Maybelline BB Cream Vs Skin79 BB Cream

Maybelline BB Cream Vs Skin79 BB Cream

I had told you gals about Skin79 BB cream a while ago, you may read it here. So, I won’t go in all the details and the basics of a BB cream again.

A week ago, I got a sample of Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream from my salon. Looks like it’s a newcomer yet to be launched. So, you are getting the review of something that’s not even there in the market. But don’t worry, I have the pictures to prove it exists. Maybelline already has a Maybelline Minerals Instant Skin Perfection in the Asian markets. This one says ‘Clear Smooth 8-in-1 Skin Transformer’ on the pack. Couldn’t they just skip the loooong tags and keep it simple like type 1/2/3 etc. Anyway, that’s not the point. I tried it. The sample pack was enough for 3 applications.

Maybelline BB Cream

What it Claims:

1) Our revolutionary Skin Perfection Cream instantly improves and perfects your skin.
2) SPF 26 PA+++ (If anybody knows about the +++ after PA, please enlighten).
3) 01 Fresh – This I’m guessing is the shade code.
4) Brightens, conceals, evens, clears, refines, smoothes, moisturizes, protects skin – These are the 8-in-1 benefits.
5) Clinically proven no oil, no fragrance, no pore clogging, suitable for sensitive skin, dermatologist tested.


Big list with mostly stabilizers, preservatives, emulsifiers etc alongwith titanium dioxide, permitted colors and SPF. Nothing impressive or extra to offer any skin refining or protecting benefits.



We don’t know yet as it is yet to be launched. But previous Maybelline BB Creams have been selling from SG$15 to SG$20 in Singapore, that would be between Rs.500 to Rs.800 in India. This one also should be in the same range as it is more or less similar to the previous versions.


What I Think About Maybelline BB Cream:

I don’t like the packaging of Maybelline BB creams at all, very ordinary, same color like the previous version “Maybelline Minerals Instant Skin Perfection,”  which comes in the 18 ml tube. Wonder if they are going to change the tube this time.

As to the cream itself, this shade suits me more than the Skin79 shade. Hopefully, Maybelline will have more shades to offer instead of a universal shade, which hardly suits universally. This cream is thinner and quite runny in consistency. Spreads easier. In spite of the company’s claim, it has oil in it in my opinion, because my face became shiny after an hour. I would have liked it to provide better coverage for a BB cream. It gives the smoothness and brighter skin tone, but fails to cover the unevenness. So, its good for covering dark spots and blemishes, but not so good for deep-pitted scars. Sure, didn’t cause me to break out. It performs better in the gray undertone problem too.


I’ll make a quick comparison of Maybelline BB Cream with Skin79 BB Cream to see how they scored in different tests for me.

maybelline bb cream


Left – Skin79, Right – Maybelline. Notice the consistency and difference in shades in the picture above. Picture below is after spreading them. Skin79 doesn’t wear out even after rubbing much, whereas Maybelline does and looks streaky.


Final Verdict:

From the comparison, its clear that Skin79 is a hands-down winner for me. Maybelline needs improvement in more than a few departments. I might try other brands, but not buying Maybelline for sure. It would be so great if all the companies launched the samples first, so that we would not end up with a pile of unwanted products wondering what to do with them. Please listen somebody.





Thanks for reading ladies!

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40 thoughts on “Maybelline BB Cream Vs Skin79 BB Cream

  1. thank you geeta..
    the moment i saw maybelline and bb cream, i tot i am gonna get it..
    thanks for saving my hubby’s pocket.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

    1. mention nott gayathri. :toothygrin:
      wait for skin79 or missha to b launched in india or order online…..but dont get this one :nono:

  2. nice review there…..yes i too agree….the company should release foundations and concealers in sachets form so that u can try it on our own in the comfort of ur house and under decent lighting to finalise the right shade :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: i am allergic to pushy SA s who are half informed and will literally sell u stuff u never ever will need or use :spank: :spank: :spank:

    1. seriously! If i see some SA coming to me to offer help i simply run away or if i really need to get something i tell her i don’t need help thanku!
      Its their job alright, but they shud honestly just offer their advise n we won’t repel them so much.
      :thanks: :rose:

    1. Definitely better coverage, evenness and glow. they kind of form a film over the skin unlike moisturizers which are supposed to seep in the skin.
      Can even fill up the deep scars.
      u gotta try it! :yes:

      1. we have just one bb cream here in india. the body shop one. the shade is super crappy and ashy.I really wanted to give that a try but honestly it is best suited for those with very pale skintone (askin-korean skin tone). Will see if i can pick smething during my travels. 🙂

        1. or lemme know…..i’ll send u. My husband is coming to India by end of this month, he can courier it to u :teddy:
          Offer is open to all of u ladies….. :thumbsup:

  3. Hi
    BB cream has Asian Skin tone but that of south east Asia. So it will be Ashy or pale….. for darker skin tone foundation is mixed….. but i wud prefer darker tones, hope some brands come forward for Indian skin tone BB cream….. Anyways Maybelline has launged a nude version…… has anyone tried it yet……

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