Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color Surreal, Bubble Gum, Rouge Passion Review

Hello sweeties,
Ask me my latest love for the nails and my answer would be the Gel Nail Paints from Maybelline! I picked up 3 shades some time back, and fell in love with the pretty shades and the quality. This time I picked up 3 completely different and most stunning shades to try out. Scroll and see how they look on my nails.
Maybelline superstay 7 days gel nail paints surreal bubblegum rouge passion

Price: Rs 325/- each
Product Description by Maybelline:
Get right on trend with the latest nail polishes to keep you and your nails fashionable always! Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Color has a brilliant gel color and shine which stays on for an entire week without any chipping or damage. The collection is designed to give each nail “plump polished perfection” along with a smooth and perfect finish, allowing you to show them off. It offers a range of 24 shades from bold colors, gentle pastels to timeless nudes; you’ve got it all. It’s time to get sophisticated colors that leave you spoilt for choice!

Here’s why you will love it:
• Has a range of 24 gorgeous nail polish shades.
• Stays on for 7 days without chipping or damage.
• Gives nails a smooth and perfect finish.
• Has gel color, finish and shine

My Experience with Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour Surreal, Bubble Gum, Rouge Passion:

Packaging: The bottles looked beautiful on the Maybelline counter and trust me I was drooling over them. They come in glass bottles which look very classy with see-through packaging. It becomes really easy to spot the colours. They have a wide variety of shades to choose from, ranging from sober shades to bright ones and then bold and super dark ones. I picked some bright and very common colors to try and see if they worked different than the regular ones. I overall loved the packaging because they are very handy. The bottles are sturdy and won’t break even if dropped.

• Rouge Passion-This is certainly the most beautiful red that I have used till date. I wouldn’t mind calling it the perfect red because it is bold, bright, sexy and glamorous. The moment I paint my nails, the bright red shade adds life to my nails. This is a very eye candy colour which everyone is sure to notice. It instantly makes my hands look fresher and brighter. This colour is great for bridal wear too. A bride would look perfect in it! This is an all-rounder shade which you can wear for any occasion or on any outfit too.
rouge passion

• Surreal-This is one of the most unique shades that I have tried! Surreal is a beautiful periwinkle blue or a pretty lavender-blue shade. It is a very crisp and a refreshing colour. Pair it with a boring outfit and it does the trick of taking away all the attention. This is a very different shade to try out. Earlier I was a bit hesitant to pick this up but it turned out to be really beautiful. This shade cannot be easily duped, so it is a fun shade to try out.

• Bubble Gum: How can I not pick a pink? It is a bright bold pink which adds a lot of feminism to the nails. It looks very cute and girly and this is my on-the-go shade. It is an eye candy shade and one of the best pinks that I have used. I pair it with my Infinitely Fuchsia lipstick from Maybelline and they both steal the show. It gives me some cute Barbie nails which I love flaunting every now and then. It adds a lot of hotness to my nails.
bubble gum

Texture, consistency and pigmentation: The pigmentation is great. I need 2 full coats to make it look opaque and bright. But I don’t mind applying 2 coats since they dry pretty quickly. The texture is very shiny and glossy. It gives you the look of gel nails, so am happy that it does what it claims. The consistency is thick but it is very smooth on the nails but you need to be careful and not keep the cap open for long while application. Also, we need to keep the fan off while applying these; else they might dry up completely.

Staying power: The nail paint actually stayed for 7-8 days. The glossy sheen was reduced but my nail paint was there, colourful and bright. It might peel a little from the cuticles area if your nail grows super fast like mine. Now if you are into vigorous washing of clothes and dishes every-day and you apply only 1 coat, then it will chip off from places because that happened with my mom when maid was on leave. And for that, make sure you apply 2 coats and a top coat. It chips a little from the ends if there is not much activity but just a little which will be seen only when observed closely.
maybelline super stay nail polish

Overall great ones if you can spend that much on a nail paint.

Pros of Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour Surreal, Bubble Gum, Rouge Passion:

• 24 shades to choose from.
• Bottles with see-through packaging for colour visibility.
• Coverage is great; colour becomes opaque in 2 swipes.
• All the 3 shades add glamour and hotness to my nails.
• The shades are a total eye candy.
• They have a glossy shine which stays for 4 days and the colour stays for 7 days as claimed.
• Nails do not become yellow even after keeping these nail paints for 7 days.
• They dry pretty quickly after application.
• They do give “gel nails” look.
• Doesn’t peel off even if you wash dishes or do household chores (if you apply 2 coats).
• Available all around.

Cons of Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour Surreal, Bubble Gum, Rouge Passion:

• Expensive.
• Might chip a little from the ends.
• Shine and glossiness faded a little after the 4th day.
• It peels off more if you apply only 1 coat and are into household chores.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Will I Repurchase/Recommend Maybelline Super Stay 7 Days Gel Nail Colour Surreal, Bubble Gum, Rouge Passion?
I do recommend the entire range as there are amazing shades to choose from. Do get them if you can splurge that amount on nail paints.

Conclusion: Love how Maybelline innovates with some of the best shades ever!

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  1. Surreal is such a pretty shade and looks perfect on your nails. Why don’t you do a nail-care routine post? 🙂

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