possess anti-ageing agent. Age old remedy is dabbing buttermilk on face so that it absorbs oil on your face without drying it. Vanilla, on the other hand has anti-oxidant properties and is also known to reduce stress. WASHING HANDS REDUCES STRESS… hahahahahahaha… it must be infused mainly because of anti-oxidant properties… I think.. This hand wash is great to carry it in your bags. The formula is gentle on hands, yet lathers well, and rinses clean. A small amount is enough. This hand wash is definitely a keeper. Things I don’t like about this product is that I wish it came in flip-cap casing. Secondly, it is not antibacterial. I don’t think I ll repurchase this product again if given a chance.

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16 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer Hand and Nail cream + Hand Wash Review

  1. I think marks and spencers do a pretty good job with skin care. It’s just that since they are not easily available, their range is kinda unexplored. 🙁 I was checking out their stuff the other day and it looked so nice and nourishing.

    I will pick something from their range soon.

    And they have a special hand wash… 😐 😐 I need to check it out especially for winters.

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  3. Hands down, the BEST hand cream is the Lady Soma Skin and Nail Treatment ,It’s great for those who like to change up their nail polish but hate stripped & brittle nails. It keeps my nails firm & in good shape. I swear, my it makes my nails grow faster. The cream itself is relatively lightweight and sinks right in with a lovely fragrance. I’ll put it on my hands (and nails) at night, and they stay moisturized through the next day. I also wash my hands A LOT, and this saves them from hard water and winter weather. I’m young, so I can’t comment on its anti-aging properties, but I do believe this will keep my hands looking young, too. amazing!

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