10 Most Popular Beauty Products That Beauticians Use in Salon

We all love getting pampered at beauty parlours, but don’t you feel that at times, it is much more convenient to get facials done at home. If we know the right products that are used in the parlors for the professional finish, home facials would become much more convenient. In this post, I will share some products that are used at most parlours across the country and all of them are moderately priced. If you want to have a facial every month, with a limited budget, then pick these products as a one-time investment and each session will cost you less than 500 INR.

Beauty products beauticians use in salons

1. Himalaya Herbals Refreshing Cleansing Milk: Facial session at a good parlour would start with a good cleansing product and most parlors prefer using cleansing milk. This one from Himalaya is an affordable and effective product. It removes makeup and dirt effectively without irritating the skin. It suits all skin types and preps the skin for future treatments.

2. Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Cream Bleach: Many women prefer getting their skin bleached. Fem is a very commonly used brand for bleaching products and this turmeric variant is very popular. It has the goodness of milk and turmeric that removes dead cells and tan. It is dermatologically tasted and not harmful for the skin.

3. Nature’s Essence Caressence Lacto Bleach Tan Removal Cream: Tanning is a big problem for Indian Women and they often prefer getting detan facials done at the parlor. This one is the most commonly used de-tan product. It removes tan and makes the skin lighter. It is great to remove uneven skin patches.

4. O3+ D-TAN Pack: Some parlors provide professional de-tan facial packages and they use this pack form O3+ for the purpose. This product not only removes the tan, but also soothes calms, nourishes and hydrates the skin. It has the goodness of various herbs and essential oils. It makes the skin brighter, lighter and healthier. If you want your skin to look wonderful by using just one product, this is the best choice.

5. Jovees 24K Gold Ultra Radiance Face Scrub: Gold facials are very common among Indian women and they love getting it done before functions and the festivals. Jovees products are often used in parlors and this gold scrub is a part of gold facial routine. The fine granules in the scrub are very delicate and they don’t feel harsh on the skin while massaging. The gel formulation feels luxurious and suits all skin types. It has an exotic feel and smell too. It lightens the skin and effectively removes white heads.

6. VLCC Punarnava Astringent: The parlor ladies prefer using astringents over toners as they impart a cooling sensation to the skin and also  prevent any minor inflammation that may happen after the facial. It is also used after threading to prevent rashes from appearing.

7. Shahnaz Husain Oxygen Skin Beautifying Mask: Oxygenated products are used to make the skin free of the toxins and free radicals and make it breathe. This mask from the famous professional beauty brand of Shahnaz Husain does that perfectly. It makes skin healthy and revitalized. It is a great option for ageing skin too.

8. VLCC Skin Defense Pista Massage Cream: Massaging the face is an important facial step and boosts circulation perfectly. This pista cream is excellent for massaging dry skin. It moisturizes the skin and also improves circulation making it glow. It absorbs into the skin without feeling very heavy and greasy.

9. Lotus Herbals Radiant Pearl Cellular Lightening Facial Kit: Pearl facial is a great option for anyone with oily, acne-prone skin. This kit form Lotus Herbals provides everything that you need for a good pearl facial. It is used in parlors and can be used at home too. One set lasts for more than a year if used once every month. It brightens the face, reduces the scars and also lowers the oil secretion.

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10. VLCC Pedicure Manicure Hand and Foot Care Kit: Pedicure and Manicure sessions at parlors can be a little too expensive when done regularly. You can use the same thing that they use and do it at home. This VLCC kit provides everything you need for glowing hand and feet. Find some free time, get some hot water in a tub and this kit will help you to get beautiful hands and feet easily.

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