Maybelline Coloroma Nail Polish – Rubi

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Maybelline Coloroma- Rubi

by Gaea

For long I’ve been looking for this blood red that is not too on-the-face or borders on maroon and I guess Rubi is the gem of my calling!

Priced at Rs.79 for 8ml in a thin pear shaped bottle, Maybelline Coloroma Nail colors are a Steal. The shades are pretty like-able easily too.

Some others I have on me are Brillo (the transparent basic one), Cafe Latte (color is exactly what it says – it look like a latte in matte – my HG for formal nails), Dusty Rose (matte burgundish brown – my other HG for casual dark nails), Glacial (glossy light pink – if you want to be the sweet nice lady of the house) and Silver Sand (shiny buff shaded grey – for those slightly ‘different’ moods)

Given that I had picked Rubi just by looking at it I was very happy how it turned out.

As all coloromas the consistency is medium and not too runny; the brush is fair and if you can pick just the right amount and apply it flat on the nails it works well.

Seen here is me wearing a double coat of Rubi (on my rather-bony-wrinkly fingers ;))

The color you see from outside the bottle does get justified in two coats as seen.

These are in broad daylight – sunlight in fact. If you notice the third picture of the bottle, the shadow can be seen. So dark is as good during day as is for night.


I think this is one red that will easily go on all Indian skin tones. What more it would compliment all our Indian ensembles perfectly well as it does the western outfits too.


  • Color Color Coloroma – Perfect Blood red
  • Price!
  • The Bottle (easy-to-store-stack in my refrig)


Removal – The first removal (use Lakme nail color remover with vit E) colors your finger all around the nails; second makes it better; its the third time its taken off fully.

Sometimes a triple coat may help bring out this color better.

Buy again? –
Yes, for the color

Go on, its worth a try without making you guilty if you don’t really like it for more than one or two uses 😉

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18 thoughts on “Maybelline Coloroma Nail Polish – Rubi

  1. That’s a nice shade!

    I just bought two Colorama shades and I love them – Chic and Mauvey.

    I also have Silver Sand and Dusty Rose (which I use mostly for my toenails). Silver Sand is an awesome, different color as you said and I love the shimmer – the particles seem extremely fine. I don’t like chunky glitter.

    I prefer Colorama over Lakme nail polishes anyday. My only complaint with these is that a single coat of color makes these look a little translucent on my nails, so I have to put two coats.

  2. OMG This colour is just gorgeous! I have also been looking for the perfect red nail polish and I’m so gonna try this.
    PS. I like your name 🙂

  3. Nice color !!! I think I have Silver sand…also have the tranparent one and a matte brown too…I like colorama range…

  4. Really pretty color Gaea!
    I tried these a couple of years ago in college, they’re such a great way to wear new shades without breaking the bank. and they don’t chip for a while either.
    You have such a pretty name…!

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