8 Ways to Beat Morning Sickness

By Priyanka Dixit

Hello everyone!
Today’s article is all about the ways to beat severe morning sickness and breathe free! Morning is the main part of our day; if we feel fresh, calm and relaxed in the morning, we remain stress-free throughout the day. A fresh morning makes us energetic and active all day long.
8 Ways to Beat Morning Sickness

1. Luke warm water

Start your day with some lukewarm water as it can help you to cleanse your stomach and to hydrate you. A dash of lime will increase the taste and refresh you.

2. Drink healthy beverages

green tea
Some beverages are mind blowing to beat morning sickness like green tea, ginger and basil tea (yellow tea), a cup of coffee. Aim to begin your day with light beverages.

3. Do some simple yoga

By doing simple yoga poses such as mountain pose, bridge pose, pigeon pose, tree pose, warrior pose, downward dog, triangle pose, child pose, crow pose and cobra, you can really improve your health and feel light.

4. Connect with nature

If you go for a morning walk near your locality such as parks and any favourite location, it can help. If you have any issues like body pain or other health problem and can’t jog, try meditation. Meditation is a great way to control and soothe your mind.

5. Eat small meals

Within one hour of waking up, eat some good foods, for example few nuts, healthy vegetable
sandwich, corn flakes, fruits etc. Staying hungry for a long time after waking up can make you feel pukish and dehydrated. Also keep having smaller meals, and not bigger ones throughout the day to prepare for next day.

6. Don’t skip breakfast

healthy breakfast
Do not skip breakfast and make your breakfast very nourishing. These two keys can prevent morning sickness. A lot of people feel dizzy or pukish even after breakfast for their breakfast is loaded with only unhealthy fats and is necessarily heavy.

7. Take a soothing bath

Brush your teeth and take a good bath. This is a very good technique and will make you feel fresh, clean and rejuvenated within no time. Try to incorporate products with soothing fragrances and include a bit of massage session too to relax your senses.

8. Stick to good habits

What you eat in a day, drink or do can affect your next morning. So, to control morning sickness, rather than just having a healthy morning, try to have a healthy days. Include good lifestyle habits and eat light foods like bananas, kale chips, biscuits, juice etc.
Feel Fuller.

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