12 Must-Have Makeup and Skincare Items to Carry in College Bag

College is that one place where you get obsessed with makeup. My whole craze towards lipsticks and eyeliners started from college and that’s when I started to take care of my skin too. When you are on the run and heading to college early in the morning, there isn’t much time to do a lot, especially makeup wise. In such a situation, you can keep a few handy things in your bag to retouch your face. In fact, I’d sometimes attempt to apply the eyeliner in the local train! Let’s list down 12 makeup and skincare items you should always keep in your college bag to look well groomed and pretty always:

Must Have Makeup and Skincare Items to Carry in College Bag

1. Lip Balm: This is an absolute essential! Generally, when you are travelling or sitting in the class, you tend to miss out drinking sufficient water. Along with a dry mouth, you can experience drying of the lips too. Always keep a lip balm handy, either plain or tinted. You can keep both too or make your own lip balm at home if you love natural products.

2. Moisturizer: When we are avoiding dryness on the lips, why not on the skin too. You can always keep a small bottle of your favorite moisturizer in your college bag. When you’re tired or you see your skin getting too dry, just wash your face with a mild face wash and apply some moisturizer to feel fresh.

3. Face Wash: I used to travel a distance of two hours to get to my college in Mumbai in local trains, and it ruined my skin quite a lot. Soon I realized that I should keep a small bottle of a good face wash in my bag. You can use it once you notice that your skin is looking dull and tired. It used to be an essential for me throughout college and it really helps a lot.

4. Eyeliner: A neutral or standard black eyeliner works wonders! According to me, a brown eyeliner can work in multiple ways. You can use it as eyeshadow, eyeliner, under the eyeshadow, and also to line your lips. I always kept a neutral brown kohl pencil in my bag. Alternatively, you can keep any eyeliner of your choice to add some color during the day. You can switch between brown, black and dark blue too. It can add a pop of color to your college look.

5. Lipstick: I love lipstick a lot but I kept it for emergency, only in my college bag. Usually any regular lip balm works on regular days, but when you want to dress up a little, it’s always good to have a light and neutral-toned lipstick in your bag. A n*de, pink or a light shade of red works wonders. I’d often use the pink lipstick on my eyes and cheeks along with dabbing it lightly on the lips.

6. BB Cream: If you love your skin, avoid using a foundation in college. A better option is BB cream! You can pick a BB cream (here’s a list of the best BB and CC creams for college-going girls) which doesn’t have too much color and is light on the skin. It will just even out the complexion and you can use it for mid-day touch ups.

7. Sunscreen: This is an extremely vital product that must be in your bag no matter what. The blazing sun can damage your skin in the worst ways possible, leading to tanning, hyperpigmentation, sunburns and accelerate the premature ageing process. Depending on your skin type, choose the right sunscreen which is SPF 50 and up! Protect your skin from harmful UV rays!

8. Blotting Paper: Oily skin can be a pain through the day. When your skin starts to get greasy and shiny, you can blot it all away with good quality blotting paper in your college bag. If you do not get time to rinse your face and have extremely oily skin, this product will come to your rescue.

9. Compact or Loose Powder: Compacts and loose setting powder are items that every college girl should carry in her bag. If you don’t want the fuss of applying BB creams or any liquid product, you can just use a compact of your skin tone, else use the powder to set your face too. This will ensure your face looks fresh all day.

10. Wet wipes: Makeup remover wipes or wet wipes should be in your bag at all times. You can find several travel packs in the market.

11. Perfume: A signature scent or a body mist will keep you smelling like roses and lavender through the tedious lectures at college.

12. Concealer: If you want to sport the “natural makeup” and want to avoid heavy foundation, you can use concealer for covering acne and dark spots for a flawless appearance!

An additional tip: Keep a small dry shampoo in your bag for days when you couldn’t wash your hair. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check your college bag now and carry these necessities along.


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