My Favourite MAC Lipsticks


So here my favourite MAC lipsticks. I don’t think these favourites are changing anytime soon. 😀 They are not in any particular order. I clicked them based on what came in handy first. 😛 Oh! I clicked velvet teddy twice.. mistake. 😐

mac lipsticks indian skin tone


Velvet Teddy : This has become my go to color when I have deep eye makeup. Well!! I just wear it without dark eye makeup and look washed out. I still like it. 😛 Review HERE 

Mocha : Probably my fav brown shade ever. review HERE 


must have mac lipstick india



See Sheer : a soft coral go to color. This I’d finish up very soon. Review HERE. Wore it HERE as well.

mac lipsticks indian skin tones


Two of my favourite cool toned lipsticks. Both of these add instant freshness to my face.

 MAC Ruby Woo : Review HERE. Wore this HERE and HERE

Pink Nouveau : Review HERE. Wore it HERE 

must have mac lipsticks india


These two are my statement lips lipsticks. If you like bold lips, you cannot NOT have these two colors in your collection.

MAC Lady Danger : Review HERE. Wore this HERE and HERE 

MAC Impassioned : Review HERE. Wore it HERE 

must have mac lipsticks


Crosswires : A nice orangey coral. Slightly brighter than See Sheer. Review HERE 

Cosmo and Mehr : Both of these are pretty similar shades. Mehr is slightly pinker than Cosmo. But I still love both of these. This is my second tube of cosmo. 😀

Cosmo Review HERE

Mehr review HERE

Other than these lipsticks I also like :

MAC Girl About Town , Morange , Twig,

Plumful, Rebel and Syrup 

fav mac lipsticks

Which are your favourite MAC Lipsticks? :))

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40 thoughts on “My Favourite MAC Lipsticks

  1. u know rati di i showed this post n all mac lipsticks posts to my mom.. she was so excited that she even made a list n saved it her phone n she’s like whenever she l go to Delhi or Ludhiana or when someone else goes, she’s going to get it. thanks alOt for these posts 🙂

  2. Nice ones ratidoo.. Mine are Twig, Made to Last (Prolongwear), Camden chic (Styleseeker collection), verve, Viva Glam III, amorous, Polished up,creme in your coffee…. 🙂

  3. Ah I was waiting for this post 🙂 You always gush about Mehr and Cosmo. Love those 2, but they might wash me out, because of my wheatish skin. If I get one, it would be Pink Nouveau. Love that pink!

  4. ohhhh its snowing on IMBB.. hehhe.. love love it..

    my fav mac lippies in no particular order r : hug me , syrup, creme in your coffee 🙂 🙂

    i’m eyeing velvet teddy n pink noveau :p

  5. I agree with you, Rati, I like all these shades too, a nice mix of neutrals, brights and in-between colours, all suit you to the T, of course. 🙂

  6. Thank you sooo much Rati..yayyyy :puchhi: :puchhi: Waiting for this since long and u have done it, yes i am loving many shades and will purchase one by one 😛

  7. Rati doo i finally gotviva glam nicki… Itis such a gorgeous pink :))
    And you make me want to go buy twig. Always. I love how cosmo n twig look on you. They look so bad on me 🙁

    1. beeno, different shades suit different people no. and try them with different blush or something . i am sure it’s suit you. :))

      yeah that lippy is gorggg!!

  8. Ratiii.. me love it when you use..this pretty white’s very pretty and you have clicked the piccyzzz beautifuly 🙂 …all the liipppieeess are looking nice .. me loving all the shades 🙂 …. girls can’t hav enuf lipstickss…heheh lol 🙂

  9. Wooooooooooow………………i own two of them Mocha and Cosmo, just love MAC when it comes to lipstick. I have 13 in my vanity but I can never beat u Rati 😛

  10. I have been eyeing MAC Mehr since the last couple of months, but after reading this post, I couldn’t wait any longer 🙂 😀 I bought it today…its the most awesome shade of pink I have ever had. I’m totally in love with it! Rati, can’t thank you enough for recommending this shade!! Thanks a ton!

  11. wow……….. thanx for ur fav lippy pics.. 🙂 Am visiting macys soon for Mac haul.. 🙂 I’ll only lookk for above shades, u made my work easy dear. I just need to save it and show Sas for my desired shade..
    Than u so much.. hats off to ur dedication and devotion truely!!

  12. Thats was such a brilliant post to make life easier while to choose a mac lipstick. Awesome collection Rati!

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