My Small Makeup Haul

My small haul . 🙂

I just wanted to share with you people my recent haul .Here are the stuff I got:
makeup and beauty shopping
I dropped into one of the CCOs Cosmetics Company Outlets . CCOs stock up most of the dis-continued and limited edition items that are no longer available in stores at very reasonable prices.  They had a huge variety of skincare and cosmetics everything belonging to the Estee Lauder group. MAC, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Bobbi Brown etc. I dare not buy any kind of skin care from there. God knows, since when they have been lying around there.

I was also running out of time, so I just got one MAC Lipglass in ‘Personal Taste’ which was released as part of the Make-up Art Cosmetics collection in late 2009 here. I will be using it for 5-6 months after which I feel it ‘might’ start to separate. Buy hey, it was a good bargain at $10 for a MAC lip gloss. 🙂

They had some very good collection of MAC eye shadow palettes. Might get it sometime. 🙂  I think as far as CCOs are concerned, it’s good to try powder based items as they tend to have a longer shelf life.

MAC Lipglass in Personal Taste:

MAC Lip Glass Personal taste

Then, I got the following stuff also. Got these from Ulta.
Smashbox lip enhancing gloss in Afterglow and blush rush in Chiffon 🙂 . I love the way chiffon shows up on me. It’s a bit shimmery but looks lovely when applied.

Smashbox Blush Chiffon

Smashbox Blush Chiffon

Smashbox Lipgloss Afterglow

Finally, I got myself the Revlon Colourburst lipstick in Peach…love it…Wanted to get this shade after reading Rati’s review and swatches:) .
Revlon Colorburst Peach Lipstick
NYX round lipstick in Thalia
. It’s  a bit too bright, rather looks more purple-ish which I don’t like that much, but looks nice when topped off with a clear gloss. 🙂

NYX Round Lipstick Thalia

NYX Round Lipstick Thalia

Swatches for the lipsticks:
Swatches Lipstick
*It’s actually personal taste…spelt it wrong in the swatch
That’s all for now. Hope y’all liked it 🙂


46 thoughts on “My Small Makeup Haul

    1. Yeah Rati…Smashbox is a high end brand 🙂 most of their stuff are costlier than MAC…all their products are drool-worthy esp the lip glosses…There is this lippe called o-gloss which goes and transparent and changes to a perfect pink according to the persons skin color 🙂 and yeah Thalia was super hyped so I got it…it’s some weird mauvy-purple…without a gloss looks very average 🙁 Not meant for Indian skin tones I suppose 🙁

  1. Love them all.. :inlove: :inlove: Nice haul.. I definitely need to pick up Revlon in peach color.. It looks absolutely gorgeous

    1. Thanks Priya 🙂 …get the peach color…it’s adorable…I had it on my wish list for a while, but got really tempted after reading a review on this blog 😉

  2. Nice stuff Appu! I have a CCO at a Saks Fifth outlet close to where I live, and it’s awesome…but I’ve never seen Smashbox there 🙁 you’re so lucky!
    How do you make Thalia work on you? I can’t wear it by itself it’s lying in a corner.

  3. Thanks Devika 🙂 Thalia was over hyped I suppose…if i wear it as such, it looks like i got a sore lip…looks pretty ok with a light shade of gloss 🙂 …i try to pair it with MACs plush glass in ample pink 🙂 seems fine that way 😉

  4. Hey Appu living in dubai. what about u ? Btw,today i got this amazing lip pencil from Nyx in a shade called Iris. It’s lovely !!

    1. I live in the US Insiya 🙂 Nice to know u r haulin’ some NYX…lemme know how the pencil works out for ya 🙂 i’ve heard ppl say its really creamy 🙂

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