How To Choose Nail Polish Color

How To Choose Nail Polish Color

Tell me the name of a woman who does not love to apply nail polish to beautify her nails. Of course, there are women who may not like loud colors like florescent green, sparkling blue, vibrant orange or wicked yellow; but even this conservative category of beauties would go for a glossy shade of soft pink or pearly white to impart a naturally attractive hue to her nails. Color preferences do vary among women. While some prefer deep shades, others are in love while lighter hues. Many women love both. So, as you can understand, choosing the right nail polish color is important as the color of your nails speak volumes about your personality and your tastes. This article is dedicated to all those gorgeous women who are in love with nail polish but get confused while they have to lay their hands on the color that is best for them!!



How To Choose The Right Nail Color?

On the basis of skin tone: Personally I don’t feel there is a need to take your skin tone into consideration; every color suits every skin tone so long as you are confident enough to carry it off with poise! However, if you are conscious about your complexion, here are a few suggestions of nail polish color that could help to compliment the tone of your skin:
1. For Fair Skin: Generally, if you have a fair skin, almost every color would suit you. Be it a deep shade or a light one, a bold one or a conventional color; be free to apply whichever color you like! Still, here is a few guiding tips you may find helpful. Get soft as well as bright shades of pink, purple and red (be it vermillion color or a berry red) to flatter your complexion. Shades of blue and silver look awesome! If you have a pale skin tone, you might like softer shades of peach, violet and brown since deeper shades would look too prominent. For a bold style statement, go for black, orange and green.

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2. For Dark Skin: Dark and rich shades look good on dark skinned women. Get chocolate brown, dark purple and maroon colored nail polish for a regular look. However, if your dark complexion is on account of excessive tanning, you might even like to apply light shades of brown and pink along with other warm shades. Golden color would look fabulous on you and if you want to be a bit experimental, lay your hands on a nice shade of yellow! Pearly white and peach color is also great for you if you want a natural look!

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3. For Medium Skin: The best option is to go for in-between colors if you are blessed with a medium skin tone. You can have a number of choices as far as nail color is concerned. For impressive hands, apply bright shades of orange, red, pink and yellow. If you want a tanned look, go for nail polish with glitters. You might like avoiding dark shades of blue, green and purple.

On the basis of occasion: The occasion is a great determinant for you to choose nail polish color. Know the occasion for which you plan to wear a particular shade. For instance, if you want to go for an evening party, shades of bronze and gold would be fine. For a professional place, go for neutral shades or a French manicure. College goers might opt for vibrant shades of pink, blue, green and orange. Thus, take your occasion into consideration.


On the basis of wardrobe, dress and jewelry: If you want to wear a particular saree or a skirt and you want nail polish to be especially matched with the particular outfit, make sure that you carry it to the shop and buy accordingly. The same rule applies for matching a particular ornament with your nail polish. You could even like to match it up with the color of your lipstick. Follow what your eye and your mind say!


On the basis of trends and seasonal demands: Trends keep changing and if you want to keep up with the hottest trends, make sure that you invest in your nail color wisely. Even seasons play a vital role. For instance, softer shades are more acceptable in summers while in winters, deeper shades reign!

Few More Tips To Choose The Right Nail Color
• Determine the shade you want based on your preferences. Now, look into the catalogues of various brands to find out which brand offers you the best shade at the best price.
• Matching nail color to outfit might be alright for a few chosen occasions but not for everyday purpose. Go for neutral colors and nude tones so that you don’t end up changing your nail color everyday!
• Experiment with colors to suit your mood. Match your own individual style.

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