Nail Polish Shades: L’oreal Paris Resist & Shine Titanium Review


Shades being reviewed :

606 Royal Plum, 220 Sleepy Rose, 603 Deep Geranium, 104 Antique Rose, 535 Merlot Red.

Price : Rs. 400/-


Hello everyone. Being a totally addicted cosmetic geek, I am totally and absolutely into nail polishes as well. I have been into nail polishes since I don’t know when, as my memory can only recollect myself as a very, very young girl, picking petals from a flower which had long, bright red petals, and promptly sticking them on top of my nails!! I can also vaguely remember feeling very proud of myself after painting my thumb nail with a nude coloured nail polish and staring at it the whole day long at school and even being told by a (lady) teacher that I was “being very vain”. I must have been barely 8 or 9 years old then. Well, I’ve come a long way since then (as you can well imagine!) and now I have 3 drawers full of nail polishes. I love experimenting with new colours as well as with bright, fluorescent colours (read: the new bright nail polishes from Color Bar) and am also planning to get myself a few out-of-the-ordinary extra bright colours from Orly. Anyway, let’s get on with the review.

What L’oreal Paris has to say about these nail colours :

  • “Enduring Wear. Enriched with silk-protect, shock-resistance and shine protection.”
  • “Beautiful Bottle: Elegant and practical in its premium gold and glass bottle, Resist & Shine Titanium has a non-slip grip brush handle to allow easy application.”
  • “Nail-Friendly : Resist & Shine Titanium is enriched with Ceramide R. The formula reinforces, protects and smoothes the surface of the nail. Resist & Shine Titanium is suitable for frequent use. Nail varnish as practical as pretty.”

32 shades are featured on L’oreal Paris U.K. website. Not all these 32 shades have made their way to India. Here, I counted about 12 at one L’oreal Paris counter and about 15 or 16 at another counter.

These nail polishes come in a squarish kind of bottle. The golden coloured plastic cap which takes the same shape as the bottle, is detachable, and one is supposed to remove this cap and hold the inner black gripper while applying the polish. This makes sense, as the golden plastic cap is rather bulky and would obviously be awkward to hold during application.


The consistency of the polish is neither too thin nor too thick and after application easily lasts upto at least 5 to 6 days and only then do they start looking a bit dull and chipped. It has a long, even brush which makes applying them very convenient and easy. I don’t like nail polishes with thin brushes, the polish doesn’t spread over the nail quick enough, and I have to keep re-dipping the brush to cover the whole nail, which gives an uneven look.

Shade No. 606 Royal Plum is a very deep blackish purple, it has a creamy look, with absolutely no frosty effect. Nowadays, these kinds of shades are very ‘in’.

Shade No. 606 Royal Plum pic :

606 Royal Plum
606 Royal Plum

Shade No. 220 Sleepy Rose is a dusty pink kind of colour and it is very slightly on the frosty side, the shimmer particles in it being almost-not-there, yet shiny enough to look frosty.

Shade No. 220 Sleepy Rose pic :

220 Sleepy Rose
220 Sleepy Rose

Shade No. 603 Deep Geranium is a plummish maroon kind of creamy finish shade. No shimmer at all. I like it for its intensity in colour pay off.

Shade No. 603 Deep Geranium pic :

603 Deep Geranium
603 Deep Geranium

Shade No. 104 Antique Rose is a pretty, light, milky pink shade with a definite frost finish.

Shade No. 104 Antique Rose pic :

104 Antique Rose
104 Antique Rose

Shade No. 535 Merlot Red is a bright reddish shade, slightly bordering on the maroon tinge, with a barely-there frost effect. It’s not what you would call a post-office red, but bright enough to look red enough!

Shade No. 535 Merlot Red pic :

No. 535 Merlot Red
No. 535 Merlot Red
No. 535 Merlot Red
No. 535 Merlot Red

This is what it looks like on my nails after wearing it for 6 days : (I could have left it on for another day, but it started looking like it needed a change).

A small tip: If you don’t want your nail polish to thicken quickly, do put off fans or air-conditioners during application. Also after applying on one hand, close the cap, shake well and then apply on the other hand. This helps to prevent thickening. After you have finished, shake the bottle once more before you put it away. I find this helps a lot and my nail polishes don’t dry up in the bottle in a hurry.

What I like about L’oreal Paris Resist & Shine Titanium nail polishes :

  • • Nice sleek looking bottle and attractive gold cap. Out of the ordinary bottle shape.
  • • Good spreadability. Good brush too.
  • • Lasts at least for 6 days, may be stretched till the 7th day.
  • • The dark colours don’t leave my nails looking discoloured after removing it.
  • • A ‘reasonably’ good range of shades to choose from. (See my cons).

What I may not like about these nail polishes :

  • • As usual, only select shades are chosen to make their way to India (why the bias I don’t know). Aren’t we good enough or are they afraid all the shades won’t sell here?
  • • L’oreal Paris does not have an India website where we can browse for products, new launches, etc.
  • • At times, the sales girls are totally blank about new product launches, even though the products may have already been launched already in other cities first like Delhi and Mumbai.

These would get a  :-*:-*:-*:-*:-* rating from me.

Would I re-purchase these?

Till date, I have never re-purchased same shades in nail polishes (lipstick, yes), but if they introduce more colours, yes sure, I would.

Have a nice day, girlies.


60 thoughts on “Nail Polish Shades: L’oreal Paris Resist & Shine Titanium Review

  1. :laugh: same shades in lisptick yes!
    i totally know that sabrina
    but really like the packaging and the sleepy rose one
    beautiful colors u picked up!

    1. Thanks, Neha. Yes, they have been advertising the matching lipstick shades, but the lipsticks have different names. I have 6 of these lipsticks, I wonder whether they match…thanks for reminding me, I’m going to check these out.

    2. Hi i m 🙂 ..i have put my pic finally…..yipeeee :victory:
      Hi cali..thanx a lot…i was lil confused or scared i mean the site is safe or not? ?:-) i shud do this or not :-/ ..but finally..i have done it…. :dance:

  2. A little dull day for the IMBB gang i guess. No posts.

    Cali: i got the Revlon Touch n Glow Aadvanced Fairness Cream n facewash yday evening. Luckily got it in my regularly visited cosmetic store which has a Revlon counter. So hv’nt had to hunt around for it.
    Lucky Me.. :-))

    Imdtly washed my face with d face wash n applied d cream on reaching home. Face felt really clean n no oilyness till today mrng. Normally when i wake up in d mrng my T zone is oily.

    Washed my face aghain in d mrng n applied d cream in d mrng before coming to bank n till now not that oily.

    I’m simply loving it. Thnx a lot Cali.

    Thnx a lot Rati for IMBB Gang.

    1. Hi Nimi,

      Came back from Pune today only and my net connection stopped working since last night. So couldn’t help much./ But donchoo worry loads of things coming up. I am especially excited for next week. Would be reviewing a lot of new products. 🙂

  3. hey sabrina 😀
    loved the colors!
    But 400 is a lot for me 🙁
    Because i don’t earn so it’s sort of weird to get a 400 bucks nail paint! haha! 😛

    🙂 maybe i will invest more on the colorbar ones 😀
    because i love their bottle and their shades
    and guess what?
    they have introduced new shades
    in baby pink
    mint green too 😀
    and some more weird colors [Rs 150]
    [rati are you listening? 😐 haha]
    and also after i read the colorbar new nail paint article here 😀
    i got myself “apple margarita”
    The color is so amazing 😯 i am still staring at my nails!

    Anyway,Nice review sabrina 😎
    .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Headband collection =-.

  4. I am here Gia!! I was busy watching your latest “Whats in my purse” video!! :-P..Are you punjabi, or somewhere around Delhi, Haryana side??

    1. Whoops..Your accent is so much like my friends who are from punjab, haryana side. Your friends might be punjabi then!! he he…hmmmmm second guess – UP, chattisgarh??

  5. ohh..yeah..I always get confused with their names Buttercup, bubbles and blossoms.. 😛

    Hmmm…then where are you from, you look like bengali!! .but your accent is really different from them!

  6. South indian? Gosh! I couldn’t figure it out despite staying here in Bangalore since past 5 years!! 😐 😐 😐 ….. :-((

  7. Hey I love the antique rose shade but 400 bucks is very expensive for nail polish…and hey I also used to do that flower petals thing….sticking on nails to give long nails effect 😀

    1. This is the most I have paid for nail polishes, HD. But I really love L’oreal Paris products. BTW, do you remember the name of the flower with the ‘nail polish’ petals? It’s a bright red colour and the petals look exactly like long nails. They were in my compound where I grew up as a child… East Africa!!

      1. hey sabrina, could u plz tell me where can i get colorbar,chambor or bourjois stuffs in kolkata? i think i am not annoying u, am i? 😛 ?:-) actually, u r the one only person from kolkata here. u r kinda ‘masihaa’ to me. :-)) :-))

        1. Hi Bulbul… can get these all under one roof at Pantaloons, 22 Camac Street, beside Westside. You can also check Pantaloons, Kankurgachi and Pantaloons South City Mall. Bourjois is also available at Shoppers Stop, City Centre, Salt Lake.

          1. thank u sooooooo much for ur help. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* now i can buy my colorbar & bourjois eye pencils. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  8. hey sabrina – ur posts r awwsum……i shud kno – i’m a make up ‘dehati’ and a plain jane to boot – but thanks to ur x-iting reviews, even plain ol me has actually started luking into d mirror at other times besides teeth brushing time :quiet: !!! and ur hands r so prety sabrina – they luk a lot like my glamorous best friend’s – who has tried to convert me but with no luck until u came along like a ‘ masiha’as bulbul called u!! I’v decided to head 2wards the nearest shopper’s stop and at least kick off by looking at make up stuff :inlove: :inlove:

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