Masters Pastel Hair Chalk Review

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Hair coloring is in practice since ancient times using Henna and some other plants. Then came synthetic hair dyes, but in 21st century hair chalking is in vogue . It is so so convenient for ladies who don’t want to dye their hair permanently for months but want to get some fun highlights for some events or for a change but are scared from the after damages of coloring.

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I always wanted to get some highlighted flicks but I always knew how damaging hair dye is, even if I apply ammonia-free hair dyes still, it is all chemicals in there . I will not lie I actually wanted red flicks above the nape of my neck , but I was always very skeptical and I never got them done.

So one day while surfing the internet, I totally went gaga as I got to know about hair chalking trend, it was very fascinating. LOL yes! I could actually get highlights in different colors whenever I want them just in minutes so I searched some websites and easily found them in range of all colors. I purchased them at the moment.

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I purchased Masters Pastel hair chalks in 12 colors. Chalks came all nicely bubble wrapped in a neat cardboard box with no breakage and also the product packing includes sponge bed on which each chalk lies.

Colors are: White, Yellow, Orange, red, maroon, parrot green, leaf green, blue, navy blue, light purple, brown and black.

You can get it from various websites in India. It is easily available in sets of 3, 4, 5, 12, 24, 36,48 colors. There is wide variety available.


There is no description of how to apply color chalks so I googled it and found two popular ways of hair chalking. Both methods were using water, hair chalk of your desired color.

Firstly, section your desired part of clean dry hair where you want to get color, brush thoroughly and make sure they are smooth with no knots.

First method:

Dip the chalk in water for 10 seconds and apply straight to your sectioned hair. you might have to dip and apply a few times depending on length of your hairs and also how much color you want. Let it dry. Ta-da you’re good to go!

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Second method:

Damp your sectioned hair a little, apply the chalk directly to your damp hair in downward motion a few times . Let it dry- you’re good to go!

I also saw some Youtubers using straightening and curling irons after the highlighted part is dry. What straightening or curling does is the heat seals in the color with your hair and helps it stay longer, with less smudging and it also adds a little shine.

I personally prefer the first method. Both methods barely take 5 minutes to get the job done right, but I think the second method takes a little more time in drying and is messier than first. Hair chalking stays for upto two days with a little fading, and gets off easily with a regular shampoo as I normally do. I also found that it works great on bleached hair or naturally light hair such as blondes, as the the color that shows up is brighter.

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Pros of Masters Pastel Hair Chalk :

  • Easy to apply and easy to remove.
  • Just takes five minutes to get it on.
  • Can alter colors as many times I want.
  • Easy availability online.
  • Wide range of colors and sets to choose from.
  • From young girls, teenagers to old aunts and even men, everyone can use it.

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Cons of Masters Pastel Hair Chalk :

  • The hairs look tad bit dry and lifeless when I chalk them, but it rejuvenates as soon as I shampoo.
  • It is as fragile as a glass. once applying it fell off my hands from a height and broke. Obviously it’s a chalk, it is supposed to break so its not a major con for me.
  • The colours. black, navy blue, brown, maroon doesn’t show up on my dark hair.

Verdict on Master Pastels Hair Chalk :

I love it. This is not as harmful as chemical dyes, which require bleaching, polishing your treasured tresses. I am sure your daughters or friends will love them too.

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22 thoughts on “Masters Pastel Hair Chalk Review

  1. Welcome back Srashti, what a comeback
    love this product, though I have blonde (now faded)highlights 😛 I wish I knew about this

  2. OMG what an awesome product…I saw this online but never dared to try…Love the way your hair looks , such a smart idea to get a change from the monotonous hair 😀

  3. I had heard about this from a friend… This is convenient if you want the highlights for some special occasion or something! Well reviewed! 🙂

  4. i so loved your review Srashti. i wanted to get some streaks on my hair but the harmful affects of dyes have always put me off. also coz i have very thin hair, i don’t feel like experimenting much. these chalks seems to be a great option.
    can you please provide the link you bought this from?

  5. hey ur hair look lovely with those blue color…this is an amazing product..i always wanted to get my hair colored but post effects of colouring held me for the same.

  6. I bought it one year back, so i don’t remember the exact price. But current price for 12 colors set is $8 on ebay with free shipping!

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