Top 10 Diet Excuses : Eat Right, Lose Weight

Top 10 Diet Excuses : Eat Right, Lose Weight

We all want to be fit and healthy. But when it comes to sticking to diet and fitness goals, we all make excuses because we are not fully committed to what we want to change/achieve. No matter how much we run on thread mill or do yoga all day long, until and unless we do not know the trick of eating right, we may not be able to get the desired shape or able to get into the jeans/skirt from the past we have always wanted.

1. I need to attend that relative’s wedding, cousin’s baby shower; friend’s party and so on other eat outs. It is just a week ahead, so I will start eating right after that.

weight loss
weight loss

If we eat sensible and healthily on a daily basis, we’ll enjoy the occasional party more. Even if we gain a little weight on that occasion, it is not going to affect us much, because we have not spend the weeks beforehand gaining weight .

2. Everyone in my family is fat – it runs in the family.

This is slightly true that we may inherit the genetic tendency to be overweight. But the eating and other lifestyle habits also tend to run in the family, contributing to excess weight. So we have to keep a check on the same about the intake and exercise.

3. I can’t afford to go on a diet and neither have the time.

We don’t have to buy special foods in order to diet successfully. Anyone who can afford to eat can afford to diet. Dieting is all about eating sensibly and less, and not about spending lot of hours on weighing food portions or calculating calorie values.

4. it’s my hormones.

It is true that some people are overweight because of hormonal problems. But most of the people’s weight problems are caused simply by eating too much. If you have hormonal imbalance, do take the medications properly and most of them lose weight in a time span of 6 months to one year by proper treatment.

5. I have a slow metabolism.

Metabolism varies from person to person. If we lead a sluggish life and eat calorie-rich food, it will further slow down our metabolism. We can boost our metabolic rate with regular exercise and correct food habits.

6. I simply love good food; I will never be able to carry out this diet!

If we tell our self that we will never be able to carry out the diet, then we cannot do so.

There are plenty of delicious foods we can eat while we lose weight, based on our needs and preferences.

Talking of metabolism and food, am a foodie . 😀

A funny pic of moi (with olive oil dripping from my hand to tee 😛 he he)

CAUTION: Looks can be deceptive

7. I will not be able to do my work well when I have to starve every day.

Who said that we need to starve? The diet plans are structured in a way that we’ll never have the slightest feeling of starvation.

Check out how not to stay fit at office

8. I travel much in my job, and have to stay and eat in hotels.

Hotels/motels will give you the food you order. So, order smart and healthy. If you really want to lose weight, go to the local market and pick up easy to fix items to munch on, not any starter from the hotel as a mid day snack 😛 I have done this, so I know exactly how we eat.

Vacations are an exception; if you are traveling often then you should follow this.

9. Food is a stress buster. It comforts me and helps me deal with stress.

Don’t add calories to beat your blues. Replace emotional eating with other stress busters—music, a book or a sport and see the difference it makes to your health.

10. Practicing control over portions is hard and I can’t stick to any diet plan.

Idle mind is devil’s workshop, so fill your day with activity and you will find fewer excuses to overeat.

If you want a diet that provides you with enough nutrition to be fit and still keep your weight under control, get yourself a dietitian to design a plan for your needs. This way you will be able to stick with the diet and stay healthy as well.

Tipsy: How to choose a diet plan?

Diet plans should be provided by experts, not developed or passed over a dinner conversation. Low carb diets, fruit/veg diets are absurd, coz suddenly deviating from your regular eating habit will disturb your metabolism, skin and hair too.

Last but not the least, diet plans should be designed by a dietitian or the least you can check with nutrition whether the diet plan is suitable for your lifestyle, medical and family history.
To end with, some comics on diet, caffine, tobacco and alcohol 😉

alcohol jokes

Diet Joke
Diet Joke
Diet Joke
Diet Joke
Diet Joke
Diet Joke

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66 thoughts on “Top 10 Diet Excuses : Eat Right, Lose Weight

  1. he he he..Excellent article Veena. I think Points 2,4 and 5 are somethings I always crib about :-(( :-(( …Need to relook at myself and get some changes done. This article is a real eye-opener 😮 😮 😮 …And I loved that oil dripping pic of yours..he he eating some mexican stuff there? I can see something like tortillas!! ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

    1. Thanks Cali :-* :-*

      it wasmedditerian food 😉
      i lub hummus and falafel , i was born nd brgt up in middle east 😉

      and abt harmones and appetite, my friend has thyroid issues, she eats sweets all the time,
      but now wt medication and regular exercise, she lost 18 kg,, not those VLCC short cuts :silly:

      1. too love falafel and hummus..falafel tastes so much like our Indian daal ke pakode..hee hee 😀 😀 😀 ..I think they are more or less the same!! :-/ :-/ …I even like that Tahini sauce!! :-)) :-)) :-)) :-))

          1. s Cali, falafel sounds yumm na , i got it from central mall, jayanagar

            she hit O2 in chennai , some costly place like talwalkars 🙂

            i hit the normal chota motta gym near my place , (BTM)

            taht way i can sight all the hunks there and equaly be happy if someone checks us out 😛

            (writing wt confidence, my beau will not check this site 😛 LMAO :chic: )

            1. I have also lost some 12 kgs after my high school. My mom says that my calves were the size of my thighs. :shame: :shame: After that I have never put on weight majorly, but I am not thin as well.

  2. Hey Veena….good one…..I agree on all points except that hormonal one….medicines can only cure up to a point Veena….hormonal imbalances do lead to increased weight which is very difficult to lose with dieting alone…..excercise and other ways have to be employed as well…..BTW…loved the jokes at the end :-))

    1. 😉 thanks jomol, yes harmone is an exception, but people should take medication for months and in some cases years altogther to get back to normal :-* :-*

      most of them are curable though 🙂

      btw i put the pic, coz i wanna know wat shades and stuff suties moi ?:-) any suggestions ladies ? 😀 😀

  3. eye opening article , i wouls say …. 😯 😯 😯 😯 neglecting myself since long , hafto get back on track :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/ :-/

    rati , thnak u for making me cancel my “toast and half a tub peanut butter” breakfast , u had to publish this right when i sat down to eat , hai naa :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth: :teeth:

      1. i also dont go near it … it comes to me … :silly: :silly: :silly:

        ya its really fattening … i have it only kabhi kabhi .. and today is my ofiifcial day off ,,not that i am very bhusy otherwise … so treating myself .. 😀

    1. lolz, u can even eat those burgers and oil dripping foods, but portions r important
      i eat good for a girl of my size and hgt, but i work out like a mad person 😛 😉

      i lub peanut butter, no harm if taken less than two spoonful daily :yes: :yes:

      RATI and other beauties here – can u suggest wat colours suite moi and am always confused about that foundation colour, any sugestions lads ? ?:-) ?:-)

    2. half a tub is sinful 😉 u can take half a tub once or twice in a week, :-* :-*

      two spoon ful is enuf for two toasts 😛 so wat did u had for bf today ? :bowl: :plate:

  4. :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((
    I always have pints 3, 5 and 7 as excuses…. :silly: :weep:
    But I am anemic (hemoglobin is 8.4) so I have to plan my diet accordingly….. :-(( :-(( :-((
    I hate taking supplements…..can you suggest alternative plz.

    btw…I loved the comics so much….specially husband day care center and metal filling ones are so humorous. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    1. 😉 thanks Jinal, workout and eat out :cute: :cute:

      there is no shortcut to beautiful skin, likewise no shortcut to fit figure :yes: :yes:

      you can achieve both if u have a millionire bf and ready to spend lacks on ya 😉 😉

      referals are welcome too 😛

  5. Very nice article Veena,
    I’v very good control on what i eat, but still gained lots of weight due to Hypothyroidism. Now hv lost 4-5 kgs n still trying to lose d excess weight.

  6. I am ridiculous at dieting. 🙁 During hostel days I used to have such a good control over my diet but now I cant. :((

    However I avoid eating heavy junk food, it’s only once in a while that I binge on such foods. I have brought your “eat nuts” tips in my routine and it really helps. They are filling, nutritious and healthy.

    Thank you for such articles, veena. I may not follow all the tips you give but every time I read your articles I always pick teeny meeny things from it. It helps. :-*

    1. thanks Rati, you can much on roasted peanuts too, if u like them 🙂

      am happy that, this is helpful , even if it’s a tiny bit 🙂

      honestly i hate dieting, with my kind of appetite, if i don’t work out i bloat

      again everyone of us like some sorta good food, so we must stick to them to avoid other junk intakes , like mine is nuts, raisins, vegetable for me is carrot and potato, no greens :silly:

      RATI and other beauties here – can u suggest wat colours suite moi and am always confused about that foundation colour, any sugestions lads ? ?:-)

        1. Rati, i have dry skin,
          am using MAC NC 44, a foundation, some kajal and a nice lip gloss :beauty:
          soemtimes i feel that the colour is two shades darker than mine, 🙁

          i tried bourjois matte mineral, but again am not able to get the rite shade and finish
          am a newbie in this area, so guide moi dear Rati :-)) :-))

            1. i was at onsite, when i bgt ma MAC.,, their it was cheap and the SA was like this will suite indian skin…. and all

              i need to go all the way to garuda mall to pic MAC (whihc is locted opp to taht mall ), anyone wanna join moi shopping

              but for purfect finish, i lub mac the best, it glides like butter and stays put :yes: :yes:

                1. yes Janhavi, they were telling me to go for NW 😛
                  i should hit MAC here and check again,
                  mine is almost getting over … :yes:

  7. rati rati rati …. listen listen listen ,….

    i was so keen on bying khadi products that i googled and googled till late nite , so their website , had a contact number . i called them up now and asked them how can i purchase products so that fellow was like we ll courier it to you , you deposit the money in our pnb bank account.

    so waht i wanted to ask was , 1. Should i trust them ?
    2. What what should i order … i am out of stock of everything now facepack, scrub, gel , etc etc .. , if you could tell me what what are good ?

    1. oh yeah!! if they don’t send , we always have a IMBB to write about our experiences. 😉 anyway I dont think they would cheat.

      If you have oily skin, you can order their rose moisturising lotion.

      Their kesar peeling scrub gel is ridiculously awesome . It would suit all skin types.

      If you ahve dry skin you can order their badam whitening scrub instead of aloe vera one. 🙂 ANd their face wash is also pretty good. i have used honey and lemon one for two years. 🙂

    1. portion is the key Prerna,
      avoid stocking up,
      everytime u need an ice cream, got to a store and grab jus one cone from the store, hope that helps :yes: :yes:

      1. neha, am a chocolate and coffee person 😉 i lub dark chocolates :inlove: :inlove:

        so may be chokies i will indulge in 😉

  8. hey Veena…great article….you are very right..its imp to eat right and right portions….ofcourse nothing can substitute a 30 min exercise. I lost 10 kgs (post pregnancy) wtg with a combination of exercise and proper food intake – walk for 45 mins and swim over the weekends and mainly home cooked food. I do bing on certain days…but they are limited to once/twice in a month. Eating smaller portions have also helped me a lot…

  9. kuddoes priya, i lub ur commitmetn and is it a boy or a girl chid ?
    how old is she/he ? 🙂 all the best again,
    my bst friends r anupriya and vidhya back in ma college days , miss them hightime :-((

  10. My daug Nidhi is almost 5 yrs…:) i hv become a bit lazy with exercise these days….join and unjoin gym …the weather is bangalore also is awesome …so u want to be under the blanket than walk outside 😛

          1. When are you guys planning to meet? Me will also join 😀 😀 ..I think Rads not asking me to come..coz she is scared, I’d click her haircutting process pics too!! :-(( :-(( … :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: BTW I wont mind doing that!! :snicker: :snicker: :snicker:

            1. lol…ya i told her that freee free free i will click her pics 😛 but she does not want to cm with me 🙁 but lets decide a date and lets all meet and :party: we can alternative throw lot of :snail: :snail: :snail: :snail: :can: :can: :can: :can: :can: …she might agree 😛

  11. Amazing article Veena and reading the comment section is fun as always 😀 😀
    I have used excuse number one so many times I cant tell you.It always gets me in trouble coz wheneva I start a new diet it seems there is some treat/function just around the corner 🙁 🙁 😥 😥
    Wheneva I’m on a diet after a while I feel like I have to have something sweet ….and then somethin spicy ….and then sweet…… u get the picture 😛 😛 😛 😛 What to do 😕 😕 😕 😕

    1. sharon, drink two glass of water prior to any meals 😉 esply in parties
      that way you can cut down eating more, happy hogging 😉 :-* :-*

      we cannot eat cottons like all those size zero models :laugh: :laugh:

  12. This article is about Dieting..and then you’ve posted so yummy pictures of burger and fries…
    Hard to resisit!! :eat: 😛

  13. Akshi and Neha, the pics are by Rati 😉

    however we should also NOTICE the huge dollop of cheese and mayo flowing down from them 😉 :pig2: :pig2:

  14. I love to eat and I love to work out! It’s really not a dichotomy… though eating is easier to do than working out 😛

    Honestly, diets don’t work…I’ve yo-yo dieted all my life and the only thing that keeps me stable is having a ‘cheat day’ i.e. eating clean 6 times a week and binging on all my sins on one day.

    1. i eat out one or twice a week too, mostly i avoid eating out in the nites :-)) :-)) , esply on weekends i lub to be a couch potato :giggle: :giggle:

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