MAC Mocha Lipstick Review, Swatch, FOTD

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MAC Mocha Lipstick

MAC lipstick review

Price : Rs 900

MAC describes mocha as peachy yellow brown.

I have had a love and hate relationship with Mocha. After trying it almost 6-7 times at the store I decided that it is a must pick shade for most Indian girls. Well,even Mickey Contractor confirmed it through his Collection.

Mocha is a peachy brown satin finish lipstick. The texture is almost matte and long lasting (more than 4 hours one me). On my NC 35 skin tone it looks more peachy than brown- just the way I like my browns to look. πŸ˜€ It is a completely opaque lipstick so even if you have pigmented lips, this would give its true color. I find the satin finish to be slightly drying but it’s not too uncomfortable.

rati beauty diet plans

It is the kind of shade that would be “my lips but better” for some, a medium for a few and sort of peachy (for those who have similar skin tone as mine).It is a very pretty shade for most Indian skin tones and sort of on-the-go easy peasy shade. I personally like to use this color only with peachy earthy toned blushes but it sort of goes with with coral blushes also.

It looks lovely with a slight hint of gloss just on the centre of the lips. There is a mild vanilla fragrance but not taste in the lip color.

After my love-hate-love-hate with Mocha, I finally love it and highly recommend it. Just take care of the drying part by applying a lip balm underneath or gloss on top. Otherwise, it is definitely one of the very pretty earthy toned color around.

mocha lipstick

mac mocha lipstick review

Swatches :

mocha swatchFOTD
mac mocha lipstick review


mocha lipstick

mocha lipstick -mac satin lipstick

mac satin lipstick mocha

Leather Jacket, Tee : Promod ; Accessories : Forever 21

Β Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog Rating : 4.4 / 5

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158 thoughts on “MAC Mocha Lipstick Review, Swatch, FOTD

  1. u look wow rati! d lip color goes so well with d color of d jacket:D n i hv d same cross necklace as u r wearing but in black 😎 louuuu d last pic πŸ™‚

      1. hehe :p d color of d jckt is jst so flattering..wish it was 4 nt more than 3000 bucks :p any dupe rcmndtn 4 dis almost eggjact color jacket wid d eggjact fit style? :):p

        1. heena, promod has a collection of faux leather jackets in the price range you have mentioned and i think they have a similar shade. you may check that out. πŸ™‚

          1. I don’t have one :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: oh I have my mangalsutra…I have a small tiny cross…. :worship: abhi yaad aya :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

          1. oh…..sorry…muzze nahin maloom tha marathi aise bhi bolte hain……well, this is saurashtra ke paas wala marathi….wahan kaisa zala hi bolte hain :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

              1. how was it :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: Fartuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

          2. Me bari ahe πŸ™‚ hubby had thanksgiving holiday so we ran away for a small getaway. Hehe. Did some nice nice shopping :))
            And finally got a lovely blazer too πŸ˜€

            1. Bee…marathi polgi…….you ribboned yourself kya…as I had told you to do :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

              1. @Jomolay- hubby’s budday 2moro- so will do all that 2moro— We went to Disney park Orlando
                @Blazers were all sold out in Zara and jo they were all cropped up sO I got one from Macy’s I guess its from some small designer- abhi sab samaan car mein hi hain hehehe- we so tired yesterday
                will haul it πŸ˜‰

  2. Only you can look so hot after a stressful day :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :pompom: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

          1. Preetha…your wish list keeps on growing :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

            1. yeah jomo..she is spoilin me..amorous,girl about town mocha,217,219 on my list..god knows when this will end :tongue: :tongue:

  3. holy sh:t..that jacket is AWESOOOOOOOMEEEEEEEEEEE :clap: :drool: u r lukinggggggg mindblowing ratiiii……gawwwdddd i want to steal ur skin,hair…and makeup applying capabilities…and jacket…baaki baad me bataungi :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars: :stars:

    1. fartuuuu!! ye wali lippy you pakka chekoo … you no like browns na.. it is sort of peachy.. nahin toh see sheer. would look supeerrr on you. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

      thankooo :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :puchhi: :puchhi:

          1. errrr koi mujhe batayega how much is tat jacket..i knw rati u feel uncomfortable..lekin jacket ki awesome ness ne besharam bana diya..bht control kiya lekin puchna pada 😐 😐 😐 😐

              1. err..thankuuu..9k..ok… 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐 sanjeevji mere hubby ko aapke pass tution ke liye bhejti hun…biwi ka shopping budget kaise badhayen.. :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

  4. I want hair like yours Rati………… :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: I know you will say loccitaine,,,par phir bhi…I want hair like yours :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

      1. hmmphhhhh :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug: bhagwan agle janam mein aapko frizzy hair dein :happydance: :happydance: :haanji: :haanji: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:

  5. Wow…..Loved the FOTD’s and ur jacket …… :woot: :woot: :woot: ..And coming to the topic, nice shade na..will definitely check out next time i visit MAC…. :thanks:

            1. I love the shade..Its not all brown brown and bland..Its a perfect brown , kind of plummish or burgundy brown…errr if that makes any sense…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

        1. Vineetha…..Mullaperiyaar.. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: .I know it becomign a big problem na…saw that in news……..cracks had developed na…that got okay kya :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

          1. No not okay..still going on i guess..nw that national news channels have also taken it up…..I think they have declared Hartal there as usual :headbang: :headbang: …..

            1. OMG…how many more hartals Vineetha :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: I thought I would buy a summer house in Kerala…but I have to re-think that decision now :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: :headbang:

                  1. Jomo …me had a MAC splurge yesterday…..a part of my big B’day splurge..So bery bery happy and superexcited.. Now i have to check this shade too..Life is so complicated :whistle: :whistle: …. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

        1. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: Me brought Overnight sensation, Verve, Amorous among lippies, prep+prime…. :happydance: :happydance: …Now eyeing Reel drama as well….
          To add to the list now Mocha…… :stars: :stars: :stars:

          1. OMG Vineetha…that’s a huge splurge…..I want amorous too :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

  6. love the lippy…love the jacket….luv u :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i hd the same jacket delhi mein 2 yrs back….thn shifted to mumbai and forgot abt it.fir jab khola bag few months back,it was all gone πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ poore sleeves ek doosre se chipke chipke πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ πŸ˜₯ i so miss it now :(( :((

  7. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,,,u looook superrrrrrbbbb …. πŸ™‚ love the lippie,,and the jacket toooo..and ur hair toooo .. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

      1. You know rati…I didn’t know how to play taash….but there was a group of gujju girls on train who taught me how to play donkey……they taught me to say trone, and aapdo….and we played with 2 rupees and 5 rupees :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

        1. hihih that’s so cute jomol :teddy: :teddy: I alos know only 2-3 games. πŸ˜› sanjeev used to play bridge once upon a time so i gifted the stacks to him.. :toothygrin:

  8. You looking superb Ratii.. :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh: Jacket is super pataooing my hubby to get me the same πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ .. Shade is gorgeous too.. :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

    1. thanks poo :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: you also get it. This is part of their new collection (they launched these a few months back only) so I guess you’d find this at the stores. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  9. I just realized how professional all you photos look, Rati :love: :love: :love:
    Please write an article on how to take such photos, edit, etc…I so want to learn πŸ™‚

  10. Ooooh la la…I loved the last pic the most RAti…soooo stylishhhhhhhhhhhhh!! :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo: loved your makeup and jacket and cross!!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: going to sleep now!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :teeth :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: gooood nighttt!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  11. Rati di! I really wonder how you could have had a love hate love hate relationship with dis!!!! it should’ve been love love love love only!! looking beautiful! πŸ™‚

  12. i ordered the peach one from the Lakme Absolute matte range of lippies.. tht wud be my first peach lippi officially :announce: … hope it is as beautiful as the shade u r showing off here Rati :smug:
    i am luving peaches now a days.. c i got a glosss, a blush n now a lippi in peach… O:) O:)
    but the blush u r wearing is sooo awesum Rati :woot: .. name plz??

    1. it’s a lancome blush. I am in office today so cnt see the name.:(( I guess I’d review that only tomorrow. πŸ™‚

      thanksoo… do review if you like something from the range :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  13. OOOOOOOooooooo such gorgeous photees, you look really ravishing, Rati. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: . And the lippie looks really good, not too brown as in BROWN, and I think I like these kinda browns which are not so dark. Also, the blush is looking awesome and suiting you so well. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  14. oh jus what i would imagine when someone says ‘its a mocha color’ – which not many do! :p
    but does remind me a lot of maybelline cs my mahagony – jus a bit richer.

    Lovely FOTD, something to beat the winters eh? πŸ™‚

  15. FABULOUS is the word!! gorgeous styling every bit of it…and yea, I finally bought my first MAC product last Sunday!! so excited!! :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

      1. I went to buy Studio Fix, she billed me for studio tech, and I being the fool that I am did not check there and saw once I came back home. Now I don’t know what to do :puppy:

          1. no I didn’t..I called up the store manager and she said that she can replace it but won’t refund the difference. I have mailed MAC’s customer care team too, and haven’t got a reply yet. Please suggest what should I do? Should I go to the store and press them to make things right or what…all my excitemenet has gone down the drain now..

            1. errr… i guess you should go to the store. i dnt think in such cases refunds happen. May be you could pick something else for the difference. :struggle:

              1. Ya, I’ll go again…waise bhi it’s so difficult for me to match schedule with hubby and go shopping and upar se such gadbads are like :-/ I hope I can get it sorted soon..Got to attend a wedding in Calcutta and need to get my stuff in place before that :((

  16. really rati u have got a very good photogenic face,all aur pics are fabulous.i like the last pic the most the way u are holding ur hair on one side looking lovely.

  17. Achha lag raha hai. Very earthy and natural like na. :teddy: :teddy: And you look absolutely lovely! :shying: :preen: I like your jacket! :jalwa:

  18. manali, you visiting the site after many days? πŸ™‚ thanks. It looks pretty peachy on me. On some people it looks more brown.

    Thanks fahee. πŸ™‚

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