Maybelline Mineral Foundation for Sensitive Skin

maybelline foundationMany women don’t know if they have sensitive skin, majority who do, don’t know how to improve or prevent their skin condition. Sensitive skin is a skin that easily breaks out, stings, redness, irritation, flushing and many other skin problems. This can be because of skin care product, make-up product or even weather.

For people who have sensitive skin, finding suitable make-up product is not easy. A few months ago I had about blusher from a well-known brand. I don’t usually put trial item on my face, due to all the bacteria that can be found on trial make-up items. But as it was a very famous and trusted by many brand, I decided to give it a try. After wearing it for a couple of hours, my cheeks started burning and I had terrible break-outs for weeks, after weeks of using calamine lotion the redness reduced. For people similar with me, it’s hard to find skin products that improve more than damage, make-up is even more tricky to find, especially foundation. But I’ve discovered that mineral based make-up items really improves skin but also is not harmful for most people with sensitive skin.

maybelline clear Smooth

Pros of Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation

Clear Smooth minerals powder foundation by Maybelline is my trusted and safe foundation. I’ve been using it for over a year now and it has improved my skin condition, this is because of the mineral ingredients are natural and aids skis. Contains 100% micro minerals, with 0% oils, 0% Talc, 0% fragrance, and 0% preserversatives.

Long term effect

The foundation has been clinically proven to make skin clearer, smoother, and more radiant. I have personally noticed that my skin tone has become a few shades lighter and glowing more after I started wearing it. According to Maybelline this effect can be seen after 8 weeks. 52% improvement in skin smoothness, 49% improvement in skin luminosity, 43% reduction in redness

Short term effect

This mineral foundation powder has SPF and the micro-minerals give impeccable coverage. It also blends beautifully on your skin, giving a natural glow without any added shimmer. Moreover mineral foundation does not clog pours, which is a big advantage for skin care.

How to use

Clear Smooth Mineral Powder Foundation by Maybelline comes with a small cute kabuki brush that you can put in your handbag and bring anywhere for anytime use and touch ups. Shake the container for powder before use, dip kabuki brush in and tab excess away and blend on skin in circles for smoother blend in. Within minutes a complete finished look for a whole day!

Clear Smooth Mineral Powder by Maybelline Comes in 8 shades
maybelline clear smooth minerals foundation shades

maybelline clear smooth minerals foundation swatch
(Natural Ivory)

Did you know?

Clear Smooth Mineral had won a few awards on Oprah’s magazine!

-Spring Makeup O-wards 2008 – Most Comprehensive Mineral Makeup Line
-Self Healthy Beauty Award 2008 – Best Mineral Powder Foundation

Cons of Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation

Kabuki brush that comes with the powder is hard and harsh on skin. I suggest getting another softer brush. Also, you will need a make-up remover to remove foundation completely. After removing the foundation completely, notice your skin looking fresh with a healthy glow.

Also if you have sensitive skin, other than using mineral based make-up product, another good way to reduce skin problems is to clean brushes. I usually pump or soap up my palm with hand wash or skin cleaner and wet the brush and brush my palm that contains soap softly. You can see the excess make-up color the soap, rinse with water running on your palm and brushing, that way not too much water goes inside the brush. After squeezing excess water out, I put my brushes in a glass near a window with sunshine. Downwards! If you put your brush heads up with the hair going upwards, the water will get into the brush and wet the glue and give your brush hair loss problems. 😛

These products and methods does not only improve sensitive skin but it also works nicely for others.

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44 thoughts on “Maybelline Mineral Foundation for Sensitive Skin

  1. This is nice , my friend who lives in the states uses mineral makeup , i really like staring at her when she applies it 😛 its fun to see all the particles flowing in air 😀 sometimes they sparkle 😀

  2. sounds like an awesome product!!! but my question is… will it be available in india at a reasonable price??

      1. i would be really surprised if they have decent variety of shades and at a reasonable preice!! shade is always a problem that i have faced with foundations and now i have totally given up… either i find a lighter shade or a much darker…on me lighter looks “bandariya has put fairness cream” and darker looks like “li’ll girl came back from the playground after playing in mud” :'( :silly:

        otherwise i want this product nowwww!! :woot:

          1. 😀 😀 yayiee!! yup south campus (before 1st year when i had gone to north campus to get the CATE ka form i thot we were going to some other state cz of the distance :waiting: :stars: .. so after that didnt even have the guts to apply in north campus 😛 ) .. i’m in kamala nehru college… which collg r u in?? 🙂

    1. I’m not sure. but any mineral based make up is better then the normal type. i especially love the fact that mineral based make-up products dont clog pours. so people who have skin problems can still wear make up like this.

  3. wwwwwaaaaaaawwwwwwww its looking gr8 ……….i have also bit Sensitive but dry skin………is it for me ?:) ?:) not sure
    Rati…………how its look like in packing …………….she didnt loaded kya ?:) ?:) if she did…pls. post pic also………

  4. Wow.. sounds good. All those improvements. Would love to have seen what the foundation looks like though, as in the packaging. Gives me a clearer idea of what to look for. And how much it costs – sorry if you mentioned it already 🙂 Thanks!

  5. i use bare minerals mineral make up sometimes
    u need a great primer and perfectly moisturised skin for it and it goes on like a dream
    good article love

  6. 8 shades is awesome. this reminds me of the bodyshop foundation, which offers barely 3-4 shades. I really ope they launch it here. it looks like an awesome product. :))

  7. I have been using Laoreal mineral foundation & it looks just the same as this one. I like it a lot when the weater is nt too hot & sweaty. In hot weater, it becomes chalky when one sweats a lot. In inters, it’s just great. Even with Loreal, the brush is rubbish.
    I wihs this comes to India. I think I will like this

    1. i haven’t used loreal mineral foundation, i found this and loved it and shall stick to it! haha. but it should be almost the same. it’s really one of the greatest make-up product i’ve found. in hot weather? i’m not sure how hot, but i’ve been in the sun with this product, it doesn’t become chalky.

  8. I want to purchase maybelline wonder finish foundation but i dont know how to match colour ?:) ?:) ?:) SA would swatch the foundation on the back of my palm…and i cant understand the colour…a shade darker , lighter or same as my face colour should i buy.. O:) O:) :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: .I have this problem with both foundation and compact…in compact i was thinking of purchasing lakme perfect radiance ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:)

    1. Firstly i would suggest going mineral. trust me, it’s a lot better. Secondly.. the color is a problem yes. behind the palm application works. but blend it in so it looks natural. and not too chalky. then maybe putting your palm near your face and looking in the mirror?

      I’m not too much of an expert in this. but that’s how i came up with my foundation color. and thank god, it was right.

  9. girliiiieeesss… i’ve got news…
    i was checking out if i could find the price of this product and on yahoo answers it was written it is for Rs. “wait for it” …… 250 :woot: :woot: :woot:
    is it possible??????? could it be true??? unbelievable!!! but if tz true!! then i’m sold!!!
    :yahoo: :yahoo:

  10. Mineral to this!! Anyone uses SheerCover Mineral makeup?? ?:) ?:) Pls lemme know ur experience.

  11. dang.. yeah. i noticed the bronzer and blusher for mineral by maybelline isn’t on the counters anymore. i was going to review those next. i’ll try looking.

  12. Great Product Cyra… :-* :-* i also want this… :fingersxd: :fingersxd: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

  13. great review!! cnt wait to try it out. can anyone plz tell me if a powder is needed to be applied over the mineral foundation? or does it set without the powder?

  14. hey. am new here and absolutely love the reviews. they are very helpful. i have super oily skin too and its prone to breakouts. could you please suggest some good foundation powder that’ll help tone down the greasiness and the shine? i have tried some brands but they didn’t exactly help me much. maybe i should switch to mineral makeup.. i need something that’s meant for a super oily skin and is also equally affordable. thank you 🙂

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